See Las Vegas in One Day

I love Las Vegas – and being a travel agent – and avid traveler, I get to see it often and always from a different perspective.

This was my 15th trip to the Sin City and it was jam packed with all kinds of things I can tell you about… not everything that happens in Vegas should stay there.

My wife and I headed down via Westjet Vacations the week before Christmas. This was a great week to travel, since you avoid the rush of holiday travelers.


To save time, do your web check-in 24 hours before departure, you will avoid the line up at the airport.

As my lovely wife was celebrating her birthday, we planned to buy a nice bottle of champagne at the Duty Free.  We were disappointed to find out that the Duty Free shop at Pearson’s Terminal 3 was small and only carried a limited selection of Ontario wines.

It was an amazing day, the flight left on time and arrived early.  We headed to the Baggage Claim and grabbed our bags and rushed out to find a taxi.

There was a variety of transportation options from the Airport to our hotel on The Strip.


If this is your first time in Vegas, take the Shuttle to The Strip, because it stops at many hotels you essentially get a tour.

All the transportation options are good, but today we wanted to get a cab to save time.


Be careful, cabbies can smell Vegas newbies and will take you the long way round, if you don’t know any better.

DO NOT TAKE THE HIGHWAY, if the cab driver is taking the highway to a hotel on Las Vegas Blvd, the driver is taking you for a ride.

See Las Vegas in One DayA short 20 minutes later we arrive at the stunning Cosmopolitan and we instantly notice that all check in counters are roulette tables. Great idea and very eye catching.

Check in goes smoothly and were upgraded to a king studio suite.

We head to our room and once I open the door to our room, my jaw dropped in disbelief at the large size of our suite and the set up.  The room had a wet bar, fridge, separate living room with two sofas, large desk, king bed, full shower, bathtub, double sinks, and a balcony with a million dollar view of the Bellagio fountains.

The studio room felt like a condo and I found out later that The Cosmopolitan was originally designed to be a residential building. That explained the floor plan.

We decide to have a drink before dinner and stop at the Cosmopolitan Chandelier Bar. I asked for their world famous drink Verbena.


The Verbena is a must as it takes your taste buds for a ride on an electric roller coaster.


Next on our list is Tapas at The Mandarin Bar on the 23rd floor.  The bar has a stunning view and with a low key atmosphere, but seating was uncomfortable when eating.  I don’t recommend their specialty drinks, they were not very good.See-Las-Vegas-in-One-Day

Time was ticking and my wife and I decided to walk to our show, Love Cirque du Soleil at The Mirage at 9:30 pm.  Clients always tell me that “it takes forever to walk The Strip”

The Las Vegas Blvd walk might seem long and intimidating to some, but take it from me if you stay focused and don’t get distracted by all the craziness (Ex. Captain Jack, Batman,  Minions in the flesh ) it’s shorter than you think.

We arrived at the hotel and wait in line for the show and find the best Beatles store.

Everything and anything Beatles can be found there. I decided to pass it quickly, since I knew the show was centered around The Beatles, which was enough Beatles for me.


Love Cirque Du Soleil is by far the best show I have seen and would recommend it to anyone.  Purchase seats on the lower level and take advantage of unrealistic interactions with the shows actors. I would love to describe what I mean but trust me people on the upper levels regret their seat selection.

Vegas is a must see, but as the saying goes “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” so that is all I will share about my day in Vegas.

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By: Travel Advisor, Joe Inacio

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