Our Virtuoso Travel Network Membership Benefits Our Clients

YYZ Travel Group is a reputable travel advisory service, offering a wide range of travel services to our clients.  Our good standing as members of the exclusive Virtuoso Travel Network allows us to offer luxury vacation customization to our valued clients as well as all the benefits membership has to offer.

YYZ Travel Group is proud to offer the best available vacations in the industry, customized to meet all your requirements.  Our luxury vacations are second to none and will exceed all your expectations in terms of quality and service.  Our team of travel advisors consistently put together quality vacations and packages that include extra amenities only available to members of the exclusive Virtuoso Network.

Membership always has benefits, and in the travel industry it is no different.  Our connection with the prestigious Virtuoso Travel Network allows us to customize your luxury vacation according to your requirements, and include amenities and access not available anywhere else industry-wide.   Some of the additional benefits membership in Virtuoso has to offer are: (source: Virtuoso.com)

  • Being a client of a Virtuoso Travel Network advisor means your travels will be customized to your specific desires by an expert, and that you’ll be recognized as one of the most prestigious guests in the world with all the privileged access, perks and service that implies.
  • The Virtuoso Travel network’s member agencies generate over $9.6 billion annually in travel sales, making the group the most powerful in the luxury travel segment.
  • Relationships with the finest travel companies provide the network’s clientele with exclusive amenities, rare experiences and privileged access.

YYZ Travel Group is an industry leading travel management service, offering a full array of travel services to our valued clients, including quality, customized, luxury vacations.  Our membership in the exclusive Virtuoso Travel Network allows us to create high-end dream vacations for our valued clients.  We have been serving Toronto, the GTA and across Canada for 27 years.