8 Tips for Preventing Jet Lag

Tips for Preventing Jet Lag


1. Try to sleep on a plane

Take your neck pillow, put on comfortable clothes. Try to book a first-class or business-class flight. Everyone knows that it’s harder to fall asleep in the seats of economy class. If you can’t afford a high-class flight, take your neck pillow, put on comfortable clothes. And try to sleep during your flight, especially if it’s a long-distance one and lasts more than 8 hours. It’s much easier to avoid jetlag when you don’t feel tired and sleepy.

2.Try stress-relieving massages and spa treatments to recover from weariness

These procedures will help you not only with jetlag preventing, but also they are very useful for your health and well-being. And they all just very pleasant and relaxing.

3. Try to be active during the daytime

It’s essential not to get asleep during the day. Otherwise, you will have insomnia at night. Try not to stay in the hotel or the place with calm atmosphere. Take active tours, make a busy schedule and stay active till the late evening.

4. Get as much daylight as you can

During the daytime try to be outdoors. Sun gives you more energy and helps you to stay awake.

Tips for Preventing Jet Lag

5. Sleep long enough

It’s essential to get an average amount of sleep, which is about 8 hours in a 24-hour period.

6. Make a stopover

Flights, trains, buses… long-time wait in the holding area. To make your body quickly adapt to the new routine, sometimesĀ it is essential to book a hotel room between the flights to have a good rest.

7. Don’t drink alcohol before the flight

Though there is a stereotype that alcohol helps to diminish stress and get relaxed, in fact, alcohol can increase tiredness and cause dehydration

8.Stay hydrated

Remember that you should avoid everything that can cause dehydration. Try to drink a lot of fluids on the day of your flight. A dry air on a board of the plane can be a reason of unwellness.

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