inspiring travel quotes: "To travel is to take a journey into yourself." - Danny KayeOne of the reasons people love to travel is discovery. That’s because a trip can help you learn about the world around you – and about yourself as well. Afterwards, you’ll return home with an expanded perspective and renewed excitement about life and its possibilities. So to spark that spirit of discovery, take a look at these 10 inspiring travel quotes.

Travel has motivated some of the world’s most celebrated thinkers to open their minds and shift their perspectives. Their words on the topic capture the joy of discovery and reflection. When you take your next trip, keep these 10 quotations in mind.

Inspiring travel quotes

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” — American performer Danny Kaye

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” — French writer Marcel Proust

“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” — American-British writer Bill Bryson

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” — Roman philosopher and statesman Seneca

“Through travel I first became aware of the outside world; it was through travel that I found my own introspective way into becoming a part of it.” — American writer ­Eudora Welty

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves — in finding themselves.” — French author André Gide

inspiring travel quotes: “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” — Henry Miller“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” — American writer Henry Miller

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” — American author Ray Bradbury

“Traveling makes one modest – you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
— French writer Gustave Flaubert

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” — American jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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Top Sights in Busan

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Busan is a large port city in South Korea, and one of its favorite tourist destinations. It is known as the “second city” of Korea and is famous for its white-sand beaches, hot springs, spectacular mountains and ancient temples. For those who plan a trip to Busan, this city has a lot to offer for all tastes. From casual bars and chic designer cafes to fish markets selling every species imaginable. We have prepared for you the top sights worth visiting in Busan.

Landscape of Songjeong Beach. Photo: depositphotos.com

Landscape of Songjeong Beach. Photo: depositphotos.com

Haeundae Beach 해운대해수욕장

South Korea’s most famous beach is Haeundae, which comprises a narrow, 2.2 km-long coastline wrapped by commercial and residential structures. One of the most visited beaches in Korea, Haeundae Beach is perfect to visit at all times of the day. Tourists enjoy a stroll along a coastal walk, which allows you to wander around the coast and admire stunning views of the seaside. On your way, you can notice the famous APEC summit building which earns its price and is worth a 15-minute look. The walk loops around so you will come back to where you started. Haeundae also has one main street, which has some street food including hand-made dumplings (Mandu). There are plenty of restaurants and bars here as well if you are keen to hang around at night and rock on.

Busan, Korea - Haeundae beach is Busan's most popular beach because of its easy access from downtown Busan. Photo: depositphotos.com

Busan, Korea – Haeundae beach is Busan’s most popular beach because of its easy access from downtown Busan. Photo: depositphotos.com

Jagalchi Fish Market 자갈치

The Jagalchi market is famous for the freshness of its seafood, rich variety of dishes and local delicacies. Japan is renowned for its regional delicacies, and the baby octopus has been known to cause a shocking surprise to many foreign visitors. Inside the main building, you can find different sea animals, including crab and eel, two Busan favorites. After buying a fish, you can proceed to the 2nd-floor restaurant where your meal will be served. This is where raw-fish aficionados indulge themselves with meals from the fish tank, via the chopping block.

BUSAN - Fresh fish and seafood at Jagalchi Fish market, Busan, South Korea. Photo: depositphotos.com

BUSAN – Fresh fish and seafood at Jagalchi Fish market, Busan, South Korea. Photo: depositphotos.com

Gamcheon Culture Village 감천문화마을

Gamcheon Culture consists of the houses built in staircase fashion situated near the coastal mountain. The Village is often called the “Machu Picchu of Busan.” The many alleys of this community are colorfully decorated with murals and sculptures made by some of the local residents. Gamcheon is a very special place which can remind you of the favelas in Brazil (if you have been there, of course). Throughout this small village, you will find a load of arty stuff including numerous paintings and graffiti. So, a leisurely stroll around town would be a great choice for any visitor.

Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan, South Korea. Photo: depositphotos.com

Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan, South Korea. Photo: depositphotos.com

Beomeosa Temple 범어사

Beomeosa is the main temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism in Cheongnyong-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea. The temple is built on the slopes of Geumjeongsan and is one of the country’s most famous urban temples. The original Beomeosa Temple building was lost during the Imjinwaeran Invasion (Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592) but was renovated in 1713, remaining as is until today.

