How to Make Time at the Airport a Bit Less Stressful

You’re going on vacation, but first you must face the airport. We know just how to get through this step with a minimum of effort and difficulty on your way to a perfect trip.

Get to the airport early. This can sound awkward and strange, since nobody wants to spend a lot of timeat the airport. But the sooner you come to the airport – the fewer problems you will have. Nobody wants to deal with unexpected circumstances and feel stressed out due to lack of time.

How to Make Time at the Airport a Bit Less Stressful. Silhouette of passenger in an airport lounge waiting for flight aircraft.

Silhouette of passenger in an airport lounge waiting for flight aircraft

Learn the Layout of Your Airport

Plan your trip to the airport carefully. Study the layout of the terminal and know the most important places like the back of your hand to ensure that you won’t get lost in the corridors, gates, and exits – especially in larger international airports. Remember that some airports have extremely complicated layouts for first-time visitors. Take time to explore the map and prepare yourself so you don’t lose time!

Know your rights

Knowing your rights can help you to solve many problems without needing to rely on other people when something happens.  Carefully read the main air travel rights before you go to the airport so you’re not confused. Dress and pack according to regulations; you don’t want to get to the airport with prohibited items and waste your time getting rid of them.

Pick the right airport

 Not all are created equal, so if comfort enters the equation and your destination has several hubs, pick the best-reviewed one. That can change: for example, in New York City right now LaGuardia Airport is undergoing a multiyear renovation that has snarled roads going into and out of the airport. To avoid the hassles, you may want to use JFK or Newark (New Jersey) instead for the next few years.

Eat and drink

There are numerous cafes and restaurants in airports these days that offer a variety of dishes from hearty meals to quick and convenient takeout. If you followed all the previous suggestions, you should surely have no problems checking in luggage, finding the right gate, and knowing your rights and responsibilities as a passenger. Moreover, if you arrive early, you will have plenty of spare time to relax and enjoy a cocktail or coffee.  Just don’t forget about your flight!

How to Make Time at the Airport a Bit Less Stressful

Consider lounging

A number of credit cards and frequent flyer programs offer free access to a variety of airport lounges. We recommend that you visit one if you have the chance.  The atmosphere is more comfortable and client oriented;  the lounges often have complimentary food and drink, uncrowded restrooms, and cushy chairs. If you are not one of those lucky cardholders and you have a long layover, see if a kind stranger will take you in as their guest.

Seek out the chapel or yoga room

If you tried to get into a lounge but your efforts were fruitless, try to find a yoga room. These spaces are usually empty and perfect for resting before a flight. And nobody is going to check to see that you’re actually praying or doing a “down dog.”

Leave via the arrivals area

You’ll avoid the large crowds at Departure exits that way, get a cab much quicker (if you need one), and have a spot where a friend or an Uber driver can pick you up in a short time. In fact, at some airports, Ubers are required to pick up passengers at Arrival doors rather than outside baggage claim.

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