Best Places to Enjoy Wildlife in Costa Rica

The perfect vacation starts with the right planning. Investigate our selection best places to visit in Costa-Rica to make your dream vacation!

Best Places to Enjoy Wildlife in Costa Rica. Costa Rica Panorama

Poás Volcano National Park

Poás volcano is a strong symbol of the nature forces of Costa Rica. Take a hike to the crater rim, but don’t expect it to fledge with an eruption. The last time when the volcano was active was in 1954. The Poás Volcano National Park is one of the most popular sites of the country. It is situated near the San José city and the international airport.

The weather in this park is cool and humid, with rains and fine drizzle, and the average temperature here is about  15ºC. The climate of the Poás Volcano National Park makes perfect conditions for the fast-growing flora around. The main crater is one of the largest in the world. All the main tours in the park include a hike to the crater rim. But we also suggest you to visit La Paz Waterfall, a beautiful creation of nature in San José.

Best Places to Enjoy Wildlife in Costa Rica. Road to Arenal

Arenal Volcano National Park

One more National Volcano Park located in Costa Rica, is famous for its great variety of attractions for every tourist. If you’re looking for an adventurous encounter with the true natural forces and beauties, this destination is for you.

If the Poas volcano is considered to be active, the Arenal Volcano is currently in a resting phase. Frequent eruptions run on till 2010 with about 41 eruptions per day. Later, it changes its phase from active on non-active. Among numerous activities offered here, you can experience hot spring pools, hot stone massage, visit Arenal Observatory Restaurant & Bar, enjoy the beauty of bright gardens and unforgettable viewpoints.

Best Places to Enjoy Wildlife in Costa Rica. Waterfall-Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is located on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, just south of Quepos on the Pacific Coast, 132 km from San José. Here the natural diversity is very rich and surprises with its great variety and beauty. For the tourists, the Park offers a wealth of curious activities.

The coast of the Manuel Antonio region strikes every visitor with the beauty and calmness. The National Park is closed on Mondays and has three of the most amazing beaches in Costa Rica. It also has forest trails, bordered by a dense rainforest with animal life. In 2011, it was named by Forbes as one of the world’s most beautiful parks. The smallest park in the Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio is worth to visit for even the most experienced tourists.

Best Places to Enjoy Wildlife in Costa Rica. Capuchin Monkey

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde is translated as a  “Green Mountain”. It is a beautiful reserve of magnificent, green vegetation, with great biodiversity of plants and cloud forests. National Geographic gave it a description as  “the jewel in the crown of cloud forests.” In 2007, Costa Ricans voted the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve one of the country’s seven wonders. This forest is a true miracle of ecotourism in the country.


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