The Beauty of Seoul in Autumn

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Many people like to travel to Korea in the summer. However, the best time to visit this country is autumn, and there are a lot of reasons why!

The Beauty of Seoul in Autumn

Gyeongbokgung palace with Maple leaves, Seoul, South Korea. Photo:

Pleasant weather

Autumn in Korea is called the “chhongomabi” season – “the time when the sky is higher and horses are gaining weight.” Fall is the most beautiful season here as the weather is ideal: not hot – not cold, perfectly suited for outdoor recreation.

In September, the air temperature is 20 – 22°С; in October, 15 – 17°С.  During the day, everything is warmed by a gentle sun, so this is the best time of year for touring.

The Beauty of Seoul in Autumn. autumn red leaves Seoul, Korea

Bongeunsa Temple in autumn red leaves Seoul, Korea. Photo:

Stunning nature

Autumn in Seoul is, without exaggeration, magical. Leaves are all varieties of color, from the usual yellow to bright red and even purple. You can admire this splendor without leaving Seoul – just go to Pukhansan.

One of the few national parks in the world that is located within a city, the park is surrounded by urbanized territory of the capital and its suburbs and referred to as the city’s lungs. Imagine how colorful this park becomes in autumn when the foliage is painted in various shades from light green to maroon. It also has numerous waterfalls, cultural monuments, and overlooks.  

The Beauty of Seoul in Autumn. Seoul tower in Seoul city

Seoul tower in Seoul city , Korea. Photo:


Korea is internationally famous for its festivals, and Koreans have great respect for festivity days, celebrating them colorfully and boisterously. Do not miss the chance to see these bright and fantastic holidays of life:

The Beauty of Seoul in Autumn. Seoul Korea

Spectacular fireworks at han River Seoul Korea. Photo:

International Fireworks Festival in Seoul

This annual festival on the Khangan River is one of the most spectacular events of autumn where thousands of firework masters from around the world are invited. It is interesting that each team presents a show concerning a unique national theme.

You can also see a truly amazing light and laser show here, as well as festive music performances. The entire pyrotechnic show is accompanied by music of various genres including rock, pop, and classical. Overall, more than 50,000 fireworks are launched throughout the festival.

Seoul Festival of Lanterns (03 – 19 November 2017)

The bright and mesmerizing Seoul Festival of Lanterns is held annually in November along approximately 1.2 kilometers of Cheonggye Stream. This festival first took place here in 2009, and in 2014 it officially changed its name.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang” – meaning the event is being conducted to support the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The Beauty of Seoul in Autumn. fish market, Seoul Korea

Sea shell at fish market, Seoul Korea.

Korea Grand Sale

The Korea Grand Sale is an annual shopping festival. It was originally held in winter, but in 2017 it will be countrywide and last all through October. Approximately 20,000 shops from hundreds of business types are going to participate in the Korea Grand Sale.

What can you get there? A lot of significant discounts including 50% off admission to Everland amusement park, about 70% off at duty-free shops, and a free 24-hour stay at the Ibis Ambassador Hotel.

The Korea Grand Sale offers astonishing discounts on almost everything – food, entertainment, fashion, accommodations, beauty, and more.

Don’t miss these fantastic opportunities to enjoy everything South Korea has to offer!

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What to Eat in Seoul

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When traveling in the Korean capital, every traveler asks themselves about meals and dishes that he or she will have an opportunity to eat. Korea is a perfect country to try something unusually Asian.

Korea is a favorite foodie destination; many tourists adore its wonderful dishes and fabulous meals.

Koreans live for food; so, when you come to Seoul, be ready to try an unbelievable array of tastes, meals, and diverse ways of cooking. As most people know, Korean food is spicy – even more so than food in other Asia Pacific countries.

What to Eat in Seoul. Korean cuisine set


“Kalbi (or Galbi) is one of the most popular Korean BBQs”

If you like barbequed food (which is extremely popular in this country), try Kalbi (or Galbi) – one of the most popular Korean BBQs. It is short ribs of beef flavored with spices and marinated in sweet sauce, often served with steamed vegetables, kimchi, and rice.

What to Eat in Seoul. American Korean Style Dukjuk 닭죽 Chicken Porridge with peppers, boiled egg and chili powder.


If you are afraid of anything that is too spicy, salty or hot, try Juk. This is a very popular meal in Korea, truly beloved by country guests and locals. “Juk” is a type of rice porridge which is quite palatable for kids and elderly.  Locals, however, often add various spices as well as kimchi.

What to Eat in Seoul. Bibimbap korean food is delicious on wood background


If you want to try Korean seafood, there is no better option for you than Ganjang-gejang. Eaten with rice and topped with orange roe, the dish is salted crab in fermented soy sauce. It is especially popular in spring and summer.

What to Eat in Seoul. Korean fried chicken


For those who prefer fried chicken over other foods, we suggest trying the Korean version. While in most places it is fried once, in Korea chicken gets fried twice. The result is wonderful; the meat seems milder, while the dish itself is less oily.

What to Eat in Seoul. Korea spicy soup in black bowl


If you would like to try something truly exotic, order Sundubu-jjigae. This is a pot dish of various types with rice, eggs, vegetables and even tofu added.  This food is served in a pot, boiling hot and fresh.

We have mentioned some of our favorite Korean dishes,  but there are plenty of other meals that you can try in Korea. Choose the best ones for you and enjoy the cuisine and culture of this wonderful country!

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