Holidays in Goa, India

Holidays in Goa allow tourists to enjoy the sun, beautiful sea, magnificent beaches, and bright tropical plants. Goa represents the best features of European and Indian cultures; life is serene, relaxed, and filled to the brim.

Holidays in Goa, India. Perfectly beautiful beach Palolem in Goa in India

Perfectly beautiful beach Palolem in Goa in India

Tourists come here almost year round; however, the period from June to September is the rainy season, caused by tropical monsoons. Winter and summer in Goa are perfect times for vacations, as the temperatures stay between 23 and 33 degrees.

A wide stretch along the western coast of the Indian peninsula is traditionally full of young tourists, as there are a lot of clubs and bars with great entertainment centers and other activities. The central part is mixed (if you are not sure which category of vacationer you belong to), and southern is more relaxed, quiet, and staid.

Beaches extend more than 100 kilometers

The entire coast is perfectly suitable for diving — underwater, it is possible to see sharks, sea turtles, and a huge number of exotic fishes.

Beside the beach, sea and sun, Goa promotes being engaged in healthy relaxation, rejuvenation, and weight loss. In most hotels, there are special spa centers, which have unique Ayurveda principles as the basis of their procedures. Natural products, herbs, and juices are often used for massages, baths, and masks.

Holidays in Goa, India. Bungalows on Palolem beach India Goa travel sea nature sun vacation

Bungalows on Palolem beach; India, Goa.

Excursion programs often include visits to the capital of Panaji, the mysterious falls of Dudkhsagara with a lake of crystal-clear water, plantations where spices grow, riding elephants, or hunting crocodiles in mangrove thickets of the rivers Kumbarkhua and Mandovi in Goa.

You can enjoy great shopping here and buy plenty of exotic and esoteric souvenirs for your significant other, friends, or family. The prices are much lower than at street dealers. You can also take with you spices, tea, and local port wine.

Do not forget to take a bottle of water

Try to get acquainted with Indian cuisine — the abundance of spices, reflects not only flavoring preferences of Indians, but also serves to disinfect some foods. We also suggest that you carry  a small bottle of water with you (for drinking and hygiene).

A separate subject is the beach cafes and small restaurants along the coast — you receive for very moderate money a huge fresh-caught fish prepared before your eyes. If you wash it down with fenn – a fragrant local alcoholic beverage – the ecstasy of your flavor receptors is guaranteed.

It is most convenient to use taxis (cheaper if you bargain) while you’re on resort. A bicycle or moped will give you freedom of movement. If you decide to rent a car, we suggest that you get it with a driver;  otherwise, you might have to pay a rather large security pledge.

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