The Best Countries for Bike Lovers

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The bicycle is transport of the future. A bike is ecological: it does not need fuel, does not pollute the air, and does not cause traffic jams. Also, riding a bike is good for your health. When you ride, you improve your musculature as well as your respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and increase your endurance. Many countries now see the benefits of bicycles and try to develop their cycling infrastructures. We will tell you about the best countries for bike lovers!

Netherlands, Amsterdam

bike travel


Amsterdam can be called the bicycle capital of Europe. There are more than 400 kilometers of bicycle paths equipped with individual signs and traffic lights. There are a significant number of parking lots and bicycle rental stations in the city. Today, half of all urban movements in the capital of the Netherlands are carried out using a bike. In this country, you can rent something very unusual: a water bike and a bicycle for eight people.

Denmark, Copenhagen

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Thirty-five percent of the total city population goes to work on bicycles. This is a separate transport category that has equal rights with cars. The tradition of using bicycles started in the early 1900s and lasted through the entire twentieth century.

In Copenhagen, there are 300 kilometers of bike paths and 1,000 municipal bicycles, which are free for citizens. Each street in Copenhagen has its own bike path. Anyone can rent a bike for free; you just need to pay a deposit, which will be returned to you when you give the bicycle back. In some parts of the city, a bicycle is the only permitted vehicle.

Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo is an enormous metropolis with a developed transportation network, including for bicycles. It’s much faster to commute by bike – there are no traffic jams. Do not be surprised if you see a business person in an expensive suit, carrying a briefcase and riding a bicycle. It is quite usual for Tokyo.

All bicycles are registered and have unique numbers, just like cars. The owner’s name is written on the frame.

A visit to Tokyo 2017: Autumn Beauty

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Tokyo October Festivals and Events:

Japanese Drums


Niihama Taiko Festival October 16 to October 18, 2017

This festival takes place on Shikoku Island and is like a big parade of giant taiko drums. There are 47 floats shaped as such, and each one represents a city neighborhood. The main idea of the festival is to display the energetic spirit of each float. Every neighborhood has 150 men carrying its float, and about 300,000 spectators come to watch the show.



Yasukuni Autumn Festival October 17 to October 20, 2017

The amazing Yasukuni shrine complex is a favorite place to visit in Tokyo. Located in Chiyoda (central Tokyo), the complex was founded by emperor Meji in 1869. The shrine is dedicated to those who died while serving Japan and lists the names of people of different nationalities; even animals are listed here.

A number of festivals are held here in autumn and spring. In October, you can enjoy traditional Japanese arts: fire dance, drums, and local music. We suggest that you visit this incredible festival to enjoy people dressed in traditional Kimonos, as well as plenty of souvenir stalls and a chance to sample tasty Japanese foods. The shrine is located within walking distance of the popular Kitanomaru Garden.

a japanese tea ceremony


Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony October 2017

Nowadays everyone is crazy about coffee, but how about a cup of wonderful Japanese tea – especially when it is served during a special traditional ceremony! There is no better opportunity than to visit the famous outdoor ceremony held in October in Hamarikyu Detached Garden and the indoor activity held in Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum.

We suggest you explore Japanese culture through this wonderful drink and understand the incredible taste of green tea. You will have a great opportunity to better understand Japanese culture and enjoy amazing first-timer workshops.

ray of various pickles available for sampling, on a market stall in a Japanese market, selling the pickles


Nihonbashi Ebisu-ko Bettara Market October 19 – October 20, 2017

This market takes place near Takarada Ebisu Shrine. Being a fairly famous Tokyo seasonal event, it is known for such tasty local dishes as bettara-zuke, or sweet and salty daikon radish pickles.

This event goes back to the Edo period, a time when local Japanese merchants began to sell fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits.

The event starts on October 19, and the market is located just at the shrine entrance. The ceremony commemorates the god Ebisu. Enjoy this amazing fair in the Odenma-cho area (eastern part of Chiyoda). Here you can find an enormous variety of food, souvenirs and traditional items sold at 400 to 500 street stalls that work until very late evening – as well as many places to stroll and enjoy the atmosphere:

Kitanomaru Park / Chiyoda-Ku / Tokyo


Kitanomaru Park:

Located in the very center of Japan’s busy capital, Kitanomaru Park is a must-see place for those who dream of escaping to Tokyo’s vibrant life. Here, in the Chiyoda area, you can feel the historical presence of the northern enceinte (kitanomaru) and successive generations of the Tokugawa clan who lived in this place until the end of the Shogunate.

