Traveling with Your Cat or Dog: Essential Tips

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Traveling with Your Cat or Dog: Essential Tips


Check the policy of your airline before taking a flight with your animal.

 All necessary information is usually available on a company’s website. Check it carefully and note the most important things.

  • Carefully read all the info about the veterinary certificate every pet must have before boarding a flight. This document is necessary to confirm that your pet is healthy.
  • Consider rules regulating the size, weight, and type of carrier.
  • Attentively read the entire pet travel policy of your airline to avoid problems and know your rights (rules can vary depending on the company you choose).
  • Carefully read all the regulations concerning bringing pets into the country you plan to travel to. Rules vary and are sometimes contradictory.

Arrive at the airport early

Remember, when you have a pet with you, there will be additional measures required to verify your documents at the security check point. These will probably include weighing and measuring the pet carrier, and may involve paying a fee.

Traveling with Your Cat or Dog: Essential Tips


Book a direct flight

The most important thing that every pet owner should consider when traveling with pets is the health and safety of other passengers (besides his own well-being and that of his pet, of course).

You should understand that long layovers, airport transfers, and even changes in climate and air pressure can have an effect on your pet. Moreover, they can influence the animal’s behavior, health, and psychological condition in unexpected ways. Don’t make your pet suffer from being overly stressed.

Don’t let your animal drink for 4 hours before the flight, and don’t administer any analgesics or sedatives. They could have negative side-effects on your cat or dog as their temperature rises or falls during a flight. Pills might just complicate your whole trip.

Traveling with Your Cat or Dog: Essential Tips


Make an appointment with your pet’s veterinarian well before the flight

You’ll need a special certificate about your pet’s vaccinations dated within 10 days of departure. Have a specialist check your pet’s physical condition, and discuss the upcoming flight with them – especially if it’s a long one.

Preparation of your pet is A MUST. If you are planning a long trip, you might need to take your pet on several short trips to gauge its reaction and ability to stay calm while traveling. Consult your veterinarian for more information concerning your pet’s breed, health condition, and other circumstances.

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