Far East Asia Never Sleeps

Unconventional Far East remains on top of the most-trending travel destinations in the world. It is called “far” for a good reason, as it takes over 14 hours to get to the region by plane. However, such a long flight doesn’t frighten explorers who are searching for an Asian experience, as the  Far East is really worth it. Impeccable culture, matchless scenery, modern architecture and unique atmosphere will make you desire to come back.
Asian culture is so captivating and unusual for foreign tourists, promoting a culture of hard work, exceptional Asian service and “getting everything done perfectly”.
The busiest cities in the world are located in the removed and exotic region, and you can be sure when coming here that they never sleep.



Some cities don’t need to be presented. The Japanese capital is one of the most unique and specific cities in the world. Amazing Japanese culture is very different from all other Far Eastern cultures. Due to its isolated geographic location, Japan has built an extremely unique and one-of-a-kind culture.

Tokyo is a must-see location for anyone who has decided to visit several destinations in the Far Eastern region. It is very different from its Asian neighbors, and it is notable in everything: cuisine, business, work habits, family values, mentality and way of rest.


People of Seoul are often called ‘the Italians of the East’, and locals like this tendency. Koreans are friendly, emotional and very stylish. They have their own culture of making business, influenced by both American and Asian tendencies. Koreans are creative, and it is widely presented in the country’s capital.

Seoul is an Asian metropolitan city, with a lot of skyscrapers, multiple attractions, local authentic restaurants and noisy bars, unbelievable art objects, Asian street culture and fast life. All these activities do not stop at night, and in the Korean capital it never gets dark.


The city of Bangkok is an area of bright contrasts with narrow somber streets full of little shops selling street food and diverse things on the one side, facing incredibly modern buildings, up-to date giant shopping centers and city technologies from the other side.

Once you’ve visited Bangkok, you will never forget it. This city is special. Its incredible charm drives you crazy, leaving a desire to return here again and again. Bangkok is a must-visit city that should definitely be on your bucket list. Whenever you come here, the place is always busy, lively and full of energy 24/7.

Hong Kong

Special administrative region of People’s Republic of China, it’s a very modern city. Hong Kong is famous for its beauty. This is a place where the vast, wild outdoors mixes with sports adventures and bright Asian festivals. Hong Kong’s culture is a melting pot of customs and traditions, influenced by thousands of years of immigration. Hong Kong is a city where “old meets new” architecture is alive and looks sometimes spontaneous, sometimes even surprising.

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The city’s main heritage buildings: Wan Chai’s Blue House, Man Mo Temple facing such modern spots as Man Mo Café, PMQ and Stone Nullah Tavern. Whenever you come to this wonderful city, it never sleeps.

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