Formerly, the area was part of Edo Castle, and you can find a lot of historical sites in different sections of the park. This place is perfect if you are a nature lover: there are lawns, ponds, tracks, flowers, colorful bushes and quiet park walkways here. The wonderful scenery will make you forget that you are located in the heart of a vivacious metropolis.

Tokyo Imperial Palace of Japan.


Imperial Palace Outer Gardens

The Imperial Palace Outer Gardens was part of the imperial household grounds; now the area is open to the public. The park is a must-see site in Tokyo, and one of the most exciting places to visit. Many people consider this area a symbol of Tokyo.

Enjoy beautiful views of the Nijubashi (Doble Bridge) built in 1886, historic sites of Edo Castle and Fushimi-yagura. Moreover, you will definitely be amazed by the park’s beautiful nature and wonderful grounds.

Hibiya Park


Hibiya Park

This park has a long and exciting history. It was land of feudal lords in times of shogunate, and later where military parades took place during Japan’s modernization in the second part of 19th century. It became public in 1903.

This park has two large Western-style flower gardens, a few cafes, and an amazing recreational area for strolls and quiet walks.


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Ten Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

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There are still relatively few people who decide to travel independently, that is, without using an agent to make arrangements. According to various estimates, it is 10-13% of the total volume of travelers. Obviously, independent tourism has spread due to the development of the Internet and electronic technologies, which do not even require your personal presence when buying airline tickets.

Beautiаul natural landscape


Despite the fact that the market for independent travel is growing, hotels and ticket booking systems are generally still much more oriented to and adapted for organized tourism.

The independent tourist is a person who arranges entire trips on his own – booking hotels and flights, buying tickets, arranging transfers, and taking care of medical insurance. Actually, people decide to travel independently not simply from the desire to save money.

Mostly, they prefer to travel to countries that are not popular in the mass tourism market, or to places where package deals just do not exist.

Young beautiful female traveler standing on the street and looking at the map


Interest in “indie” travel has increased because many people think it is safer and cheaper. However, that is not always true. The most important thing a tourist who travels on his own should understand is that he alone is responsible for the entire trip.

There are numerous benefits to having a specialized agency organize your travel:

1. Advantageous prices for a mass of beach resorts (e.g., Egypt, Turkey, and Greece): charters fly, and tour operators buy up hotel rooms in bulk at big discounts half a year before the season.

An individual’s round-trip tickets can cost as much as the price of a whole package from a tour operator – including hotel, transfers, and other amenities. With food and entertainment, you can end up paying twice as much, or more, for the same services.

2. There could be the chance of catching cheap “hot” tickets a few days before departure.

Passports to world travel


3. It is usually cost efficient to buy tickets in advance on regular flights, especially for peak travel times like summer and New Year’s holidays.

4. Health insurance is often included in the tour price.

5. You will spend a minimum of your time planning the trip. Everything will be arranged by your travel agent. It is their job.

6. You will not have to worry about the process of getting visas and all other documents.

7. Any questions while on the trip will be settled by the tour operator or its representative.

8. If you do not speak English – it is not a problem. There will be a guide who speaks your native language. In hotels and restaurants, you will not have to speak bad English.

9. Excursions will take place at an arranged time and at a comfortable pace. During your trip, you will have nothing to worry about.

10. Responsibility for a tour will lie solely on your travel agent. In a case of a force majeure situation, the travel agency will provide hotel rooms at their expense, organize alternative means of transportation, and ensure that other services you need are offered.

travel agent


Travel agents assume overall responsibility for your comfort and safety on a trip. So, if you don’t want a headache in place of an amazing vacation, it is better to call your travel agent!

Top Vacation Destinations in Spain, 2017

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The official slogan of Spain’s national tourism bureau TURESPAÑA is “Spain is what you want. Spain is what you need.” Enough said! We propose the following as the best sites to visit in this sunny, cheerful country:

Alhambra de Granada.

Alhambra de Granada. Photo:

  1. The Alhambra

L’Alhambra – the Moorish citadel in Granada formed by a complex of palaces, gardens and forts – is a place where you can plunge into several different cultures simultaneously. When most Spanish territory was conquered by Islam in the early 13th century, Granada became its cultural center, and Muslims decided to build a “paradise on earth” here.

Perhaps the world’s most refined examples of Islamic art are in The Alhambra. The mysterious red palace of is not only the most popular tourist monument in Spain but also in all of Europe. To preserve its historical beauty, the number of visitors is limited, and you must buy tickets in advance.

