Book Your Guided Tour Now to Explore the Wondrous Countries of Russia and Israel

Have you been longing to explore your ancestral country of origin?  Do you have friends or family in Russia or Israel that you would like to connect with, while learning about new cultures, landmarks and customs?  If you have ever dreamed of traveling to Russia or Israel, there is no better time than now and there is no better way than with a custom guided tour.  YYZ Travel Group is an industry leading travel management company that offers a full spectrum of travel services as well as custom guided tours to Russia and Israel from Toronto, the GTA and across Canada.

Guided tours are helpful when visiting Russia and Israel for several reasons.  Knowing exactly where to eat, stay and shop is imperative and our knowledgeable, expert tour guides are locals and know the area.  Safety and security are priorities on our tours.  Our tour guides steer clear of any areas that are considered precarious, and lead you to sights that will amaze you as well as exquisite dining spots and top of the line hotels.  With itinerary planning taken care of by your tour guide, you are left to take in the sights, the culture and the beauty of the country.  Let YYZ Travel Group create lasting memories for you and your loved ones as you enjoy the beauty of your ancestral home, or take a tour of a country rich in beauty, stories and culture.

YYZ Travel Group offers many different guided tours to Russia or Israel from Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada, including:


  • 8 day classic Russia
  • 11 or 12 day Russian river cruise
  • 12 day river cruise Moscow-St. Petersburg
  • 15 day trans-Siberian Express
  • The Legendary Silk Road
  • Volga Dream Russian River Cruising


  • 14 Day Jewish Heritage in Depth Tour + Eilat
  • Israel Classic Tour and Eilat or Petra
  • 7 Night Highlights Tour of Israel

Flights to Russia or Israel Available at Great Value

YYZ Travel Group can help if you are searching for affordable flights to Russia or Israel.  Our online booking system scans hundreds of databases to find the best flights to Russia or Israel at the best prices.  Our team of expert travel agents are standing by to assist if you prefer to book by phone.

YYZ Travel Group is an industry leading travel management company that has been finding the best flights to Russia or Israel for our valued clients in Toronto, the GTA and across Canada for 27 years.  We offer a wide range of travel management services, including flight bookings to Russia or Israel.