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When it comes to India – with its beautiful landscapes, vast diversity, long distances between sights, and various activities to experience – it can be hard to choose the right plan for your trip, and it is clearly impossible to embrace all the destinations in one visit.
Whether it’s your first or twelfth time to the country, India offers a great choice of experiences. You can choose whether to focus on one region and type of landscape, or to explore several places in the country. The dusty north, hilly northeast, or warm south? Or maybe everything at once?
Choosing the right travel plan is always tough, especially if the destination offers plenty of touristy opportunities. The itinerary ideas below are designed to give you a taste of what is possible and what works particularly well.

Plan Your Trip to India. Taj Mahal in India

Taj Mahal in India.

1. Choose the best time for travel to India

India is a country that is beautiful in every season of the year. There is a stereotype that the best time to come here is the period from October to May. However, if you choose high-altitude regions of the country, the summer months would also be ideal for your trip. We generally suggest visiting during the cool, dry season, between November and March. Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are perfect destinations for you during that period. The weather and temperatures in Goa and central India also stay pleasant and warm. High temperatures along with strong heat come in May and June, so aim to be in Tamil Nadu and Kerala between January and March. Starting from June, the Himalayas become more accessible, and the trekking season reaches its peak in August and September; but remember – all other parts of the country experience heavy rains.

2. Try high-altitude adventures

If you are willing to leave luxury comforts for an amazing wild experience, cross the Himalayas on the Manali-Leh Highway. Take a ride to Shimla, the former British hill capital. Then, cross Manali and move to Rohtang La, or a place with high mountain peaks like Tanglang La (5,359m).
You can enjoy Indian culture and unforgettable atmosphere by visiting monasteries (such as Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, near Leh, above) or trekking through quiet, peaceful side valleys to understand the beauty of Tibetan-style culture.

Plan Your Trip to India

3. Useful phrases

It is very important to be able to express yourself in a foreign country. India is no exception. Despite the popularity of English in this country (like other countries of the world), Hindi is still the first and most used language in India. Which means that before planning your trip you need to learn the most essential Hindi phrases. However, the most important thing is to keep smiling and be polite. Try to read the most important cultural tips before traveling in India. Remember that the cultural differences could be considerable and extremely important in communicating with locals. Never ignore the etiquette of a foreign country and be respectful of the rules and mentality of the other culture.

4. Temples and tigers

India is a land of temples. From the mountainous Himalayan areas to the hills of Ladakh and the lonely villages of Tamil Nadu, to the caves of Maharashtra or the deserts of Rajasthan – if you come to India, you can find temples almost everywhere. You can hardly find streets in India that have no temples.
There are also festivals where locals gather and construct pandals to worship God as part of yearly rituals. Mumbai’s Ganesh Chaturthi and Kolkata’s Durga Puja are the most famous.
Many people in India believe strongly in God. Some Indians make a high-spirited walk of 25-30 days to visit the temple in their hometown. Others give up everything they have and become sadhus.
Tigers are highly respected and beloved animals in India. However, ten years ago India’s tigers almost vanished. Nowadays, due to governmental policies of tiger protection, their numbers are increasing. There are many National Parks and Safaris in India, and all are open to tourists.

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