Get Ready for Summer Sailings!

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Get Ready for Summer Sailings

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The Seven Happiest Countries in the World

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7 – Sweden

Sweden has it all – from inimitable Scandinavian atmosphere to the beauty of Stockholm’s urban chic. If you ever visit the wonderful natural treasures of Sweden, you will never forget its alluring charm: forests, lakes, Baltic ports, and placid mountains. There is something special in this northern pulchritude and its enchanting views.

6 –Australia

This is a one of the most popular countries when it comes to traveling. Some of the world’s best surfing spots, pristine beaches, sparkling sands, turquoise bays, astonishing nature, and home to the most vibrant coral reef system – Australia is a wonderful area for your next vacations.

5 – New Zealand

Country number five has enormous landscapes and great topography. Its verdant forests, magnificent plains and exciting cliff tops are reason to visit this country and fall in love with it forever. Genteel seaside and friendly locals will make your trip unforgettable, and you will probably feel at home in this faraway place.

4 – Canada

The exquisite scenery of Canada is famous all over the world – and the quality lifestyle, wonderful hospitality and cheerful mood of its people enjoy the same popularity. This year Canada ranks fourth on our list of the happiest countries, and it deserves this place for the many traits that make it one of the most beloved destinations for tourists around the world.

3 – Netherlands

Liberal policies, healthy assets, cultural values, and a thriving culture of bike lovers will never leave you indifferent. This country has some of the friendliest locals due to the high standards of living and services. That is why this country is one of the most popular in the world in terms of tourism and the happiness of its residents.

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Главная фишка в таких небольших финских городах (и, в целом, скандинавских), как Лаппеэнранта — это их своеобразная европейская провинциальность, мало похожая на провинциальность российскую. Здесь всё предельно чисто и цивилизованно, а население живёт какой-то удивительно расслабленной, не отягощённой извечными философскими вопросами, жизнью. Иногда этого в России ужасно не хватает. На фото — улица внутри крепости Лаппеэнранты. #лаппеэнранта #финляндия #finland #lappeenranta #travel #путешествия #путешествие

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2 – Finland

Another Scandinavian country which is famous for its culture and friendliness is Finland. With its high quality of life, peaceful atmosphere, and cosmopolitan capital, Helsinki, this country ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world.

1 – Switzerland

It was the number one happiest country in 2015 – where most citizens understand French, German and English. With glorious landscapes, beautiful scenery and attractive architecture, this country is definitely worth visiting in 2017!

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Canada’s 150th Anniversary : The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

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The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

On February 1st, The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto launches a 150-day program celebrating Canada’s milestone anniversary on July 1st.  From an exclusive room package, to speciality spa and restaurant offerings, including a commemorative Canada Day long weekend, guests can pay homage to the land of the strong and free all year long.

Canada's 150th Anniversary : The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

Canadian Inspired Tasting Menu in TOCA Restaurant


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Don’t Miss Transat Tuesday Sale!

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Don't Miss Transat Tuesday Sale


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Fiji Tour Guide for First-Time Travelers

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The archipelago of Fiji is located near the equator in the Pacific Ocean. It is a truly unbelievable paradise with searing hot sun, palm-fringed beaches, and colorful coral reeves. Luxury resorts extend along a white-sand coastline looking amazingly beautiful, each with its own unique ambiance and tropical joy.

This collection of volcanic islands spreads 1,600 kilometers and is rightly considered a remote and exotic escape. With a marvelous coastline, pristine beaches of white sands and turquoise waters – as well as a fascinating culture – Fiji Islands are one the most wonderful destinations to enjoy your next vacation.    (more…)

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