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If you are tired of lazy beach vacations, consider fitness tourism. Not everybody knows about the existence of this type of recreation, and even fewer have experienced it. Nevertheless, in Europe such tours are in a great demand. They can satisfy your desire for rest and new impressions, while also improving your health.

Let’s see what fitness tourism is!

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Fitness tours involve active rest. This does not mean that you will sweat until exhaustion in the gym and eat only vegetables. Everything is much nicer. J You still observe and enjoy the sights, the sea and sun – as well as breathe in the clean mountain air. At the same time, you play sports and eat proper food.

You can improve your health, stay fit and make new friends. There are also programs with psychological training. An experienced instructor will always be with you. In addition, you can go on such a tour with the whole family. Even if they don’t want to do a fitness program, they will just be with you.

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Fitness tour is a general term that has many varieties – dance, relaxation, power, mixed and so on. There are also narrowly focused tours, such as yoga tours. Since India is the homeland of yoga, it is the most popular country for that theme. Such tours are best for those who want to relax, to relieve persistent stress, and to know more about themselves.

If you prefer something more active, you should choose a dance focus. Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, and countries of Southeast Asia all offer something special and unusual

Fitness tours do not depend on vacation and holiday seasons. Of course, most of them are near the sea, but in winter time you can choose a trip to the mountains. Fitness tours are of two types: narrowly focused and combined. The first involve classes in one sphere; for example, you will study some kind of dance or practice yoga.

In the second case, the tour program is more extensive and full. You can try different types of fitness: Pilates, stretching, aerobics, jogging and much more. Programs are usually arranged by level of complexity, so everyone gets adequate physical activity.

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According to statistics, by 2017 the world market for wellness tourism had grown 50% faster than the traditional tourism market, and the World Travel Guide predicts a serious boom in fitness tourism. It will open a lot of new business opportunities as hotels prepare to provide guests with round-the-clock access to favorite sports and well-considered menus.

Traditional hotels have also got enthused and involved with the new trend. In Fairmont hotels, for example, it is possible to rent sports equipment – from specialized clothing to yoga mats. There is also a popular Running Concierge service, meaning that a hotel employee helps you to map out the best route for jogging in a new city.

Hotels and spa resorts are starting to form partnerships with fitness clubs and even race events, and to employ coaches in various sports from Bikram Yoga to kickboxing and fencing. Sport has proven its powerful potential in socialization: it is able to unite different people who are eager for a healthy and interesting lifestyle.

Today, large companies regularly arrange teambuilding events for their employees, such as snowboarding camps

Fitness Tourism. Man Doing Yoga Exercise Concept


Moving toward a goal is easier when there are people who share your beliefs and help you to make progress. Fitness tours offer ideal places to communicate with such people. A fitness tour is an exciting adventure in the search for your true self.

The format of travel and training allows people to really reboot since they are in an unusual, but safe and cozy environment. Because to get out of one’s comfort zone, it is not necessary to live in a cave, sleep on bare stone slabs, and drink only water.

Fitness tours are usually held in exotic places of the globe with rich nature. They allow you to practice yoga early in the morning on an ocean shore, or at night in a rainforest clearing.  Instead of traditional cardio in a gym you can climb mountain peaks, and let meditation be your relaxation procedure.

That sounds a lot better than just sleeping in a hotel room!

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