Fashion Trends Arond The Globe

Ecuador – Panama Hat

These stylish hats are created from plaited leaves of the toquilla straw plant. The hat is thought to have orginated in Ecuador, but nowadays it is universally known as a “Panama Hat”. If you have never tried wearing a hat, or if you want to start wearing one, the Panama Hat is an ideal choice. It suits almost everyone, doesn’t look too pompous; it’s mature, never gets “old-fashioned,” and it could be a perfect way to cover up your hair when it doesn’t look good, or protect your head from the sun’s burning rays.

Fashion Trends Arond The Globe. Panama hats in the sun in Otavalo Ecuador

Panama hats in the sun in Otavalo Ecuador

USA – Cowboy Boots

These boots, which were apparently not made for walking, are very popular in The United States. In the beginning, they were an essential accessory for cowboys back in the day, but now they have become simply fashionable. Moreover, the idea of the trend found followers around the globe. This is because cowboy boots are amazing to wear and very versatile. They have a Cuban heel, are rounded to a pointed toe, have a high shaft, and, traditionally, no lacing.  Nowadays this fashion trend is supported by such famous brands as Tony Lama, Anderson Bean, Justin, Lucchese, Double H and many more.

Fashion Trends Arond The Globe

Dredlocks –  Jamaica

The first known reference to this hairstyle dates back to ancient Egypt, where dreadlocks first emerged on Egyptian artifacts. Mummified remains of ancient Egyptians wearing dreadlocks were found at some archaeological sites. The hairstyle was later brought into popular culture with the help of world famous, incredible reggae artist Bob Marley, originally from Jamaica.

These days it is extremely popular in Jamaica and all over the world. If you want to entirely plunge into the flavor of this special country, try this hair-dress. If you don’t like classical dreadlocks, you can try diverse variations more suitable for modern travelers: cornrows, braids, plaits, African hair braiding, and many others.

Fashion Trends Arond The Globe

Japan – Gyaru, Lolita

Gyaru is a Japanese transliteration of the word “girl”, and this trend first appeared in the late 1990s. Japanese girls would dye their hair in bright vibrant color, even a mix of different colors (the less natural it looked – the better), and put an enormous amount of fake tan on their skin. Nowadays this subculture has less popularity than it had few years ago, but it has influenced the new Lolita fashion.

Here the bright, unnatural pastel colors remain, but the concept is different – which is to be in frilly dress with bows and curls. In Japan there are even a lot of modern and popular Lolita fashion brands, such as Angelic Pretty, Atelier Pierrot, Milk, Moi-même-moiti and many more. The last one refers to Gothic Lolita, a style which requires black dresses and skirts, lacy hair accessories, and jewelry adorned with delicate crosses.

Fashion Trends Arond The Globe

Japanese girl in lolita cosplay

Iceland – Beard Cap

A Beard Cap could seem extremely unusual and even useless when first encountered. However, it is based on a traditional “lambshed-hood” that served a purpose for Icelandic farmers. Imagine how hard it was to experience the blustering snowstorms that occurred there regularly. The knitting pattern makes sense since the cap covers the head and neck – with only a small opening for the face. The first appearance of the Beard Cap as a fashion trend dates back to 2005. The design concept belongs to Vík Prjónsdóttir and his studio; today they are available in the Gentleman or Farmer style.

Fashion Trends Arond The Globe


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