The Most Relaxing Tourist Gateways

If you were to poll 100 people and ask them where they would like to go for a holiday, 70 of them will probably answer: the sea. The sea charms and pleases us, and a beach vacation is good for one’s health. Bathing in the ocean, breathing the sea air, exploring wild coasts and sand, and relaxing in nature is a great recipe for a relaxing vacation.

Denis Island, The Seychelles

The Most Relaxing Tourist Gateways. Virgin beach Laguna Seychelles, Denis island. Photo:

Virgin beach Laguna Seychelles, Denis island. Photo:

If you are searching for the perfect coastal hideaway, you will probably enjoy visiting Denis Island, a wonderful island with diverse nature, palm groves, tropical palm groves, fine coral sand, a clear sea, and a rich underwater world – all this in a small lonely corner off the coast of Africa.

The island is a true paradise for divers. If you are a fan of this sport, you will almost certainly have a wonderful holiday in this getaway destination. Moreover, you can go fishing, windsurfing, yachting or canoeing.  It’s a perfect destination where you can enjoy the pristine coastline, explore the beauty of the sparkling sand and snorkel in a sea turtle sanctuary. The wildlife of Denis Island amazes with its incredible allure, having some the rarest birds on earth at the edge of a continental ocean drop-off.

Note that there is no signal for mobile phones and no Internet connection – and also no cable television or electricity. Sounds like a perfect digital detox trip, right? Well, it is. If you’re interested in coming here and enjoying the beautiful scenery and hidden attractions, don’t miss a chance to visit this island.

Playa de Carmen, Mexico

The Most Relaxing Tourist Gateways

Once an unremarkable fishing village, today Playa del Carmen is one of the most famous Mexican resorts. Situated 70 km from Cancun, Playa combines in a surprising way the cheerful and unbelievable atmosphere of youth entertainment and carelessness with restrained European chic. Palm-fringed, white-sand beaches of the Caribbean coast mixed with pleasant sunny weather and mild temperatures throughout the year make this destination a beloved getaway for even the most discriminating tourists. For those who care about preserving nature, ecotourism is affordable here. You can visit beautiful national parks, which in the vicinity of Playa have a great variety, and lush tropical nature.

Normandy, France

The Most Relaxing Tourist Gateways. View to Mount St Michel in Normandy, France.

View to Mount St Michel in Normandy, France. Photo:

European cities are famous for their beauty and rich history. However, not every tourist is eager to visit these busy destinations, especially in the hot season. If you like quiet and relaxing places, Normandy is a perfect escape for an easy break. It is a pleasant destination, and with attractions including Mont Saint-Michel, the floral splendor of Claude Monet’s Garden and the historic site of the Normandy Landings, there’s something to see and do here whatever the weather is.

Accommodation is also easy to choose and to come by, with different options for various tastes: there’s a number of villas and small hotels to choose from, from eco-friendly hotels and areas to high-end modern places to stay.

Phuket, Thailand

The Most Relaxing Tourist Gateways. Rawai Beach of Phuket Thailand

Rawai Beach of Phuket Thailand.

Resort Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. It is one of the most popular destinations among tourists who love beach holidays and are more drawn to quiet and calm rest. The pearl of the Andaman coast, Phuket is located on the island, so the only way you can get there is by plane, by direct flight or via Bangkok. The island is washed by the Indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea. The nature of Phuket enchants with its magnificence – it is a grove of coconut palms, rubber plantations, green hills, and magnificent beaches, with white-sand coastlines and an amazing sea the color of azure.

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