YYZ Travel Group has celebrated its 30th anniversary

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YYZ Travel Group has celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Eagles Nest Golf Club in Vaughan last night. More than 200 clients, staff and preferred partners have gathered for the celebration. The evening featured a silent auction for Cardiac Kids in support of SickKids Foundation, prizes and the theme 30 years of picture-perfect memories.

YYZ Travel Group has celebrated its 30th anniversary

“Building a business is like raising a child – sleepless nights with a lot of rewards,” Alexandra Pelts, president of YYZ Travel Group, told the guests. “The secret to our success and longevity in the industry comes down to a passion for what we do and continuous professional development”, added company’s presidents Alexandra Pelts, Vicky Zaltsman and Inna Zelener.

YYZ Travel Group has celebrated its 30th anniversary


Special thanks to our partners and sponsors:

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Fun Travel Ideas for a Trip to Santorini Greece

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Tours are a wonderful way to explore Greece. There are variety of tours available, individual, group and guaranteed departure tours. This is a great way to travel more efficiently, delve deep into the culture and history of Santorini and the surrounding cities.

Enjoy Picturesque Sunsets

Santorini is known for its stunning sunset. It has an orange glow, pink mist and violet haze. The village of Oia is considered the most popular and a perfect sunset-gazing spot.

Drink Greek Wine with a View

SantoWines is a popular winery that offers distinctive wines with a breathtaking view of the Santorini volcano and the Aegean sea. Sipping wine while listening to live music and watching the sunset is a definite must to do for everyone visiting Santorini.

Try Santorini’s Food Specialty

Domatokeftedes (Tomato Fritters) is a specialty from Santorini. It is made with local cherry tomatoes, mint, parsley onion and flour. For dessert, Melitinia is a must try. It is the Easter treat in Santorini and can be only be found in few bakeries.

Walk the Crater of Santorini’s Volcano

Every person that visit Santorini should must not miss this experience. You will be in awe of the incredible landscape & breathtaking blue waters. You won’t believe that you’re standing in the remains of an ancient volcano.

Visit the Wine Museum Koutsoyannopoulos

This museum invites you to a truly unique wine-tasting experience. You will learn fascinating history about the wine business, experience 3D-sculpted models that sometimes move and a wine tasting session at the end of the tour.

Fun Travel Ideas for a Trip to Santorini Greece. Santorini Greece

See Las Vegas in One Day

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I love Las Vegas – and being a travel agent – and avid traveler, I get to see it often and always from a different perspective.

This was my 15th trip to the Sin City and it was jam packed with all kinds of things I can tell you about… not everything that happens in Vegas should stay there.

My wife and I headed down via Westjet Vacations the week before Christmas. This was a great week to travel, since you avoid the rush of holiday travelers. (more…)

Rave reviews for YYZ Travel!

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Dear Alexandra,

Most of the people are very well aware that making travel arrangements usually results in problems and complications. Booking travel on line became a common practice. When I need to make my travel arrangements – I always do it in the old fashion way – I call my travel agent Julia Yashku. I know that Julia will do her utmost to find the best option for me. My last trip was just a great proof. I was planning to travel to Crimea in May. My ticket Toronto-Moscow-Simferopol was already purchased, when, only two days prior to my departure, rules had been changed and I was notified that I must have visa to entry Crimea. I was shocked when I learned this and was absolutely sure that I did not have enough time to even apply for my visa, never mind having it issued. Therefore, I would lose my non-refundable ticket.

Hopelessly, I called Julia, who was also surprised with this information- she was not advised about this change in regulations as well.

Situation was very serious; however, Julia went beyond impossible to save my trip. We managed to have all the documents issued in one day! Julia picked me up, we went to a photo studio to have my picture taken, she assisted me  to fill visa application, went to the Consulate of Russia with me and personally spoke with the embassy officials asking for a rush visa for me. Next day she went to the consulate, picked up my visa, checked if it was issued properly and brought it to my house.

I still do not know how she managed to do this. Till the very last moment I was almost sure that my trip would never materialize, because visa to Russia could not be issued in one day. But Julia did it!

Julia is a very special person – she is very professional and very kind, and she will do everything possible to help her clients. We all like to complain if service is poor, but, regretfully, it is not a common practice to reward and to acknowledge the great service. That’s why I decided to send this letter to the management of YYZ Travel Group and ask to reward Julia for the excellent service.

And, please, be assured, that I would never book my vacation on line and will always recommend Julia to all my friends.

Thank you very much,

Sincerely yours,

Olga Kojevnikova


Translated above from Russian:

Здравствуйте, Александра.   Наверное большинство людей, кому приходилось путешествовать, сталкивались с хлопотами по заказу билетов.   Многие сейчас делают это онлайн. Но я по- привычке каждый раз звоню Юле Яшку. Знаю, что она всегда постарается найти для меня самый оптимальный вариант. Так было и в последний раз, когда я в мае собиралась лететь в Крым. Билет Торонто – Москва -Симферополь был куплен и вдруг, за 2 дня до вылета я неожиданно узнала, что теперь, учитывая политическую ситуацию, по новым правилам, для поездки в Крым необходима виза. Наверное нетрудно представить мое состояние, когда я поняла, что билет мой пропадет, потому что просто физически не успею взять визу. Когда прошел первый шок, я позвонила Юле. Увы, консульство  ее тоже не проинформировало своевременно о введении новых правил и для нее это тоже стало неожиданностью. В этой совершенно безвыходной ситуации Юля сделала абсолютно невозможное – она все-же добилась, чтобы я получила визу. Это был просто сумасшедший день – Юля посадила меня в свою машину, отвезла в фотоателье, чтобы сделать фото, помогла с заполнением анкеты, отвезла в консульство и лично попросила консула выдать мне срочную визу. А на следующий день еще и лично съездила, чтобы забрать ее и привезла все оформненные документы прямо мне домой. Как ей все это удалось – я не знаю, но до последнего момента я была уверена, что отпуск мой испорчен и визу мне так быстро не получить. А она сумела! Юля – это человек, в котором сочетается высокий профессионализм с невероятной добротой и отзывчивостью, граничащей порой с жертвенностью в пользу клиента. Все мы знаем, что Зло должно быть наказано. Но забываем порой, что Добро должно быть поощрено и вознаграждено. Поэтому я прошу руководство вашего туристического агенства выплатить Юле премию и наградить ее за отличную работу с клиентами. А я своего тур. агента Юлечку не променяю ни на какие онлайн сервисы и буду рекомендавать ее всем своим знакомым. С ув. Ваш клиент Ольга Кожевникова