Great Reasons to Visit Nicaragua

Nicaragua is not the most popular place to tour compared to such destinations as Costa Rica, Belize, and Guatemala. However, the country is definitely worth visiting for a variety of travelers. Many people who came once, fell eternally in love with it, and have returned numerous times to this lovely place.

Here are leading reasons to visit this stunning country:


Great Reasons to Visit Nicaragua. Surfing in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is known for beaches and waves, and, of course, amazing surfing – one of its most popular activities and a main tourist attraction.  Set between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, the country is ideal for surfing enthusiasts. The waves are unusually big, the beaches are long and beautiful, and the waters are crystal blue and warm.

Volcanoes and Lakes

Great Reasons to Visit Nicaragua. Volcanoes Nicaragua

Another reason to visit this Central American country is its wonderful volcanoes and lakes. Lake Nicaragua is most popular; located just an hour ride from the capital Managua, it is one of the country’s greatest tourist attractions. And wherever you go in Nicaragua, one of its volcano peaks is always in sight.

All in all, the country has 19 volcanoes, most of which are active. Some of the most adventurous volcano hikes in the Americas are located in Nicaragua, and Cerro Negro near the western town of Leon, is the most popular slope in the world for volcano boarding. We also suggest that you visit the famous volcanoes on the tiny Isla de Ometepe: Maderas and Concepción.

Rich Wildlife

Great Reasons to Visit Nicaragua. Nicaragua Wildlife

Central America is not only about secluded white-sand beaches, dramatic volcanoes, beautiful lakes, and inimitable nature; it also has diverse wildlife – which is essential for nature lovers, and all tourists, to see when they visit Nicaragua. In exploring the natural landscape of the country, you will encounter a variety of birds such as green macaw, motmot and toucan.

And you can notice many species of animals while hiking the back country or lazing on placid beaches and alongside lakes.

Amazing Food

. Nicaragua Food

Central American cuisine is extraordinary and varies from what you find in Canada. Nicaragua is different from neighboring countries. It is a destination where you can taste interesting fruits and vegetables, as well as dishes made from cabbage or boiled yucca with a very special cream and served on banana leaves.

The bars here also have all kinds of exotic and traditional cocktails, which you will be happy to taste here.

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