Constructed as a natural monument, it is gorgeous year round, but especially beautiful in the spring.

Korean-styled detailed architecture of the main building, Beomeosa temple, Busan, South Korea

Korean-styled detailed architecture of the main building, Beomeosa temple, Busan, South Korea

Gijang Crab Market 기장 대게시장

Another famous market located in Busan city is a Gijang Crab Market. Here you can find various seafood delicacies, but the local crab is definitely a must-try dish. Gijang is an outdoor market selling various products including fishery and agricultural products. It features seasonal fishery products. It’s in the same vicinity as Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, so it might be possible to do both in a day if you hire a car.

Photo: depositphotos.com

Photo: depositphotos.com

Lotte Outlet Mall 롯데프리미엄아울렛

Lotte Mall Dongbusan branch is Asia’s largest premium outlet mall. The large shopping complex Lotte Mall Dong Busan Branch opened on December 23, 2014. If you plan to visit Busan, put the Lotte Outlet Mall on the list of your must-visit attractions. You will surely be impressed with the shops, large selection of goods, food options and general layout of the mall.

Lotte Outlets mall in Seoul Station, Korea. Photo: depositphotos.com

Lotte Outlets mall in Seoul Station, Korea. Photo: depositphotos.com

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By Christine Connell

  1. Hike the Inka Trail: It’s more of a workout than you’d expect, but wow.  The views are stunning, the history is amazing…it’s the most rewarding hike I’ve ever been on.Inka trail.jpg
  2. Adventure through Alaska: Climb a glacier, explore an ice cave, go on a few hikes.  Alaska is wild and beautiful…not to be missed.


  1. Marvel at Igauzu Falls: I’ve been to many waterfalls around the world (Niagara, Victoria), but none of them compare to Iguazu.  Surprisingly, it’s not very touristy and still feels extremely authentic.  The towns near the falls are very backpackerish and laid back.  And you can spend hours upon hours walking around the falls – every view is different.

  1. Go on a safari in Africa: Self-explanatory.  Search for the Big Five – lion, elephant, water buffalo, leopard, and rhino (but please don’t kill them!)


  1. Party at Yacht Week Croatia: Disclaimer – I’m not much of (read: not at all) a partier, but Yacht Week Croatia is SO. MUCH. FUN.  Everyone is fun and down to earth.  It’s a great way to meet friends from around the world.  Added benefit – it’s not allpartying, and Croatia is gorgeous. Also, cliff jumping is a great hangover cure.


  1. Take a roadtrip through the Southwestern U.S.: Go see the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Bryce Canyon, Zion, if you’re lucky enough to get a permit – the Wave.  It’s amazing how many beautiful and diverse places there are in this area.

Grand Canyon

  1. Find your inner peace in Nepal: Go on a trek, do some yoga, there’s something spiritual about Nepal and you can feel it even in the bustling city of Kathmandu.


  1. Take a trip back in time in the Middle East: The Middle East has history like nowhere else.  And people are more friendly than American news would have you think.  Oh, and go sandboarding!


  1. Take a roadtrip up Highway 1: U.S. roadtrips really are something else.  And California is simply gorgeous.  The towns and cities along Highway 1 are laid-back, beachy, and everything you would expect of California.


  1. See…everything in Brazil: From the party see in Rio to the stunning lagoons at Lencois Maranhenses, Brazil truly offers a little bit of everything

  1. Explore Turkey: Spend some time in Istanbul – it’s one of my favorite cities.  Then check out Pamukkale and Cappadocia.  Don’t forget to take a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia!


  1. Take a roadtrip around Ireland: Drive the Ring of Kerry.  Go to Northern Ireland to see the beautiful volcanic formations at Giant’s Causeway.  See the Cliffs of Mohr.  Irish people are so friendly!  And if you happen to be in Macroom, check out my dad’s cousin Con’s shop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKLHqREAFR8 He is one of the sweetest and most knowledgeable people I know!  He’s sure to tell you a good story or…ten.  Haha.


