Amazing Philippines

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General information:

Capital city— Manila

Main Resorts – Islands of Boraсay, Cebu, Bohol, Palawan, Mindoro, Negros, also Maktan, Mindanao and Panglao.

Politics – a constitutional republic with a presidential system.

Population — 103,8 million people.

Languages – Filipino, English, Spanish.

Amazing Philippines

Geography – located in the western Pacific Ocean, in Southeast Asia

Religion – secular state. Christianity is the dominant faith; Muslims and Buddhists are the main religious minorities.

Monetary unit – 1 Philippine peso = 100 centavos. 1 USD = 43,5 PHP.

The exotic Philippine Islands were named by Spanish conquistadors in honor of King Philip ІІ and are often called a tropical paradise. The country consists of seven thousand different islands that fascinate all tourists who come. The colorful islands are located at the equator, so summer lasts the whole year.

Nature is unbelievably bright and colorful – so intense and dazzling that it is sometimes hard to believe it exists in reality. The inimitable nature is alluring from the very first sight, and you can’t resist falling in love with the absolute beauty of this tropical country. Just imagine endless blue sky, deserted beaches, coconut palm trees, and the chance to feel like a courageous Robinson Crusoe.

Amazing Philippines

Amazing Philippines

The Philippines attracts numerous tourists not only with its brilliant shores and crystal waters, but also with multiple adventurous activities. If you want to go to a desert island, you can use a cruiser or motor boat that will take you there in next to no time.

The capital of The Philippines is the city of Manila

Huge skyscrapers, picturesque markets, and beautiful cozy embankments look extremely attractive. And to see the most colorful sunsets in the world, you need to go to Roxas Boulevard where you will have spectacular views painted in millions of bright colors.

You can have an excursion to fascinating small streets of Manila on quaint “jeepneys” which will bring you to the most boisterous and cheerful corners of the city. You will visit cozy restaurants, try national dishes, and enjoy the night life of Manila.

Amazing Philippines


Islands of Boraсay, Cebu, Bohol, Palawan, Mindoro, Negros are the most exotic and popular resorts of The Philippines. If you want to visit the oldest Spanish fortress and to see the cross planted by Magellan, go to the island of Cebu. High-class luxury hotels, restaurants, and the secluded white-sand beaches of the island are waiting for you.

To see the splendor of verdant hills, you are advised to go to the island of Bohol. More than one thousand hills are located on the island, and locals recount many legends about them. An unforgettable impression is received when you visit the sea reserve – a Bokhol Island highlight. Nowhere else will you  see such beauty decorated with thousands of corals, a wide variety of fishes, and large number of turtles.

If you are attracted by diverse night life, it will be interesting for you to visit Borakay

This island has the shape of a butterfly and is considered one of the best beaches in the world. There are a lot of small restaurants where they prepare various national dishes of different countries; also, there is the constant sound of music, and dozens of people dancing on the ocean shores.

Tourists who love diving and snorkeling can travel around with pleasure to such places as Anilao, Puerto Galera, Balikasag. The beautiful nature of this diving kingdom attracts fans of underwater photography.

The exotic islands Maktan and Badian will greet you with isolated colorful lagoons, smart hotels, and snow-white beaches.


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