How to Travel Properly This Winter

Winter is a great time for a perfect vacation. There is something in the air that makes everybody dreams of going abroad for a trip. However, there could be multiple problems during a trip. If your perfect vacation plans are in doubt because of them, there are still some actions you can take to make sure you get where you need to go and get there on time. YYZ Travel Advisors know like no other what troubles can occur during your trip. And we share some advice how to deal with them in a best way. These steps are perfect for those who have already booked a trip or is worried about future travels.

How to Handle Winter Weather Delays

Even the most perfect and well-organized trips can go wrong just because of the flight delay or cancellation. We know what to do in the following situations.
Firstly, let us explain you the current legislation rules applying in the situation when your flight was delayed or cancelled.

How to Travel Properly This Winter

You should be aware of the fact that Canadian airlines and travel companies are not required to compensate you if your flight is delayed. However, the major carriers do compensate passengers for delays. Their policies are available on the websites, in the airline’s “Contract of Carriage”.
With the situation when you were unfairly treated, there is the Canadian Transportation Agency that can help you. But that is possible after you addressed the airline.

In the case of your flight delay you can count on:

– a meal voucher from WestJet (for delay of more than three hours); a meal and a hotel voucher from WestJet (for delay of more than eight hours, if you’re not in the home city

– change of an outbound flight of Air Canada to another date within the next week, for free
(delay for more than 2 hours)

– a meal voucher from Air Canada if a flight is not caused by weather (for delay of more than four hours)

– a meal vouchers, airport transfers and accommodation (hotel contacts) from Air Canada (for delay of more than eight hours)

– a drink and a meal or snack from Sunwing (for delay of more than six hours)

– a $75 travel voucher for future Sunwing flights or certain excursions of the company offers.
(for delay of more than six hours)

How to Travel Properly This Winter. Female traveller checking flight departures board.

How to Handle Weather Delays:

Call abroad

In order not to wait on hold for hours, we suggest you to call one of the airline’s international service numbers. All the numbers are available on official websites of the companies.
Don’t forget that you can use a Skype app for your call, because the fees and prioritize English-speaking countries.

Enter the club

 Club agents in airport lounges are empowered to help customers with flight plans and changes and can often go above and beyond the average customer-service rep. So if you’re already at the airport, get yourself into the lounge—even if that means paying for a day pass. Don’t expect miracles; do expect some support, plus a civilized environment with free drinks.

Know your rights

It’s important to know exactly what compensation you are allowed to receive in an exact situation. Don’t forget that some credit cards, and especially ones with a travel reward program, offer robust flight delay and cancellation protections when you use them to pay for a ticket.
Book direct flights. Remember, that very connection is another chance at a delay or missed flight.
Choose bigger airlines. Make a choice of the airline that has the most extensive route network in a definite region—it will give you more rebooking options in the case of some unexpected troubles.

Beware change and cancellation fees

Changing your ticket is an easy way to get ahead of a winter storm, but it can come with a big price tag. Here are two ways to avoid those fees—without buying expensive refundable tickets: One is via your loyalty program: Having elite status could help waive same-day change and standby fees. If that’s not in the cards, try booking with Southwest Airlines, which doesn’t charge for changes that are made at least 10 minutes prior to your flight.

Know your (flight) status

You can always check it on-line or just download a special app for your device. There is a large number of them offering real-time data on delays and cancellations.

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