Fiji Tour Guide for First-Time Travelers

The archipelago of Fiji is located near the equator in the Pacific Ocean. It is a truly unbelievable paradise with searing hot sun, palm-fringed beaches, and colorful coral reeves. Luxury resorts extend along a white-sand coastline looking amazingly beautiful, each with its own unique ambiance and tropical joy.

This collection of volcanic islands spreads 1,600 kilometers and is rightly considered a remote and exotic escape. With a marvelous coastline, pristine beaches of white sands and turquoise waters – as well as a fascinating culture – Fiji Islands are one the most wonderful destinations to enjoy your next vacation.   

There are two large islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, and around 900 smaller islands and inlets. The tiny islands are not so popular and crowded; so, if you are looking for secluded beaches with an unblemished coastline, we suggest you visit them. On the flip side, if you want to enjoy spirited activities, national music, a lot of locals and splendid atmosphere, we suggest you stay on the bigger islands, which remain the most popular areas.

Most resorts in Fiji Islands are luxury – and expensive

However, there are plenty of guest houses that are quite cheap. Whether you are searching for budget flights and accommodations, or you would like to have a luxury package, Fiji is a perfect destination for an unbelievable vacation. Indeed, according to numerous researchers, Fiji is one of the best choices in the Pacific!

If you come to Fiji, you are definitely looking for beach recreation, which is reasonable since Fiji has some of the greatest beaches in the world. The best ones are located in the western part of the archipelago on the island groups of Mamanuka and Yasava. Mamanuka is the driest place in the archipelago; the high season there is year round due to the exceptional weather conditions.  So, you can come here any time of the year and be sure to be met by sunny weather with no rain or storms.

The biggest island of Fiji, Vitya Leva, doesn’t have so many good beach areas, but the island is popular among budget travelers as the costs are not as high there. If you have decided on Vitya Leva for your vacation, we recommend that you visit Coral coast which is located in the south. This is the most developed section of the island and the best for beach recreation. Vanua Levu (the territory from the gulf Savusavu to Bouck’s gulf) also has wonderful beach zones of Laven on the islands of Taveuni and Vatuele – and tiny isolated islands where there are few tourists so an atmosphere of solitude reigns.

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