  1. Check out the Virgin Islands: From the tranquility of St. John to the hustle-and-bustle of St. Thomas to the the baths at Virgin Gorda…the Virgin Islands are diverse and it’s easy to get from one to the other.VIrgin Islands.jpg
  2. Go to Yellowstone: See Old Faithful erupt.  Swim in the Boiling River.  Check out the Grand Prismatic Spring.  Watch wolves run down the hills.  America’s first national park is not to be missed. Bonus: Grand Teton is close by, and well worth the visit.

  1. Scuba dive the Blue Hole in Belize: It’s a deep dive (130 feet), and you’ll likely feel a little out of it, but wow it is gorgeous!  Make sure your underwater camera is made for the depth though.  I learned that lesson the hard way.  The other dive sites close by are equally amazing.  I’ve never been around so many sharks while scuba diving.

Blue Hole.jpg

  1. Hike in Vermont and New Hampshire: New England is a special place and the hiking is outstanding.  If you’re a skiier or snowboarder, check out this area in the winter.

New Hampshire.jpg

  1. See more green than you’d ever imagine in Hawaii: Hawaii is lush, to say the least.  Go on a few ridge hikes, relax on the beach, drive the Road to Hana in Maui, cage dive with sharks – or swim with sea turtles if that’s more your style, surf…Hawaii is a wonderful place.


  1. Walk around Amsterdam: Go look at the IAmsterdam sign.  Walk around the red light district at night.  Check out the house Helen Keller hid in.  I’m not a city person, but I LOVE Amsterdam.


  1. Explore Switzerland: Go hang gliding in Interlaken.  See some small towns.  Switzerland is stunning and those Swiss Alps can’t be missed.


  1. Hike Gros Piton in St. Lucia: St. Lucia is one of the more pristine islands I’ve been to.  It has a reputation of being romantic, but I went alone and had the time of my life.  I met two incredibly sweet girls hiking Gros Piton, went ocean kayaking with locals, saw a black sand beach, and ate amazing food.

St. Lucia.jpg


Top Tips for China first-timers

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1. Language

We got used to the fact that almost every country in the world has locals who speak English fluently. Since this language has become international, people tend to believe that they will be understood in any foreign country, as long as they can express themselves in English. However, in some parts of China this is not true at all.
If you plan your visit to such big cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou or Shenzhen, you will have no problems with communication, as these cities are true tourist hubs. Every year they attract thousands of foreign guests who travel, study, work and live in China. However, this cannot be said about smaller Chinese cities. There, the language barrier is the number one obstacle to overcome for a foreigner when traveling in China, so it can be helpful to learn some new phrases in the language. Remember, that China has two main dialects, Mandarin and Cantonese (spoken mainly in Hong Kong).

Photo: depositphotos.com

Photo: depositphotos.com

While English has already gained cosmopolitan status, especially in the big cities, many Chinese people have difficulties with it. Even if you travel to big Chinese cities, keep a business card from your hotel just in case you need to show it to a taxi driver or if you get lost while exploring.
It’s highly recommended to learn just a few useful words and phrases before you visit China. Of course, the best thing is to take Mandarin classes before your travel or try to teach yourself some of the basics; there are many websites with introductory lessons in Chinese.

2. Choose your Right Destination
China is unbelievably large. No matter how long a trip you have decided to take, note that you will be unable to cover the entire country – not even the most popular destinations. So we would suggest that you focus on one (not more than two) particular destination and enjoy exploring it. In China, you can choose from many diverse experiences: some of the world’s largest deserts, remote jungles, seemingly endless grasslands, and, of course, some of the world’s largest cities.

Photo: depositphotos.com

Photo: depositphotos.com

Our Travel Advisors suggest these destinations:

• Beijing: The capital of China is its heart and soul. This Chinese city is the true historical heritage of the country. Places to visit: The Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, ancient hutong alleyways, majestic imperial parks…
• Sichuan: A province with three regions. For those who like to explore steamy bamboo forests and quaint Ming-Dynasty villages, we suggest staying in the South of the province. To enjoy beautiful lakes set among alpine-esque mountain scenery, move to the North.
• Guangxi: Picture-perfect rice terraces and other-worldly karst peaks dominate a lush, almost jungle-like landscape which is perfect for hiking, cycling and river trips.

