Top Reasons to Visit Mauritius

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Top Reasons to Visit Mauritius


Mauritius is often called the “French Riviera of the Indian Ocean.” For a long time, this island has been  considered a high-class vacation spot, the king of the Indian Ocean! The famous writer Mark Twain compared Mauritius to paradise and called it an example for God’s heaven. When you come to this place, you realize that this is true.

If God created Mauritius, then people have complemented this glorious locality with smart hotels, yacht moorings, magnificent restaurants and other wonderful facilities of the highest quality. With status as an international elite resort, Mauritius is constantly mentioned in glamour publications, and popular fashion houses aspire to hold photo-shoots in its well-known luxury hotels.

1. Exotic Island

Some things have an absolutely opposite character in Mauritius. First, the island is located on the other side of the equator (if you are from Canada).  The sun moves habitually not from left to right, but in the opposite direction; and, the way to go should not be looked for in the Big Dipper, but in the Southern Cross. Here the wind doesn’t blow from the north so often, and when it does, it brings not polar cold but equatorial heat. All these circumstances seem strange to the average Canadian tourist, but they are really nice and truly EXOTIC. In this regard the island of Mauritius is an exciting place to visit and spend your next vacations.

Top Reasons to Visit Mauritius


2. Crystal waters

Waters of Mauritius are some of the best in the world for sports fishing. This is where world records have been set: the sharks and tuna caught here are the largest in the world. Every year the island hosts the famous Marlin World Cup, during which a catch of more than 500 kg is considered a normal result. Fishing is in steady demand for our clients. Often they rent a yacht and book one or two fishing excursions at once through the tour office. While the men are fishing, their ladies relax in the local SPA centers.

Top Reasons to Visit Mauritius


3. Wonderful SPA

Mauritius is a perfect place for SPA vacations!  Six Senses Spa, Taj Spa, Banyan Tree, Spa by Clarins, and Guerlain are located here. You should definitely try the numerous relaxing offerings of these SPA procedures.

Top Reasons to Visit Mauritius


4. Year-round summer

There are allegedly two seasons on the island: summer from November to April, and winter from May to October. Actually, summer in Mauritius seems to last the year round since there is not a big difference in weather conditions throughout.  You cannot see a huge contrast between rainy/wet and dry seasons, and there is little difference in temperatures between the two.

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Where to Travel Each Month of the Year? August – December

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AUGUST – The Bahamas

It is not a secret that the best period to visit The Bahamas, the so-called high season, starts in May and finishes in October. This period is perfect considering weather conditions, hotel and flight deals, and water temperatures.

While June and July are the most popular months for crowds of tourists assailing the group of islands, August is not so overcrowded, but the temperatures are milder and the weather is not as good.



The average temperature is around 26°C (79°F), while the water temperature is about 30°C (86°F). Brilliant? Oh yes! Especially for those who love bright national events: Emancipation Day and the Cat Island Regatta.

The latter takes place in Southern Bahamas, when Cat Island becomes extremely vivid and bright. Here you can enjoy performances of music bands, take part in quadrille dancing, learn ancient national contests and games, and try wonderful dishes of local cuisine.

Interesting facts about Bahamas:

  • On July 10, 1973, The Bahamas became independent from the United Kingdom.
  • The Bahamas is located on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle.
  • The highest mountain in The Bahamas is Mount Alvernia on Cat Island.





The most romantic European capital is wonderful in any season. However, the best time to visit Paris is April through October when the weather is parfait (perfect) and there is almost no rain.

However, as you may know, during high summer season Paris is extremely over crowded as it is one of the most popular world destinations.

Honeymooners, lovers, families, people learning French and millions of others who are passionate about this city come here in high season. All hotels, restaurants, concerts are booked in advance.

Moreover, June and July are the periods of “Les Soldes”, six-week shopping sales in the fashion capital.



In order to avoid over-booked everything, we suggest you come to Paris in September, which is a calmer and milder month in every sense of the word.  This month is also perfect for visiting beautiful Paris Gardens in its blossoming period.

The weather is dry and sunny, with a rare shower. The average temperature is around 19°C (66°F) which is a wonderful weather to explore the French capital and enjoy its beauty.

Interesting facts about Paris:

  • Paris was originally a Roman City named “Lutetia.”
  • Paris has 6,100 rues (streets)
  • The French capital is so fond of coffee that you can get an espresso for €1 in 181 spots


OCTOBER – Mauritius


The average temperature in October in Mauritius remains at around 23°C (73°F). October is generally very mild and warm, with rare rains and high humidity. The sea temperature stays the same almost year round at about 24°C (75°F), which is only 4°C (7°F) cooler in February.

While summer in Mauritius starts in November  bringing high temperatures, the month of October represents the shoulder season, with lower temperatures than in summer but warm enough to feel comfortable and enjoy beach recreation.


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Interesting facts about Mauritius:
  • As Mark Twain wrote: “From one citizen you gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.”
  • Mauritius does not maintain a standing army.
  • Mauritius’ cuisine is a combination of Creole, French, Chinese and Indian influences.




The weather in Cancun is warm year-round. However, November is a perfect time to visit as it cools down from the summer heat and becomes less scorching.

Moreover, it is when hurricane season draws to an end. However, the official high season starts from the end of November, when the temperatures get higher and the climate becoming more humid.

Sometimes an occasional Norte, or even cold front, can bring a chilly wind to the area. However, a cold rain quickly changes with tropical weather.



Interesting facts about Cancun:
  • Cancun used to be called Ekab, literally “black earth”
  • More than a third of Mexico’s tourism revenue is generated from Cancun


DECEMBER – Havana, Cuba


The average temperature in Havana in December is around 23 °C (75°F). Cuba’s capital city Havana holds such great events as Havana Jazz Festiva (music festival), Parrandas de Remedios (with street parades and rumba percussion), Charangas de Bejucal (street party fest).

Everyone who is searching for the perfect Cuban atmosphere, wonderful beaches, a lot of music, bright costumes, verdant nature and ideal weather, should come in December.



Interesting facts about Havana:

  • In 1848, Havana became the third city in the world to receive gas lighting.
  • There are no credit card machines in Havana and no ATMs.


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