Why is Paris One of the Most Romantic Places in the World?

Why is Paris One of the Most Romantic Places in the World

Why is it so popular among lovers, newlyweds, and happily married couples?

Whether you are a fan of this city or not, you have to admit that Paris is very special. As a favorite destination for romantic holidays, the French capital greets thousands of excited tourists every year. There is something in the air in the city of Paris, and you feel it when you first step in to the “Romance Capital.”

It all started 900 years ago when beautiful Héloïse fell in love with her teacher, Peter Abélard. She was only 17, so they were forbidden from dating, but their love was so pure and true that they decided to run away. They got married in another city, and Héloïse gave birth to a son.

However, their story was not always happy. Héloïse gave up her love to Peter Abélard; she did it for his dream. They went through a lot of difficulties and suffered long for love’s sake. In the 19th century, their grave was moved to Père Lachaise Cemetery. Since that time, lovers have come to Paris on the 14th of February to honor the memory of their love.

Why is Paris One of the Most Romantic Places in the World

Paris is a city of beautiful parks, famous galleries, wonderful museums, fine perfume, and exceptional people

There are many remarkable places to go with your significant other to create everlasting memories: a trip down the Champs Elysée, an excursion to the Louvre or Versailles, and, of course, a climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Walks along the banks of the Seine River are most romantic.

Parisian courtyards are simply excellent. Small lodges are decorated with flowers. Old street lights shine around historical areas that were laid out in stone. And in fresh air cafes, it is possible to spend a perfectly romantic summer evening with a glass of red or rosé wine. In the gray of winter, young couples prefer to be wrapped in a plaid blanket drinking hot chocolate and listening to romantic music.

Strolling along the streets of Paris one can see many couples kissing, embracing, and looking extremely loving. Paris is wonderful in any weather and during any season. If you visit this city with your significant other, your relationship will become even stronger and more romantic. Come to the city of lovers and you will have pleasant impressions and unforgettable memories.

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