Cathedral of La Sagrada Familia

Cathedral of La Sagrada Familia. Photo:

  1. The Sagrada Familia

This amazing temple is one of the greatest attractions in Spain, the creation of Antonio Gaudi. It was built in the Spanish modernism style. This bizarre and magnificent temple of Barcelona has become a symbol of the city.

Antonio Gaudi gave 43 years of his life to this creation, but only one-third of the design was built in his lifetime. The building was designed in the form of a Latin cross, and only this makes The Sagrada Familia similar to usual Catalan churches.

The decoration of the building strikes the imagination with many details. At the same time it has modern, Gothic, and Christian traditions.

For the moment, temple construction continues; completion is expected by 2030.

Panorámica de Sevilla


  1. Flamenco in Andalusia

The homeland of flamenco is Andalusia. This dance began its triumphal march through Barcelona in the 18th century.

A passion dance, a rhythmic guitar sound, girls in long beautiful frilly dresses, and real Spanish macho – all this is more than just a dance. It’s a virtuosic and unforgettable art combining different musical and dance styles. Flamenco performances are very colorful and stay in your memory for a long time.

Panorama of the Aragonese Pyrenees.

Panorama of the Aragonese Pyrenees. Photo:

  1. Walking through the Aragonese Pyrenees

Spain offers a pedestrian traveler a lot of places for walking. The Aragonese Pyrenees are especially famous for being an ideal place for hiking. The Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park is one of the most outstanding places in the Pyrenees. The highest point of this mountain chain is the peak of Monte Perdido (3348 meters). Here you can climb the majestic rocks and ice fields, where sometimes you can meet chamois.

Zafra, patio del Castillo

  1. Paradores

You can get a royal overnight stay in the Spanish state network of paradores. This word means a former castle, palace or monastery – luxurious and always comfortable. There are 86 such paradores throughout the country. They constitute the golden fund of European real estate service, and many are also located on the territory of historical complexes (for example, the Alhambra). Prices are not jaw-dropping, especially if you book the room online in advance.

Mitjaneta beach

View of Mitjaneta beach, Menorca island, Spain. Photo:

  1. The Beaches of Menorca

Menorca, which means “less” in Spanish, is the second largest island (after Mallorca – major) in the Balearic archipelago.

This island of Menorca is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and has a 216 kilometer coastline with many beaches that all deserve their own individual descriptions.

Menorca, despite its proximity to Mallorca, is a lot different. On the one hand, the island is considered one of the most expensive and luxurious resorts in Spain. On the other – you will not find any of the usual Mediterranean coast hotel complexes since construction of tall buildings is prohibited here. The regulations are that hotels should not be above three floors, their roofs must harmonize with the color of the soil, and the walls must always be painted white.


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The Beauty of Seoul in Autumn

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Many people like to travel to Korea in the summer. However, the best time to visit this country is autumn, and there are a lot of reasons why!

Gyeongbokgung palace with Maple leaves, Seoul, South Korea. Photo:

  1. Pleasant weather

Autumn in Korea is called the “chhongomabi” season – “the time when the sky is higher and horses are gaining weight.” Fall is the most beautiful season here as the weather is ideal: not hot – not cold, perfectly suited for outdoor recreation.

In September, the air temperature is 20 – 22°С; in October, 15 – 17°С.  During the day, everything is warmed by a gentle sun, so this is the best time of year for touring.

autumn red leaves Seoul, Korea

Bongeunsa Temple in autumn red leaves Seoul, Korea. Photo:

  1. Stunning nature

Autumn in Seoul is, without exaggeration, magical. Leaves are all varieties of color, from the usual yellow to bright red and even purple. You can admire this splendor without leaving Seoul – just go to Pukhansan.

One of the few national parks in the world that is located within a city, the park is surrounded by urbanized territory of the capital and its suburbs and referred to as the city’s lungs. Imagine how colorful this park becomes in autumn when the foliage is painted in various shades from light green to maroon. It also has numerous waterfalls, cultural monuments, and overlooks.  

Seoul tower in Seoul city

Seoul tower in Seoul city , Korea. Photo:

  1. Festivals

Korea is internationally famous for its festivals, and Koreans have great respect for festivity days, celebrating them colorfully and boisterously. Do not miss the chance to see these bright and fantastic holidays of life:

Seoul Korea

Spectacular fireworks at han River Seoul Korea. Photo:

International Fireworks Festival in Seoul

This annual festival on the Khangan River is one of the most spectacular events of autumn where thousands of firework masters from around the world are invited. It is interesting that each team presents a show concerning a unique national theme.