3. Culture Shock

Chinese culture is extremely different from Western. We suggest that you review the etiquette and main traditions practiced in the region you will visit before you go.

Photo: depositphotos.com

Photo: depositphotos.com

China is highly influenced by Buddhism; you should also note this religious fact.
Some Chinese traditions may seem strange. For example, it is good manners to use two hands when giving or receiving money or your business card. When it comes to street vendors, it is widely acceptable to negotiate prices. If you are not planning to buy anything, do not ask about prices, because if you do the vendors may follow you around for a while.

5. Eat Chinese food
China has many stunning attractions and heritage sites, but arguably its main attraction is its food. If you have never tried Chinese food, there is no better place to do it than in the country. If you have already tried Chinese cuisine in your home country, it’s high time to compare it with what locals prepare. Trust our advisors; you will feel a great difference.
The cuisine itself varies vastly from region to region. The “Four Major Cuisines” of China are Chuan, Lu, Yue and Huaiyang – representing West, North, South and East China cuisines respectively. The street food is a must-try. It’s often the best part of a city’s culinary experience.


Photo: depositphotos.com

This is the list of dishes we suggest you try:
Sweet and Sour Pork 糖醋里脊
Gong Bao Chicken 宫保鸡丁
Ma Po Tofu 麻婆豆腐
Wontons 馄饨
Dumplings 饺子
Chow Mein 炒面
Peking Roasted Duck 北京烤鸭
Spring Rolls 春卷

And don’t forget about the traditional Chinese beverages and famous Chinese tea: Oolong Tea, Pu’er Tea, Jasime Tea, White Peony, Silver Needle, Gunpowder Tea, Chun Mee and many others.

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Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF

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From Toronto to Varadero
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Gran Caribe Sun Beach

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Doubletree By Hilton Orlando At Seaworld

Conveniently located adjacent to SeaWorld and Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark and just minutes away from Universal Orlando® Resort, Walt Disney World® Resort Theme Parks & The Orange County Convention Center.
Hotel Address:
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travel with friends: six women outside louisiana plantation house with trees overhead

Photo: blog.virtuoso.com

Travel with friends can be an incredible experience you’ll remember happily for years. Or it can be a challenging experience that makes you wish you’d traveled solo. As Mark Twain put it, “I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”

Avoid the negative side effects that can stem from travel with friends – misunderstandings, disappointments and frustration – with these nine tips.

Travel with Friends: Before the Trip

Pick your travel companion (or companions) wisely

It’s not enough to travel with your college roommate. Or your best friend at work. Or your favorite cousin.

Consider the following when evaluating if this person has the right stuff to be your travel companion:

  • Do you know your friend well?
  • Has your friend traveled as much as you have? Experienced travelers may need to mentor novice voyagers, and that can add strain to the trip.
  • Do you enjoy being with this friend in a variety of situations?
  • Do you have similar interests and tastes?
  • How close are your body clocks? If one of you is an early-morning person and the other a night owl, think twice.
  • Do you both desire a similar level of activity? If one person enjoys short, leisurely walks and the other wants to hike long, rugged trails, that may not work.
  • Will your dietary preferences mesh well? A committed vegan will want to eat in a very different way from a confirmed carnivore, for example.
  • Is one of you a planner and the other spontaneous? While opposites might attract for romance, they might not work for a solid travel partnership.
travel with friends: two women in front of a glacier in Alaska

Photo: blog.virtuoso.com

Secure commitments

Once you’re ready to book, everyone needs to be committed to the trip. Some bookings can’t be changed without a fee – if at all. If you’re traveling with a group and one or more people cancel, the committed travelers may have to chip in extra for the dropouts’ share.

Consider everyone’s wants

First, agree on the basics: where you’re going and how much time you’re spending there. Then agree on what you’ll do during the trip. It might even be helpful to have people write down their goals for the trip to set clear expectations.

For example, everyone might agree on three days in London and three days in Paris. But one person may want to wander around parks and gardens, while another wants to pass the time at art museums. This is especially critical if one person wants to be more physically active than their travel companions. Make sure everyone is on the same page with at least a rough schedule before you leave.

One shortcut: book travel with a set itinerary. An escorted tour or cruise will eliminate some of the decisions about how to spend your precious travel time.

