Yummy Cuban Dishes You Must Try

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Cuba is extremely famous not only for its sparkling beaches, beautiful people and colorful nature, but also for its food. When you visit this country, the quality of food will surprise you a lot. The prices are affordable enough, around $7 in average. However, the prices can be much more expensive especially in such popular travel locations as Trinidad.

Cuban food was originally brought from Africa, Spain, Native American Taino population and Caribbean cuisines.

Medianoche sandwich


Medianoche (Classic Cuban Midnight)

Literally meaning “midnight”, this sandwich is one of the most popular dish in the country. It is made from Swiss cheese, pork, ham, pickles, and sharp yellow mustard and, of course, bread. What is interesting, bread made for this sandwich is different from a crusty baguette-like bread used for average European or American sandwiches.

It is called pan medianoche or pan sauve, and it tastes sweeter and softer. Despites its name, today medianoche is usually eaten on breakfast. This is the first and one of the most important dishes to taste while travel through Cuba. This sandwich is named so as it is often served in the top Havana’s nightclubs after and through midnight.

Note: Try this sandwich served with fried plantain chips, to make it extremely Cuban.

Congri dish of Cuban national cuisine

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It is also often called “Morons”, and this is a dish which consists of black beans and rice. If you want to make this dish by yourself, don’t use canned bins. Never. The taste will be completely different, so you will not have a chance to enjoy the real taste of Cuban traditional dish. The black bean version is highly popular in Havana, one of the most visited tourist destinations on Cuba.

The ingredients of this plate are: bay leaf, bacon, olive oil, cloves garlic, fresh oregano, white wine and cilantro.

Note: the mix of rice, olives and beans is one of the most common Cuban dishes served in the families all around the country.

Vaca Frita

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Vaca Frita

Translated as a “Fried Beef Steak”, or simply “fried cow”, this dish is often served with rice and beans (we have told you that this combination is a must-have for many Cuban recipes). Note, that it could be cooked with a lot of garlic, so you can ask a waiter to dial it down on request. This Cuban crispy, shredded beaf will leave you speechless!

Vaca Frita is served in almost all Cuban restaurants and the ingredients are the following: flank steak, onion, pepper, garlic, lime and olive oil.

Note: It could be also served with fresh pineapple juice, which make this dish even more tasty.


Huevos Habaneros

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Huevos Habaneros

Literally translated as “ranch eggs”, it is a well-knows Cuban egg dish that is cooked with onions, pepper and garlic. They are also called “Eggs Havana Style”. The eggs on this dish are prepared over sofrito (a tomato, garlic, pepper, and onion sauce).

Note: These delicious huevos locos will drive you crazy with their tremendous taste. They are served immediately from the baking dishes.


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They are also known as chatinos – crispy fried plantains. A plantain is a kind of banana, which is differ from the average one, as it is firmer and tastes differently. Tostones are extremely tasty when served piled with guacamole, salsa, and/or even shredded meat.

Note: Serve tostones as an appetizer for your main course.

Favorite Ideas For Healthy Eating On The Road

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What products to take with you while traveling on the road so that your travel will be not only informative, but also tasty and healthy?

Fitness food. Weight loss nutrition diet. Take away of healthy food. Eat right concept, diet, clean food take away in aluminium boxes, vegetable salads and meat at white wood. Healthy lunch

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Food on the road has to be convenient: when we say that we mean that it should be convenient to eat, convenient to transport and, of course, convenient to store. Therefore, first of all, we will define the main qualities of road products.

Products shouldn’t be bulky and too heavy.

Otherwise, while on a road you will be connected not with pleasant impressions of a travel, but with the cares that nothing from products has fallen anywhere and has soiled something of your stuff.

Restaurant food delivery in foil box. Poached egg with runny yolk closeup on veil steak medium rare with fresh vegetable salad and couscous cushion. Dish take away closeup, healthy meal.

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Food shouldn’t be perishable

Perfect meal on the road has to be of such quality that it would be possible to store it long time without refrigerator. Food shouldn’t thaw in the sun. Plus, it has to be simple in cooking, with no additional preparation required. Try to prepare everything in advance.

Principle of two “no”

“No” – to pungent smells, “no” – to garbage. You shouldn’t stock up to the road with food with strong smells even if you like them a lot. Approximately in two hours all smells will start irritating you. Besides, you shouldn’t also forget about fellow travelers.

Food that leaves a lot of crumbs and additional packing, is not the most successful option while traveling on the road, especially if you travel by car.

It seems that there is no food which would meet all these requirements. But this is not like this. Almost all products can be taken on the road, all you need to need to know is how they should be preparing to take on the road.

Lunch box with vegetable and fruits on wooden table. Kids take away food box. Top view

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Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables is an ideal option not only for a main course to the road, but also for having a snack. The cut carrots, apples, sweet pepper straws are very useful and serve as a perfect alternative to all snacks in the form of chips, sunflower seeds and crackers. It is better not to take fruit entirely because they very heavy – it’s better to cut them up and take with you as an afternoon snack. It diversifies your road diet.

It is better to cut various vegetable and salads and put them into tight containers. To make a road crude vegetables lunch tastier, prepare some simple sauces which will be very convenient for taking with you in small plastic sauce boats. Vegetables are good not only in the form of salads – vegetable fritters and zucchini, pumpkin, carrots and potatoes cutlets are perfect when even not warmed.

Rye bread sandwiches with ham, cheese and vegetables in a craft paper bag. Take away food. Selective focus

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Sandwiches are, perhaps, the most popular meals on the road. It is possible to prepare them using vegetables, or meat, fish and , of course, cheeses. Sauces, seasonings, any greens –you can add anything according to your imagination. It is better to use brown bread, with bran – it less high-calorie also not so strongly differs in taste from white, than, say, rye.

For those who are who categorically against high-calorie bread, we recommend thin flat cakes (for example, a lavash) which you can use for wrapping stuffing. Beaters by the way very convenient – they are not less nourishing, than the same sandwiches, but they are much more commode in consumption.

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Crafting Royal Caribbean’s Main Dining Room Menu

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With ships around the world, Royal Caribbean welcomes guests from nearly every country. When it comes to dining, while their appetites and tastes differ, their expectations remain the same– fresh, delicious and authentic cuisine.

Traveling chefs from across the fleet collaborate to perfect new menu items, but guest feedback ultimately determines which dishes make the cut.

Every aspect of the ships’ main dining rooms, from the menu to the atmosphere to the service, sets the table for an unforgettable experience.

For example, here is  a new main dining room is available on Oasis of the Seas and that could potentially spread to other ships in the fleet:

YYZ Travel Group, TICO:#04332359. 7851 Dufferin Street, Suite 100. Thornhill, Ontario L4J 3M4.
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