ESCAPE: Digital Detox Travel

We love our smartphones, notebooks, tablets and all the other devices we feel attached to. But can you remember the last time you disconnected from your devices? They have become extremely important, if not essential, for everyone. If you feel so addicted to your devices that every time you think that you’ve lost one, you get the jitters, then you likely need to escape technology and to book yourself a digital detox trip.

Since the new technologies are constantly present in our life, we are almost constantly present online. With multiple social networks, various useful online services, and a wide range of entertaining platforms – the Internet provides great access to almost all possible resources. In fact, the Pew Research Center says 73 percent of us are online daily. One in five people admits to being online “almost constantly.” And a U.K. study found people spend almost three hours a day online.

ESCAPE: Digital Detox Travel

The most important issue of all these studies is that people are harmed by constantly using computers. Perpetual Internet connectivity has a negative impact on our productivity and relationships, and it also affects our physical and mental health. Always being “on” has been determined to increase anxiety, depression, stress and exhaustion.

One of the best ways to avoid this virtual disease is to take a digital detox trip. It’s a relatively new concept, as the phrase “digital detox” appeared in the Oxford Dictionary only in 2013, and a new trend among travelers craving an escape from it all.

How to do it:

Don’t bring your devices with you – just leave them at home, surrender them to your hotel’s front desk, or pledge to use them only in a limited way during your travels.

Many travelers have become used to posting photos on Instagram and spending more time checking the stream than enjoying their trip. Consequently, some people now tend to travel only to take the right pictures and make a good impression on followers. Honestly, there is no need to capture everything for social media at the exact moment; we can look at our surroundings with fresh eyes and just be present. We can plunge deeply into the new experience, and come back home with more exciting memories. Enjoy everything with your own eyes and not through the lens of your camera.


ESCAPE: Digital Detox Travel

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