“Smart Products” in Hotels Substitute Pay-Per-View Services

Will “smart products” soon be available in almost every hotel room?

“Smart Products” in Hotels Substitute Pay-Per-View Services. Taking time to call her dearest. Beautiful young businesswoman in suit talking on the mobile phone and smiling while sitting on the bed in hotel room

Modern technologies have become accessible in almost every sphere of everyday life. Hotel chains are no exception. For example, Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham are thinking of creating special electronic cookbooks for their guests, with the supportive short cooking programs through the hotel TV.
Wyndham’s Hawthorn Suites have already prepared an electronic cooking book, supported by the broadcasting cooking programs via hotel TV.

The initiative to advance modern hotel services appeared in January in the Marriott International. The creation of Autograph Collection independent film channel promises to be innovative. With the support of FilmBuff, the channel plans to embrace more than 1,500 films, documentaries and TV shows, and webisodes. Moreover, for those who like a life performance, Mariott Hotels have prepared TED program broadcasting. Also, Marriott is making a brand new technology, with the name “Connect My Device”, which will  that will allow guests to “cast” their preferable streaming content directly onto their in-room TVs.

“Smart Products” in Hotels Substitute Pay-Per-View Services

The important issue of all these innovations is a hotel’s possibility to maintain such in-room service. Today the main investments of big hotel chains are made in technology and infrastructure development as a key for future success. Making a step forward to a better hotel service, companies build the right reputation.

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) took a decision to improve the Internet connection covering more than 5,000 hotels all around the World

The proceedings began last year, with the plan of amending the in-hotel Internet technology in USA by the end of 2016.

IHG Connect plans to make the huge placement of diverse wireless access points in every hotel of a waste chain. that increase bandwidth by at least four times, creating “dedicated pipes that can grab as much connectivity that’s needed so hotel owners don’t have to worry about how much bandwidth they’ve signed up for, and hotel guests won’t become frustrated,” Jeff Eckard, VP of technology for the Americas at IHG told Skift explained. Those access points hold inboard beacons, which permit to make a connection to a cloud-based tech platform and control every access point.

“Smart Products” in Hotels Substitute Pay-Per-View Services. Lonely businessman in hotel room sitting on the bed

The same type of improvements is doing Samsung company, working with hotels to broadcast the same kind of technological improvements. The main goal for Samsung is the same – to enhance an Internet speed for visitors with its Samsung Hospitality Wall Plate access point.

The New York’s Le Parker Meridien in liaison with Samsung made a test of the total hotel services. As the results, said John Yu, director of management systems for Le Parker Meridien, were a success.
Nowadays, we have to admit that the technologies are the future. Whether we use that up-to-date device or not so modern technology. Upgrading or the Internet and other tech services are not only time-consuming but also cost intensive.

Adapted from skift.com

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