It is always tough to choose a perfect honeymoon activity. Everything should be just perfect, and nothing should spoil the atmosphere of love and romance. Calm couples can choose the traditional beach resorts and relaxing getaways, but we have made a list of activities for those who are searching for something more adventurous, involving both partners.

AcroYoga and Partner Yoga

BEST HONEYMOON ACTIVITIES. Beautiful couple doing acro yoga on the beach

This activity is one of the hardest, as it requires partners  to be in good physical condition. However, with a skilled instructor, interesting ways of combining meditative practice will provide you with a common focus or connection.

Acroyaga means close physical contact with your partner, and requires the ability to trust and confide in him/her while doing complex exercises. You will not only learn to maintain balance and relax, but also to feel your partner. The success of the exercise depends on both of you, so it is a great way to feel unity and mutual balance.

Mainly located in Southeast Asia: teacher trainings in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Indonesia.

Surf Honeymoon


For those who love being active, we suggest trying one of many honeymoon couples’ favorite sports, surfing. A lot of resorts offer couple’s surfing, in which you both have one surfing instructor and work as a team.

Doing the sport together unites the couple, giving honeymooners time to be involved in a mutual activity, share interests and have positive emotions. Moreover, luxury summer surfing resorts offer incredible beaches, great bars, relaxing spas, high-end restaurants and gorgeous sea life that will leave even greater memories if you include surfing on your activity list.



The reason this sport is particularly popular among honeymoon couples is because it only requires two people. It can get competitive, so be prepared to have a winner. However, it has been proven by numerous psychologists that the competitive atmosphere of such games can provide positive emotions for a couple. This sport is very mobile, active and fun. You can also have a conversation while playing.



Beautiful views and panoramas, an adventurous atmosphere, feeling the support of your partner and just acting as a team: what could be better for a perfect adventurous honeymoon? Unknown trails, new emotions, fantastic nature and the relaxing atmosphere of this trip will make it an unforgettable experience for both of you. Add romantic overnight camping with a night sky full of stars, sunbathing in the river bank and swimming in the crystal waters of mountain lakes.

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