The River Cruises Worth Trying This Season

One of the most popular segments of the entire travel industry, a river cruise attracts tourists with the possibility of cultural and historic sightseeing, a full experience of the wonders of each region and the opportunity to enjoy the romance of fascinating cruise tours. Travelers are expected to witness new ships, itineraries, and river tours in 2017. With new destinations and experiences prepared by cruise companies for the upcoming travel season, we suggest that you don’t put off traveling until the next season.

Russian cruises

Russia is the perfect destination to experience river cruising. This is a country with a huge list of rivers that traverse the country throughout its territory. There are still the most popular rivers to experience a cruise voyage: the Moskva River in the capital of the country, the Neva in St. Petersburg, the Volga, the Don, the Kama, the Oka and the Northern Dvina. In the Asian part of Russia, the most significant rivers are: the Ob, the Irtysh, the Yenisey, the Angara, the Lena, the Amur, the Yana, the Indigirka, and the Kolyma.

The River Cruises Worth Trying This Season

River cruise liner moored north of the river port of Moscow.

Moreover, Russia is the place where the Viking River Cruises story got its start, more than 20 years ago. Passengers have a chance to explore the Russian language, its history and culture as well as its cuisine.

In St Petersburg, where the Bolshevik revolutionaries seized power 100 years ago, complimentary tours of the Catherine Palace and a memorable night at the ballet await.

French Romance

Those who feel addicted to the charming atmosphere and unforgettable beauty of France will surely be happy to enjoy a cruise on Uniworld River Cruises’  ship Joie de Vivre, which runs an amazing cruise called “La Cave des Vins”. It is perfect for wine-lovers, romantic couples and experienced foodies. It is often named as “a travelling boutique hotel”. This wonderful and unusual ship is a luxury paradise for its passengers. It has a swimming pool that easily transforms into a cinema and professional butlers who are educated to provide you the best service. The voyage starts from Paris and lasts for eight days, and has wonderful tours to such renowned sights as the Normandy D-Day beaches, or Bayeux; Monet’s Garden in Giverny; and the fascinating Palace of Versailles.

The River Cruises Worth Trying This Season

The River Cruises Worth Trying This Season

Culinary cruise

What can be more exciting for a foodie than to cruise with some of the most famous chefs in the world on board? You have a great chance to see Chef Luke Nguyen, founder of the Vietnamese Red Lantern restaurant in Sydney and one of the famous guests on MasterChef Australia. His menus will be available onboard the luxury cruise, which means that the passengers will try the food prepared by his personal recipes. Moreover, a private dining event will be made for the eight passengers while cruising between Yangon and Mandalay. The tour program will not leave you unmoved, as it includes visits to Mount Popa, home of the nats (spirits) and a gondola trip with champagne at the famous U-Bein Bridge.

The River Cruises Worth Trying This Season

Cruise ship, Pacific ocean, Vietnam

An LGBT first

The UK’s very first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender river cruise starts its route from the Danube. The trip, headed by the Emerald Waterways Company, lasts for a week and has an itinerary starting from Budapest and going further to Nuremberg with calls in Bratislava (Slovakia), Vienna, Dürnstein and Melk (Austria), and Passau and Regensburg in Germany.

The River Cruises Worth Trying This Season. Cruise ship on the Danube river

Cruise ship on the Danube river

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