Bergen city. Norway

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One of the greatest cultural cities in Norway, the trading center and the second largest city in Norway. It’s all about Bergen. While having a tour across vibrant streets of the city, you’ll plunge info the unique atmosphere of Bergen and the times when it was political and trade center of Norway. Bergen is a very popular city for tourists because of its beautiful nature, atmospheric surroundings, and gorgeous views. Bergen is a former capital of the Kingdom of Norway before the capital was moved to Oslo in 1299. At that time Bergen was a large city, the largest in Scandinavia.

Bergen city. Norway

Bergen is a city with a big history, but it is also very modern. It is the home of the Bergen International Festival, Nattjazz and Bergenfest festivals.Often called as an  “ideal combination of culture and nature” by numerous travel guides, it has a wide range of museums, the oldest symphony orchestras in the World and country’s first national theater. It also hosts a lot of international concerts.

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