Great Places to Experience Fall Foliage

Summer is coming to an  end, and the highest travel season will soon be over.   

There is a stereotype that the best season for traveling is summer; however, autumn travel is often underrated as there are many positive aspects of touring in the fall – for example, principal attractions are not so crowded, prices are lower, and temperatures are not so high. Autumn is also a very romantic season, and many people like to ruminate in the colorful landscape.

We have made a list of several destinations where you can enjoy extraordinary fall foliage:

New York City, USA

Great Places to Experience Fall Foliage. New York City Central Park in Autumn


New York City’s foliage is amazing and incredibly beautiful. Depending on the week in autumn, you can view varied shades of orange, yellow, red, and vinous colors. You will never forget the surprising beauty of the vibrantly colored trees.

There are a number of wondrous locations throughout the city where you can experience marvelous, stunning foliage: Central Park, Alley Pond Park, Greenbelt Nature Center, New York Botanical Garden, Bloomingdale Park, Wave Hill, treed sections of Manhattan, and many other places.

Kyoto, Tokyo

Great Places to Experience Fall Foliage. Fall in Kyoto, Japan.


From mid-November to early December, there is remarkable foliage in the majestic cities of Japan. Some of the country’s best is located in the city of Kyoto. It is not a secret that Japanese people love fall foliage as much as they do cherry blossoms, and there are a number of sites where you can find prodigious, brightly colored leaves. To avoid crowds, you should go on weekdays in the early morning.

For the best colors, bright impressions, and wonderful ambiance we suggest going outside the city to  enjoy these venues:

Tofuku-ji Temple: This spot is lovely in mid-November when you can enjoy the calm rustic setting of softly falling leaves. Stroll along three different bridges, take pictures, and feel the distinctive Japanese style of the surroundings. The view from Hojo Garden is superb in autumn, so don’t miss that while you are there.

Ginkaku-ji Temple: This is one of Kyoto’s most beautiful gardens; there is a lot of space to wander and fully admire the amazing foliage.

Nanzen-ji Temple: Viewed in November, the bright maples are striking as you meander around San-mon gate – where the carpet of colorful leaves makes you feel … romantic.

Honen-in Temple: One of Kyoto’s most iconic autumnal locales with a captivating atmosphere, lots of trees, and delightful meadows for strolling.

Fontainebleau, France

Great Places to Experience Fall Foliage. Beautiful autumn landscape in the Fontainebleau forest located in France close to Paris.


This well-known commune 55.5 km southeast of the center of Paris is a favorite place for travelers to visit when they come to France. It is famous particularly for its magnificently decorated and furnished castles. Travelers come here to enjoy the historic atmosphere of the royal chateaux and grounds, as well as the fascinating medieval hunting lodges. Exploring the territory surrounding a castle on a bicycle is a marvelous experience, especially in the fall with the orange, faded green, yellow and red leaves – and an ambiance that is truly mythical.  

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