5 Exciting Yet Low-Impact Vacation Ideas for Older Adults

Retirement need not be days spent at home gardening, reading books or napping. For older adults who have the means, time and physical health, it might just be the best moment to do something exciting. Studies show that seniors or baby boomers who are at present in their 50s to 70s are a diverse group with higher purchasing power and activity levels. They are more inclined to travel or invest in trips to visit family and friends. For some, retirement is a chance to tick adventures off on their bucket list. If you are planning a memorable vacation, here are some suitable holiday ideas for seniors.

5 Exciting Yet Low-Impact Vacation Ideas for Older Adults

River Cruising on the Mekong

Cruises might be on your list, but if you ever think of heading to Asia, a visit to any of the countries – Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos offers something different. Check out the fabulous Angkor Wat, the serene rice fields in Vietnam or the Plain of Jars in Laos. To cap off your trip, a cruise on the Mekong River is a low-impact activity that will take you to several countries including Thailand, China and Myanmar.

Safari Game Watching in Botswana

Botswana is a success story in Africa, with its stable democracy and economic prosperity brought by conflict-free diamonds.  The country is teeming with amazing wildlife and safaris both high quality and an exciting way to get up close with wild animals. You can arrange for fully-catered camping in one of the national parks such as Chobe, the Okavango Delta or Moremi Game Reserve.

5 Exciting Yet Low-Impact Vacation Ideas for Older Adults

Beach Stay in Hawaii

If you look at offers of travel agencies that organize trips for seniors or your community associations, you will see that Hawaii is a popular beach destination. The Aloha State has something for every type of beach lover from rugged coasts to sandy shores. The best part is that the beaches are public spaces accessible to everyone.  Whether you are an active senior who loves water sports or are the type to just laze around in tropical settings, Hawaii is the place for a relaxing beach retreat.

Culinary Adventure in Bologna

Italy is a real place for holidays and everything about this southern European country is fantastic from food and wine to fashion and shopping. For an adventurous culinary trip, Bologna is the place to go. It is well-known among food lovers for its culinary delights. Think of tagliatelli, ragu, tortellini and mortadella for that sumptuous experience. Local dining is not the only thing seniors can do. There are also culinary lessons, walking and cycling tours that can be enjoyed for that perfect European sojourn.

5 Exciting Yet Low-Impact Vacation Ideas for Older Adults

Mountain Retreat in Bhutan

Relaxation is an important activity for everyone. Why not opt for a sublime experience and head to the Kingdom of Bhutan? This tiny country has been sheltered from the outside world for decades with its government deliberately limiting the number of visitors. Lately, it is easier to visit Bhutan. Absorb the sights of spectacular mountain sceneries and pristine forests, visit temples or just enjoy the serenity and peace of the country & its people.

By Sally Phillips

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