Fun Surfing in Barbados

Barbados is situated east of the Caribbean island chain and is part of the Windward Islands. It is located about 350km (220m) northwest of Venezuela. Barbados is a popular holiday destination, thanks to its clear turquoise water and sparkling beaches. However, it is also one of the most popular places in the world for surfing. Numerous athletes come here to catch a wave, along with fans of surfing or those who have just begun their surf practice.

The spot is ideal for different kinds of surfing due to the strong, constant trade winds and year-round swell on the east coast. In winter, surfers move to the north and west coasts of the island, where the north swell is perfect for masterful tricks. The rainy season on the island is from June to December.  Barbados is an ideal vacation destination for surfers of different levels, as it offers some heavy waves, but they aren’t too frequent. The destination is good for those who want to ride fun waves, rest on the white sandy beach and enjoy the beautiful nature of this tropical paradise.

The island is flat, with very little elevation changes, with the exception of the “Scotland District”. The climate here is tropical, which provides pleasant warm temperatures year-round with a high level of humidity and rich wildlife. The wind here is not as strong as in the other parts of the island, mainly E-N, and it doesn’t change much throughout the year. 

Fun Surfing in Barbados

However, the surf here is quite inconsistent and random.

Surfing on the West Coast lasts from December to March (with a North Swell). On the East Coast, with Atlantic swells, surfing is available almost year-round.


Caribbean, island located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela

Geographic coordinates: 13 10 N, 59 32 W


97 km

Climate: tropical; rainy season (June to December)


mostly flat, with some elevation in the central part of the island

Natural hazards:

infrequent hurricanes; periodic landslides


Barbadian dollar (BBD)

Fun Surfing in Barbados

The South Coast

If you are searching for an active holiday with busy nightlife, numerous activities and plenty of entertainment for tourists, you will most definitely like the South Coast of the island. Numerous high-quality restaurants, happening nightlife spots and other popular places are located in close proximity to the coast. The most persistent breaks are South Point and Brandon’s. However, you could also try it out at Freights Bay and Accra.

Visit Barbados from November to June, and you will have a chance to catch some heavy waves.

Fun Surfing in Barbados

The East Coast

The East Coast is good for professionals or surfers with a lot of experience. In other words, this coast is not for you if you’re a beginner. The waves here are heavy almost all year round. The East Coast is home to the Soup Bowl – a world-class right point break, which is extremely heavy and hollow. It could be compared with the waves of the north shore of Oahu.

Remember that the best time to visit the South Coast and have thrilling and even extreme surf is when the north wind is constantly blowing on the shore. The best surfing in Barbados is done at low tide.

Fun Surfing in Barbados

The West Coast

The West Coast is the most popular among the surfers of Barbados. However, this side of the island can change quickly. The most convenient wave for the perfect ride is a north swell. It could happen when the air is cold in the morning; if the air feels cold there may be a low pressure system and you might have a chance to surf a north swell. These swells wrap onto the West coast of Barbados. It could happen pretty often, or even less than 6 times a year. However, the only months to catch these waves are December to April. You can find a lot of amazing spots for having a perfect ride, including Maycocks, Tropicana, Batts Rock, and others.

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