Best Quiet Travel Destinations or Introvert Dream Holidays


Comparing with popular Thailand, Malaysia is quieter regarding traveling. If you’re looking for a peaceful beach holiday in Southeast Asia, Malaysian Islands would be a perfect option for you. For example, Pangkor Island, about a 3-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is a small resort with all delights of the untouched nature, wild landscapes, and beaches. It is entirely free from tourist crowds, in an environment of fishing huts. Travelers are attracted by the best beaches of the western Malaysian coast, traditional life of the local population, steadily good weather and quiet rest.

Best Quiet Destinations or Introvert Dream Holidays


Among all 115 islands of the Seychelles 30 are inhabited. And you can easily find the islands which are not overcrowded. It also means you will surely find a place exactly for you. Styled in different ways, Seychelles are one of the most popular destinations for quiet-loving tourists all over the World.

Seychelles are regarded as the place of beach quiet (lonely) rest mainly in the winter period. If you’re searching for a quiet lonely rest with incredibly beautiful tropical landscapes, you should choose Seychelles.

Best Quiet Destinations or Introvert Dream Holidays. Beach at Praslin island, Seychelles


The archipelago represents a large-scale natural reserve.Only a modest part of it is a tourist zone. Travelers stroll along picturesque places, visiting charming small restaurants, and bars.
But if you’re searching for a quiet destination, choose the resort town of Puerto-Ayora. It is famous for the lovely beaches and entertaining activities these places perfectly will be suitable for family rest. The coastline of the island consists entirely of cozy gulfs, each of which is truly unique. They will become the real find for fans of lonely rest.

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