Stay in Shape While Traveling: 5 Easy Tricks

It may seem that travel leaves little opportunity to stay active and healthy throughout the entire trip. Changing time zones, jet lag, travel delays, tours late-night dinners make fitting in your exercise routine a tough assignment. Nevertheless, there are ways to continue physical activities during your trip.

Stay in Shape While Traveling: 5 Easy Tricks. Athletic couple jogging together outdoors


Plan everything before leaving by doing proper destination research. Learn about the hotel gym or swimming pool access. You can also research information about possible outdoor activities. Find the nearest parks and prepare yourself for everyday walking and running. Pack all necessary sport and workout gear. Make a plan for your meetings and schedule free time for your exercise.

In fact, even if your plan seems perfect and well prepared, reality may force some adjustments to your program. Hotel gyms can always be shabby, and being on a business trip you may be “too busy” to exercise, or you might allow yourself to eat whatever you want “because you’re traveling.”


If you have decided to stay in a hotel during your travel, choose an accommodation with a gym. With a workout opportunity in the hotel, would be easier to find a reason for exercising. Think of the gym as part of the cost of your hotel room. If you don’t take advantage of the hotel’s amenities, then you’re losing your money and gaining pounds.

Stay in Shape While Traveling: 5 Easy Tricks


Take the idea of exercising and staying fit as a PERSONAL CHALLENGE. Think about the results that you can achieve by training every day during your trip. No matter how crowded the gyms are, or how lazy you feel, you should find a way to work out – no excuses!

You can visit such websites as Map My Run and Run the Planet to search for routes to do exercises in case you have no opportunity to visit a gym. Destinations around the world are available on the websites. Just type yours into the search and you’ll be able to find plenty of routes for cities and countries worldwide. Remember to bring healthy snacks and a reusable water bottle with you, and don’t forget your cellphone and laptop. They may be useful in case your hotel gym is overcrowded.

Remember, if you have a strong desire to exercise, you can use different places for that activity. Some travel bloggers have written about various ordinary objects they have used to do exercises while on a trip and not to stop a sport activity due to the lack of necessary equipment. You can follow their lead and use a pull up bar or swing set, a firm tree branch, a building or bus stop overhang.


Even with that minimal exercise, you may increase strength in those exercises and feel that it’s been working fairly well. Because the workout is so simple, it’s hard to say no to it.  So, focus on accomplishing a little bit every day. Whether you go surfing, biking, or for a long stroll, consider these activities as travel triumphs. 

Stay in Shape While Traveling: 5 Easy Tricks


No matter how long your trip is, making notes showing your progress is a must-do activity. First, it gives you additional motivation. Remember, your goal is to be better today than you were yesterday. For that purpose, you can use your own notebook or download special apps. For example, you can use Evernote – a new entry for every workout. It is very important to be sure that you are really progressing. Without that you cannot stay fit and improve your results.

Don’t forget that your progress largely depends on having a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and drinking plenty of water. All that will also help you to concentrate during your business meetings and to achieve the goals of your business trip.

So make a fitness plan, make allowances, bring all necessary items with you and enjoy exercising!


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