Agree on budgets

The ideal situation: everyone on the trip has similar financial situations and preferences. If one person wants to enjoy all five-star properties, while the other prefers to travel more modestly, have that conversation during the planning phase. This might be a deal-breaker.

Also ensure you’re on the same wavelength when it comes to getting around and dining out. One member of your group might want to walk, while another might want a car service. Someone may want to eat at casual establishments while another has their heart set on Michelin-star dining.

For some groups, a trip fund has worked well. Everyone contributes equally to it for shared expenses such as lodging and transportation. When it runs low, everyone chips in an equal amount again.

travel with friends: five young people in white masks in st. mark's square, venice

Photo: blog.virtuoso.com

Work with a travel advisor

If one person takes on the large task of planning the trip, they may resent the burden. As well, coordinating a trip for two or more people with different preferences can be complex.

Working with a travel advisor resolves those issues, as well as a host of others you may not have anticipated. Advisors will keep the planning ball rolling so you make decisions efficiently. They excel at handling challenging trips with multiple people involved.


If something goes wrong, they’ll resolve the issue quickly. They can also secure you extra value and perks – and score you VIP treatment. 

One tip for working with an advisor: It’s important for everyone traveling together to sign off on plans. Don’t put one member of the group in the uncomfortable position of having to approve everything.

Travel with Friends: During the Trip

Take a break from each other

The easiest way to travel with friends harmoniously is to part company for a while. Too much togetherness can put a strain on your trip. Plus different people want to indulge different interests.

For one or more days of your trip, you may want to split up for part of or the entire day, then reunite for dinner. You’ll get to explore on your own and have the benefit of great stories to swap over a nice meal.

This works as long as people are comfortable venturing on their own. If someone isn’t completely at ease with this, they have options. They could use the time apart to relax in the hotel room, take a guided tour or enjoy a beverage (and people-watching) at a café.

Be present

Travel with friends is a great gift. A wonderful trip can bring you closer with shared experiences and memories. Make the most of being together by limiting your time on social media, emails or texts.

travel with friends: young man and two young women jumping happily in the air

Photo: blog.virtuoso.com

Go with the flow

When you travel with friends, bring along your patience and flexibility. You won’t get to see or do everything on your list (for that matter, neither will your friends). Some days you may chip in more than your share for dinner, or be kept waiting a few extra minutes. Know that you’ll have to compromise and make your peace with it.

Communicate openly

Nip any issues in the bud as soon as they arise. Bring them up respectfully and openly. Otherwise they may fester and erupt, making matters worse. Being together so intensely also makes tempers more likely to flare.

One way to prevent issues is consideration. Be a good roommate. Show interest in something that makes them come alive, even if it’s not your thing. Think about their needs as well as your own. Pay attention to your friend’s mood, and ask how they are if they seem unhappy.

The bottom line: advance planning, clear communication and flexibility will mean a much better experience as you travel with friends.

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Discover the Majestic Beauty of Alaska

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Sail the most spectacular waterways. Explore the most interesting ports. Discover the most amazing wildlife on land and sea. Holland America Line has been showing guests the wonders of Alaska for nearly 70 years. There is simply no better way to experience all that Alaska has to offer!



Enroll and enjoy the generous benefits of the Mariner Society®. Rewards include onboard dining, spa and shopping discounts. Plus, priority embarkation/disembarkation and special offers on future sailings. Earn bonuses for suites and onboard spending!


b1 c1 d1 e1




  • Photograph, sketch or just marvel at magnificent Hubbard Glacier
  • Alaska Bear Adventure by Floatplane from Ketchikan
  • Argo® ATV Adventure into spectacular Denali National Park
  • Stunning nature and wildlife of the Inside Passage
  • Biologist-guided wildlife and historical cruise aboard small boat


  • Elegant staterooms with private teak-lined verandahs
  • Signature Mariner’s Dream™ beds for ultimate comfort
  • Pinnacle Grill’s authentic cuisine of the Pacific Northwest – king salmon, local beef and boutique wines
  • World-class music at B.B. King’s Blues Club, Lincoln Center Stage and Billboard Onboard
  • Luxurious treatments at Greenhouse Spa & Salon

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