You can also see a truly amazing light and laser show here, as well as festive music performances. The entire pyrotechnic show is accompanied by music of various genres including rock, pop, and classical. Overall, more than 50,000 fireworks are launched throughout the festival.

Seoul Festival of Lanterns (03 – 19 November 2017)

The bright and mesmerizing Seoul Festival of Lanterns is held annually in November along approximately 1.2 kilometers of Cheonggye Stream. This festival first took place here in 2009, and in 2014 it officially changed its name.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang” – meaning the event is being conducted to support the 2018 Winter Olympics.

fish market, Seoul Korea

Sea shell at fish market, Seoul Korea.

Korea Grand Sale

The Korea Grand Sale is an annual shopping festival. It was originally held in winter, but in 2017 it will be countrywide and last all through October. Approximately 20,000 shops from hundreds of business types are going to participate in the Korea Grand Sale.

What can you get there? A lot of significant discounts including 50% off admission to Everland amusement park, about 70% off at duty-free shops, and a free 24-hour stay at the Ibis Ambassador Hotel.

The Korea Grand Sale offers astonishing discounts on almost everything – food, entertainment, fashion, accommodations, beauty, and more.

Don’t miss these fantastic opportunities to enjoy everything South Korea has to offer!


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Beyond Rome, Florence, Venice: Try Southern Italy

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There are few rivals to the antiquities of Rome, the Renaissance heritage of Florence, and the fairy-tale setting of Venice, the three cities comprising Italy’s popular tourism triangle. But the south of Italy is a different animale.

“The south’s hospitality is exceptional,” says Andrew De Angelis, an Italian native and YYZ travel advisor based in Calgary, Canada. “Locals don’t see you as a walking wallet, as they often can in Rome, Florence, and Venice. They see tourists as people to share their heritage with.”

Until Italy was unified in the mid-nineteenth century, the south was an independent region, which accounts for its differences, such as Puglia’s trulli (conical-roofed stone huts); the couscous that replaces pasta in Sicily, reflecting its proximity to North Africa; and the lemon orchards terracing the Amalfi Coast. Greek ruins and ancient Roman cities abound, while Neapolitan pizza and Sicilian wine “are expressions of the region: simple and beautiful,” says De Angelis.

white houses in italy
Traditional conical-roofed stone huts in Puglia.

“It’s not as tidy or as organized as the north, but the south of Italy is a trip you won’t forget,” he adds. “It’s the old Italy, the motherland.”

Travel to Southern Italy 

Hydrofoil to the chic isle of Capri, let your chauffeur navigate the cliffside S curves of the Amalfi Coast, explore Pompeii’s ruins and Palermo’s markets, and taste the vintages of Sicily, all on a 17-day private tour with Artisans of Leisure.

Must-Stay Hotel

Perched atop a cliff on the Amalfi Coast, the 67-room Hotel Santa Caterina features modern Mediterranean dishes and panoramic ocean views at its two restaurants, regionally inspired spa treatments (think massages with local lemon balm), and a heated seawater pool at its coastal Beach Club.


Adapted from:

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Yummy Cuban Dishes You Must Try

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Cuba is extremely famous not only for its sparkling beaches, beautiful people and colorful nature, but also for its food. When you visit this country, the quality of food will surprise you a lot. The prices are affordable enough, around $7 in average. However, the prices can be much more expensive especially in such popular travel locations as Trinidad.

Cuban food was originally brought from Africa, Spain, Native American Taino population and Caribbean cuisines.

Medianoche sandwich

Medianoche (Classic Cuban Midnight)

Literally meaning “midnight”, this sandwich is one of the most popular dish in the country. It is made from Swiss cheese, pork, ham, pickles, and sharp yellow mustard and, of course, bread. What is interesting, bread made for this sandwich is different from a crusty baguette-like bread used for average European or American sandwiches.

It is called pan medianoche or pan sauve, and it tastes sweeter and softer. Despites its name, today medianoche is usually eaten on breakfast. This is the first and one of the most important dishes to taste while travel through Cuba. This sandwich is named so as it is often served in the top Havana’s nightclubs after and through midnight.

Note: Try this sandwich served with fried plantain chips, to make it extremely Cuban.

