Culinary Highlights of Bogotá

Bogota, the beautiful and vibrant capital of Colombia, is a favorite southern destination for Americans and Canadians. After a difficult and contentious past, this city has become a famous cosmopolitan capital with top-rated hotels, well-developed infrastructure, and unique culture. These are the reasons why Bogota is often called the “Athens of South America”.

The World Resource Institute named Colombia the second country in the world in terms of biodiversity. First place went to Brazil. At the same time, according to the Convention on Biological Diversity, Colombia has about 300 various ecosystems. With the Andean and Amazonian regions covered with verdant forests, Colombia is the only country in South America that has Pacific and Caribbean shorelines. The nature of the country is truly rich, and it is the main reason why tourists come here to experience jungle tours, mountain hikes, scuba diving and snorkeling.  Nevertheless, you should also remember that it provides a culinary richness for all tourists who visit this country.  

Culinary Highlights of Bogotá

Bogota is the capital of Colombia

The country’s capital, Bogota, is a prime spot for foodies from all around the world. Colombia has 10 percent of the world’s biodiversity, and its cultural variety includes African, Spanish and even Arabic traditions. You can experience here a great variety of different cuisines, numerous restaurants and cafes. With its mild, pleasant climate and warm temperatures, Bogota is a perfect place for outdoor dining, which has become a new trend in the Colombian capital; don’t miss a chance to experience the charm of an astonishing meal in Bogota, especially in the evening in a gorgeous garden atmosphere.

Visit the popular place headed by celebrity chef Leonor Espinosa, or Leo, “Leo Cocina y Cava” in La Macarena neighborhood. The food on the menu is based on studies of the diverse ecosystems in Colombia. This menu is famous for being made in collaboration with biologists, producers and growers, which makes it unique and very special.

Culinary Highlights of Bogotá

If you want to try something innovative, visit “El Cielo.” Headed by Juan Manuel Barrientos, this  restaurant is famous for its ultramodern approach in preparing dishes and its focus on Latin American cuisine. Its wine list contains only exclusive premium brands. The restaurant is extremely popular in Bogota, so make a reservation in advance, especially if you plan to spend an evening here as that is the busiest time for El Cielo.

If you want to try one of the tastiest bakeries in the country, go to Grazia, which is not only one of the best French bakeries in Bogota, but also a marvelous restaurant with an extensive menu made by Raphael Haasz and Claudia Oyuela. Creative and elegant, the French baking in Grazia is a must-try for every visitor.

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