Book a Guided Tour of Russia or Israel with Our Reputable Tour Group

What better way to explore your ancestral homeland or a new country than with a custom guided tour?  By travelling with a tour group, you are ensuring that you see all the landmarks, stay at the best hotels, dine at the best restaurants and know the landscape of your destination for safety and convenience purposes.  With a custom guided tour, language and cultural barriers are removed and you are left to experience the true culture of your chosen destination.  YYZ Travel Group is a reputable tour group that offers guided tours of Russia or Israel from Toronto and the GTA. Relying on an established tour operator like YYZ Travel Group will eliminate any worry or stress and allow you to focus on enjoying your trip.

YYZ Travel Group is an industry leading travel advisory service that specializes in tours to Russia or Israel, as well as many other types of travel.  We offer guided tours that are customizable to meet your requirements, and can accommodate group and individual travel.  YYZ Travel Group offers many different guided tours to Russia or Israel from Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada:


  • 8 day classic Russia
  • 11 or 12 day Russian river cruise
  • 12 day river cruise Moscow-St. Petersburg
  • 15 day trans-Siberian Express
  • The Legendary Silk Road
  • Volga Dream Russian River Cruising


  • 14 Day Jewish Heritage in Depth Tour + Eilat
  • Israel Classic Tour and Eilat or Petra
  • 7 Night Highlights Tour of Israel

Our Team of Travel Advisors Can Help Book Your Flight to Russia or Israel

When you are booking your next flight to Russia or Israel, consider contacting YYZ Travel Group to help you find the best price and the best flights for the least amount of hassle.  Our seasoned travel advisors have great relationships with airlines and can pass on any savings we receive directly to you.  At YYZ Travel Group, we are industry leaders in all sorts of travel arrangements, including booking flights to Israel or Russia.  Our service as well as the value you receive will exceed your expectations, shown by our large number of repeat clients.

YYZ Travel Group has been serving our valued customers in Toronto, the GTA and across Canada for 27 years.  We specialize in flight bookings to Russia or Israel, as well as custom guided tours and many other travel services.