Take an Unforgettable Guided Tour of Israel or Russia with Our Travel Management Company

Vacations to other countries and continents immerse you in the local culture, but exploring a new, unfamiliar place on your own can be overwhelming.   Choosing a travel management company to provide a guided tour is an option that is appealing to many people, whether you are travelling alone or in a group.   There are many advantages to organized tours, from safety and knowledge of the area, to organization.

In terms of safety, guided tours help you avoid unsafe areas in the area you are visiting.  Some travelers feel unsure of new places especially if they are not fluent in the language. A guided tour will lessen the worry about safety and allow you to experience the country in the best way possible.

Organizing visits to local landmarks can be time-consuming.  YYZ Travel Group handles all logistics and details for visiting landmarks including scheduling to maximize time, transportation and financial details.  Guided tour operators also are familiar with the area and landmarks, giving them access to information to share with you.

YYZ Travel Group offers guided tours of Israel and Russia for individuals and groups.  Tours can be customized in duration and content to meet the needs of a large group.  Our guided tours to Russia and Israel consist of the following itineraries:


  • 8 day classic Russia
  • 11 or 12 day Russian river cruise
  • 12 day river cruise Moscow-St. Petersberg
  • 15 day trans-Siberian Express


  • 14 Day Jewish Heritage in Depth Tour + Eilat
  • Israel Classic Tour and Eilat or Petra
  • 7 Night Hightlights Tour of Israel

YYZ Travel Group, founded in 1986, is an industry leader in travel management, offering custom guided tours of Russia and Israel from Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.