Enchanting Taiwan

Taiwan is an island nation geographically situated to the southwest of Okinawa, Japan and north of the Philippines. Taiwan is governed by the Republic of China since 1945.

Enchanting Taiwan

Useful information:

Area: 36,000 square kilometers
Population: 23 million
Language: Mandarin / Taiwanese / Hakka / Indigenous Languages
Religion: Buddhism / Taoism / Christianity / Islam
President: MS. Tsai Ing-wen

Enchanting Taiwan. Jiufen, Taiwan


Founded in 1912, the Republic of China (Taiwan) was the first democratic republic in Asia.
But before that, the territory of Taiwan was inhabited by Austronesian people. Later, since the 17th century, Taiwan was a home to Han immigrants. Since 1895, Taiwan was governed by Japan for about 50 years, and only after World War II Taiwan came under Chinese Nationalist control.
In 1949, the government moved to Taiwan and maintained jurisdiction over an area of the islands of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, Dongsha, Zhongsha, and Nansha.

Enchanting Taiwan


With its rough shape, the island nation has a population of more than 23 million people, which makes it one of the most populated places in the world. Taiwan is a very famous tourist attraction known for sharp mountains and dense forests. ROC also obtains de facto control over the tiny Pescadores (Penghu), Quemoy (Kinmen/Jinmen), and Matsu.

Taiwan has some incredible views and magnificent sites and its capital, Taipei, is a rich culture and entertainment hub. Taiwanese cuisine has a lot in common with Japanese, and it represents typical Asian cuisine. With the multiple tourists coming here every year, Taiwan has increasing numbers of mainland Chinese visiting. Moreover, Taiwan is one the most favorite destination for Hong Kong residents.

Enchanting Taiwan. Liuhe Night Market,Kaohsiung,Taiwan, May, 4th, 2013 : Liuhe Night Market with a crow of people


Taiwan has a thriving capitalist economy with gradually diminished government guidance on investment and foreign trade. Exports, led by electronics, machinery, and petrochemicals have provided the primary impulse for economic elaboration. This high exports dependence exposes the economy to fluctuations in world demand. Taiwan’s diplomatic isolation, low birth rate, and rapidly aging population are other major long-term challenges.

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