Congri dish of Cuban national cuisine



It is also often called “Morons”, and this is a dish which consists of black beans and rice. If you want to make this dish by yourself, don’t use canned bins. Never. The taste will be completely different, so you will not have a chance to enjoy the real taste of Cuban traditional dish. The black bean version is highly popular in Havana, one of the most visited tourist destinations on Cuba.

The ingredients of this plate are: bay leaf, bacon, olive oil, cloves garlic, fresh oregano, white wine and cilantro.

Note: the mix of rice, olives and beans is one of the most common Cuban dishes served in the families all around the country.

Vaca Frita


Vaca Frita

Translated as a “Fried Beef Steak”, or simply “fried cow”, this dish is often served with rice and beans (we have told you that this combination is a must-have for many Cuban recipes). Note, that it could be cooked with a lot of garlic, so you can ask a waiter to dial it down on request. This Cuban crispy, shredded beaf will leave you speechless!

Vaca Frita is served in almost all Cuban restaurants and the ingredients are the following: flank steak, onion, pepper, garlic, lime and olive oil.

Note: It could be also served with fresh pineapple juice, which make this dish even more tasty.


Huevos Habaneros


Huevos Habaneros

Literally translated as “ranch eggs”, it is a well-knows Cuban egg dish that is cooked with onions, pepper and garlic. They are also called “Eggs Havana Style”. The eggs on this dish are prepared over sofrito (a tomato, garlic, pepper, and onion sauce).

Note: These delicious huevos locos will drive you crazy with their tremendous taste. They are served immediately from the baking dishes.




They are also known as chatinos – crispy fried plantains. A plantain is a kind of banana, which is differ from the average one, as it is firmer and tastes differently. Tostones are extremely tasty when served piled with guacamole, salsa, and/or even shredded meat.

Note: Serve tostones as an appetizer for your main course.

Mistakes Couples Make When Booking Their Honeymoon

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Every couple wants to make their honeymoon as awesome as possible – a stupendous, unforgettable experience. It can be difficult, however, to make all the arrangements necessary to have such a great trip.



Experienced YYZ Travel Agents have made a list of things to avoid when planning your perfect getaway:

  1. Don’t leave everything to the last moment

You should book your trip at least six months in advance. It is also important to reserve the most popular hotels and resorts, and to plan excursions to top sights and attractions.

  1. Not knowing exactly what you want

A common mistake that a lot of couples make is that they don’t approach the decision with exact ideas of what they really want to get from their honeymoon.


The ideal plan for a perfect wedding includes a honeymoon destination and activities that will absolutely suit the bride and groom. It should be a joint effort to come up with a holiday that will be comfortable and enjoyable for both newlyweds.



  1. Copying someone else’s honeymoon

If you hear about the wonderful honeymoon your friends had in Europe or the incredible time someone spent at a Caribbean destination – it doesn’t mean that you would also enjoy such a vacation.

It is totally normal for different couples to like different activities. So, before using someone else’s idea of a perfect honeymoon, remember that for you it might not be so awesome. The best way is to consult a travel agent who will advise you on the best destinations and activities – and then make all the arrangements.

  1. Relying on the Internet

Google can give you some good ideas, but don’t rely too heavily on Internet sources because they often have outdated information, or they don’t tell you about certain “hidden gems” at a location.

Sometimes the information is incomplete or even wrong; you never know if the source is exactly reliable or not. So again, the best idea is to consult a travel advisor who knows everything about your honeymoon destination.



  1. Not seeking professional advice

The ideal honeymoon is a perfectly romantic holiday with no problems and nothing but happiness. Any travel agent will tell you that planning a honeymoon is not as easy as it might seem. Isn’t it better to hire a professional who will guarantee that your trip is the best possible, rather than spend the same amount doing everything yourself?


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How to make it “Despacito” in Puerto Rico

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It has been a few months since the famous Latin American song “Despacito” (“Little by Little, Softly”) was released, and in that time it has garnered more than three billion views on YouTube! Despite being published in January, the song can rightly be considered an anthem for summer 2017.

Thanks to the great performing artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, Puerto Rico has become a top destination for millions of tourists, and its popularity continues to grow.

Today we are going to make suggestions for splendid holidays you can have in Puerto Rico by following the lyrics of the song:

Despacito Puerto Rico

“Vamos a hacerlo en una playa en Puerto Rico” (“Let’s do it on a beach in Puerto Rico”)

What’s the main reason people come to this stunning island for vacation? Beaches – of course! The sparkling white-sand coastline, exquisite scenery, palm groves, and terrific undersea life exemplify Puerto Rico’s undeniable reputation as a great place to visit.

