Mexico Travel Tips

1. Stay positive

Very warm and positive, Mexicans are the people who seem to be never stressed. No matter what time you visit this country, you’ll not be able to resist the hospitality and agreeable character of your hosts. If you want to practice your Spanish, Mexico is a perfect destination for that purpose. Moreover, the people here are with roots set deep in their culture, and the result is a strong nation. Mexicans are known as very religious people, and the country has a very moral society.

2. Try local Food

Don’t miss a chance to try local cuisine. Mexican food will surprise you in a good way. You will taste courses much more complex and different than what you probably expect. Mexican cuisine is a fusion of Mesoamerican cooking with European one (primarily Spanish). The traditional cuisine consists of corn, beans, avocados, tomatoes, chili peppers, and with rice.

Mexico Travel Tips. Mexican Food

3. Learn and speak some Spanish

There is no better chance to practice your Spanish than in the Spanish-speaking countries. So, if you plan your trip to Mexico, just try to learn some words and useful phrases before you go there. New language always broadens your horizons, give you positive emotions and helps you better understand natives. The good thing is – your skills are improving much better in the Spanish-speaking country than just in the classroom with a teacher. And don’t be afraid of getting misunderstood. Rather than laughing at you most of the locals will be grateful, not to mention kind and understanding.

4. Visit festivals

Festivals and, how they are often called in Mexico, fiestas, have always remained a big part in the life of the Mexican people. Here the special value is given to different religious Catholic festivals like the Epiphany, Semana Santa, etc. and they are celebrated with traditional values and ideals.
Mexico City also holds multiple festivals with political significance like the Benito Juarez’ Birthday, Dia de la Revolucion, Carnaval, Dia de la Independencia, etc. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the unbelievable beauty and incredible atmosphere of Mexican festivals!

Mexico Travel Tips. BRUSSELS, BELGIUM-SEPTEMBER 15: Dancers of Xochicalli Mexican folkloric ballet show national dance on Grand Place during 12 edition of Folklorissimo Festival on September 15, 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.

5. Bring your kids

It’s no secret that Mexico is very kid-friendly. Kids menus are available in many restaurants, with play areas designed especially for the little ones. Moreover, there are many family and kids tours, where you can experience all the beauty and hospitality of the country. But don’t forget the necessity to verify the age and height demands for every tour.

6. Explore

From the fascinating Mexico City to ancient ruins of Chichen Itza and impressive beaches of Acapulco, the numerous unforgettable attractions in this country will not let you stay indifferent. Every tourist feels attracted by this destination, and it remains one of the most popular in the World. We also suggest you visit the beautiful beaches of Los Cabos.

Mexico Travel Tips. Panoramic cityscape of Guanajuato Mexico

7. Shop around

Shopping is one of the favorite tourist activities all over the World. So, Mexico is not the exception. Mexico has all kind of shops from department stores and fashion boutiques to malls, markets, and street hawkers. Moreover, Mexico has always remained a prosperous commerce center. Markets and trade continue to be an important part of everyday Mexican life.

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