Get Sun, Sand and Savings with Our Amazing Last Minute Travel Deals

If you are like most Canadians, you have had it with the harsh winter of 2014.  There is no better way to kick start spring than a cheap last minute getaway to Mexico or the Caribbean.  Picture yourself sitting poolside, beverage in hand, enjoying the sun, sand and savings that YYZ Travel Group can offer.  YYZ Travel Group is an industry leading travel advisory service offering unbeatable last minute deals to Mexico or the Caribbean to help you relax and recharge as you kick off spring!

There are so many advantages to last minute travel, including price. The unbeatable deals that YYZ Travel Group has to offer will amaze you.  The strong bonds we have forged with industry partners, including airlines and hotels, allow us to pass on savings to you.  We are informed of sell offs and sales as they happen and offer our valued clients amazing pricing on premium vacations.  Aside from pricing, the flexibility a last minute vacation can offer appeals to many travelers who like to pick up and go without extra planning.  We are all aware that the best laid plans are often foiled by life, and planning ahead is not for everyone.  Let our team of expert travel advisors work for you to find the best last minute vacation for you and your loved ones.

YYZ Travel Group has been offering a full range of travel services to our valued clients for 27 years.  We are an industry leading travel management service, specializing in many types of travel, including last minute vacations.  Our amazing last minute vacation deals are unbeatable.  If last minute travel is something you are interested in, look no further than YYZ Travel Group, where we can offer you savings, quality and service for a price you will love.

YYZ Travel Group proudly serves our valued clients in Toronto, the GTA and across Canada, helping them find the best last minute vacation deals in the industry.