Travel with Us On a Guided Tour of Israel or Russia

People who have travelled the world will agree that going to a new country or city for the first time may be intimidating.  Not knowing the language, culture or geography of a new city can be somewhat unnerving.  Although this type of travel works for some people, many others prefer a guided tour of a country to help see, learn and experience as much as possible about the new place in the allotted travel time.  With a guided tour, this becomes easy as itineraries are planned in advance.  Make your visit to a new country, whether it is your ancestral homeland or other place, a comfortable, safe journey that will create lasting memories.

YYZ Travel Group organizes guided tours of Israel and Russia for groups and individuals.  All tours are customizable to meet the specific needs of large groups. We offer the following Israel and Russia guided tour packages:


  • 8 day classic Russia
  • 11 or 12 day Russian river cruise
  • 12 day river cruise Moscow-St. Petersberg
  • 15 day trans-Siberian Express


  • 14 Day Jewish Heritage in Depth Tour + Eilat
  • Israel Classic Tour and Eilat or Petra
  • 7 Night Hightlights Tour of Israel


Book your guided tour to Israel or Russia with YYZ Travel today.  You will be fully satisfied with our packed itineraries, as well as our attention to detail and customer service guarantee.

Guided tours remove the worry and hassle of planning daily outings.  With our tours, we ensure all major landmarks are visited and instead of planning, you can enjoy immersing yourself in the culture and lifestyle a new country has to offer.


YYZ Travel Group is an industry leader in the travel management business.  Since 1986, we have been providing comprehensive travel advisory services as well as guided tours of Russia and Israel from Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.