If you are looking for a high-class beach holiday, you should definitely come here! But let’s be more specific: What are the acclaimed tourist getaways and “playas” that Luis Fonsi sings about in his hit?

  • Flamenco Beach (Location: Culebra Island – known for gorgeous diving sites, shallow coastal waters, and sparkling white sand)
  • Playa Sucia (Location: Cabo Rojo – one of the most popular sites for Puerto Ricans; seems to be undiscovered so far by tourists)
  • Sun Bay Beach (Location: Vieques Island, a large coastline with palm trees and sparkling sands)
  • Ocean Park Beach (Location: San Juan – relaxing, rather secluded, and extremely romantic)
  • Isla Verde Beach (one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico; here you can enjoy numerous hotels and beach activities)
  • Playa Tortuga (Location: near Culebrita Island; accessible only by boat)
  • Barrero Beach (Located on Rincon, Puerto Rico’s west coast – a most romantic getaway)
  • Isla Palomonitos (a real heaven on earth; Location: Puerto Rico’s east coast)
Despacito Puerto Rico


“Tengo que bailar contigo hoy”  (“I have to dance with you today”)

For those who love dancing, the islands of Puerto Rico offer a range of local dances you can try to better explore the culture and get a feel for Latin rhythm. Join a variety of street and night clubs or take part in dance festival activities during your vacation; you will never regret giving the experience a go!

A famous and truly exalted popular dance in Puerto Rico, MERENGUE, is so well known that its rhythm is widely used in modern songs of famous Latin artists such as Shakira, Ricky Martin, J Balvin, and Enrique Iglesias. Merengue was first composed in the Dominican Republic; in Puerto Rico it has two variations:  classic and figure merengue, which differ by steps and style of dance.



Another popular dance is PLENA, which is dancing in pairs, but originally partners danced separately. Some variations of plena dancing are accompanied by drum beats.

BOMBA is an active, vivid, and very Puerto Rican dance. Developed at the end of the 19th century, it was initially used to commemorate baptisms and was mainly celebrated by West African slaves. The dance consists of fast steps, quick moves, and a very seductive rhythm.

Published: 30/08/2017

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Mykonos – a True Greek Paradise

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Mykonos is a Greek island with luxury resorts and a festive indulgent atmosphere – which is why it is often compared to such top party spots as Ibiza and Saint Tropez.

The island is a paradise for tourists, romantic couples. and solo travelers. Besides regular parties and events with internationally known DJ’s, Mykonos has a lot of other opportunities to offer travelers.



The flow of tourists here increases every year, and the number of hotels, luxury resorts, seaside bars, nightclubs and tourist activities are likewise mushrooming.

Mykonos is famous for its kite- and wind-surfing centers. If you like active vacations – visit one of the popular surf clubs and enjoy a ride: Windsurf Center Mykonos in Kalafati Beach or Kite Mykonos at Korfos Beach.

You can also take a cruise around the islands of Mykonos on a traditional tour boat or yacht: this is a superb opportunity to explore the area from the sea and enjoy romantic views of the Greek shoreline. Such activity is perfect for romantic couples and tourist groups.



Mykonos is also a fantastic venue to enjoy snorkeling and diving. Marine life of the island is unbelievably beautiful, and the vibrant colors of the undersea world will amaze you. Snorkeling is available on Tragonissi or Dragonissi, islets located near the coast of Mykonos in the Aegean Sea – which are popular among those who are fond of underwater photography, diving, and marine life in general.

The area surrounding the islets is protected by the Natura 2000 project because of the seals living in the coastal waters. Romantic, inspirational, and awesome –  Mykonos is a place where you can get away from everything, forget about daily routines, and enjoy a Mediterranean holiday.



Don’t forget about local cuisine, which is more than acceptable – it is a must-try experience that should be on your list of most important pursuits. Try Mykonian spinach pie (Spanakopita), a traditional Greek dish popular around the world, loved by locals and visitors alike.

If you would like to savor other gastronomic favorites of the local cuisine – try cheese tyrovolia, noumboulo (smoked pork fillet), delicious sausages, typical Mykonos meze, and famous mostra. Remember that the culture and traditions of the island are well perceived through its gastronomy; sampling various restaurant dishes and home cooking will help you  to know more about the Island itself.