Explore the beauty of Buenos Aires

Capture the beauty of Buenos Aires!

Visit the most popular sites of the beautiful city:

– Plaza Serrano

– Botanic Garden

– Bosques de Palermo

Explore the beauty of Buenos Aires. Rose Park (Rosedal), Buenos Aires Argentina

These attractions are true symbols of Brazilian capital.

Tango and Vino

Learn the sensual movements of tango and enjoy private dance lessons with some of Argentina’s top performers. Then try great wines with an expert wine steward at a private club.

Explore the beauty of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires Tango

Try local food

Buenos Aires is a steak capital of the world. But even vegetarians can find a perfect meal. The most traditional dishes in buenos Aires are: empanadas, alfajores, dulce de leche, helado, medialunas.

Explore the beauty of Buenos Aires

Sense and Sensitivity

Embark on a sensorial journey that takes you backstage at the Colón Theatre opera house, inside a perfumery to create your own fragrance, and within the worlds of Argentina’s top fashion designer and photographer.

Explore the beauty of Buenos Aires. Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Pope Francis’ Footsteps

Trace the life and legend of Buenos Aires’ Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio, recently elected 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

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