Mykonos – a True Greek Paradise

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Mykonos is a Greek island with luxury resorts and a festive indulgent atmosphere – which is why it is often compared to such top party spots as Ibiza and Saint Tropez.

The island is a paradise for tourists, romantic couples. and solo travelers. Besides regular parties and events with internationally known DJ’s, Mykonos has a lot of other opportunities to offer travelers.

Mykonos - a True Greek Paradise. Mykonos


The flow of tourists here increases every year, and the number of hotels, luxury resorts, seaside bars, nightclubs and tourist activities are likewise mushrooming.

Mykonos is famous for its kite- and wind-surfing centers. If you like active vacations – visit one of the popular surf clubs and enjoy a ride: Windsurf Center Mykonos in Kalafati Beach or Kite Mykonos at Korfos Beach.

You can also take a cruise around the islands of Mykonos on a traditional tour boat or yacht: this is a superb opportunity to explore the area from the sea and enjoy romantic views of the Greek shoreline. Such activity is perfect for romantic couples and tourist groups.

Mykonos - a True Greek Paradise


Mykonos is also a fantastic venue to enjoy snorkeling and diving. Marine life of the island is unbelievably beautiful, and the vibrant colors of the undersea world will amaze you. Snorkeling is available on Tragonissi or Dragonissi, islets located near the coast of Mykonos in the Aegean Sea – which are popular among those who are fond of underwater photography, diving, and marine life in general.

Mykonos is greate place for travel

The area surrounding the islets is protected by the Natura 2000 project because of the seals living in the coastal waters. Romantic, inspirational, and awesome –  Mykonos is a place where you can get away from everything, forget about daily routines, and enjoy a Mediterranean holiday.

Mykonos - a True Greek Paradise


Don’t forget about local cuisine, which is more than acceptable – it is a must-try experience that should be on your list of most important pursuits. Try Mykonian spinach pie (Spanakopita), a traditional Greek dish popular around the world, loved by locals and visitors alike.

If you would like to savor other gastronomic favorites of the local cuisine – try cheese tyrovolia, noumboulo (smoked pork fillet), delicious sausages, typical Mykonos meze, and famous mostra. Remember that the culture and traditions of the island are well perceived through its gastronomy; sampling various restaurant dishes and home cooking will help you  to know more about the Island itself.

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The Trendiest Autumn 2017 Destinations

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Summer is a perfect time to plan your autumn vacation. Late July and early August are upon us, so it’s high time to make future holiday plans. Do you want to take part in European events? Or maybe you would like to lengthen your summer and buy a tour to a sunny destination?

The Trendiest Autumn 2017 Destinations. Gondola near Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy



If you didn’t have a vacation this summer, you can take one in autumn. One of the best destinations is the northern coast of Italy. Air temperatures during this period are very pleasant, around 33-34° C, and waters are 24-25° C. The most exciting places to visit are Rimini, Sardinia, and San Remo on the Venetian Riviera – where you can also enjoy the world famous Venice Film Festival, an event that attracts a lot of celebrities.

In the second half of September, all “fashionistas” of the world come to the city of Milan for its famous fashion week. It becomes quite cool in October in the north of Italy, however, so it is better to go to the southern coast or to Sicily, where the water gets warm at this time, 22-23° C. The Island of Ischia near Naples is suitable for fans of thermal waters, and air temperatures there in October are mild and pleasant at 21-22° C. For gourmets it is probably better to wait until November and go to Italy for the festival of young wine. It is also possible at that time to attend agricultural fairs to sample well-known varieties of cheese, as well as hundreds of grades of sausages, gammons, and olives.

The Trendiest Autumn 2017 Destinations. Greece



The fall in Greece is special. The heat is gone by then, but the sea is still warm and great for swimming. In September-October, there are no storms on the coast, and the weather is ideal for beach relaxation.

In the Balkans the beach season comes to a close at the end of September, but the air temperature in October is 28° C, and in November 20° C. Such temperatures quite suit vacationers who arrive from colder regions. The sea is warm in September and October, up to 23 C °, but by November storms begin.

The fall is a good time to try guided tours as they become less tiresome than during hot summer days. It is possible to explore the islands of Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Mikonos, and Santorini. The weather is also perfect for excursions to the beautiful temples and wonderful natural sites.  

The Trendiest Autumn 2017 Destinations. Mt. Fuji with fall colors in japan.



Japan is lovely in autumn. The weather is not as hot as in summer months, and you can enjoy a country colored in red, orange and yellow with the fallen leaves, called kayo. This beautiful, favorite season for many citizens of Japan lasts from early September to late November. Famous places for viewing the romantic foliage are located all over the country – especially in parks, temples and mountainous areas.

If you plan to visit Japan in autumn, don’t forget Hokkaido, the second largest island, and be sure to come to Tokyo and Kyoto. We recommend you travel to these cities by train, because then you will have the opportunity to see not only the cities themselves, but also their surrounding areas, which are truly wondrous.

The Trendiest Autumn 2017 Destinations. Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


United Arab Emirates

Prices for tours to the UAE are higher in autumn than summer because the weather is less torrid and becomes more pleasant for vacationing. While the sun is not so scorching, the sea remains warm and relaxing on the beach feels magnificent. It is also possible to get acquainted with sights and safari parks. Dubai is the most expensive resort area of the UAE, but during the fall season it is even more attractive. Gorgeous mountains, sandy beaches, mineral springs, night hunting for crabs, diving – all this is available to the country’s visitors. Fall is also the time for numerous international exhibitions – of design furniture, perfumery, and computer equipment.

This destination has it all not only for beach lovers, but also for those who love diverse city experiences.

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The Best Destinations for your Summer 2017 Trip to Europe

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Madrid, Spain

The Best Destinations for your Summer 2017 Trip to Europe. Madrid, Spain


Best for: Solo travelers

Enjoy open-air movies and theater performances, rooftop terraces, beautiful parks and alleys, outdoor activities, dances, yoga classes, sport and music events. Although summer months are quite hot in Madrid, this is a time when the city never sleeps; there are plenty of national and international events and many guests (but not as many as in spring and autumn). You will surely have a lot of fun and make exciting acquaintances.

Advice: don’t forget to bring a hat, suntan lotion, and a water bottle – these things will make it easier to deal with the heat.

Nice, France

The Best Destinations for your Summer 2017 Trip to Europe. Nice, France


Best for: Couples

Mediterranean coast, turquoise seas, white-sand beach cafes, and amazing promenades .What could be more romantic than the stunning French Riviera in summer? Nice is a special city – a wonderful combination of Italian chic and Mediterranean maritime freshness. Here everything is full of romance.

Berlin, Germany

The Best Destinations for your Summer 2017 Trip to Europe. Nice, France


Best for: Groups

Berlin is wonderful during the summer months. It is especially nice in August, when everyone is preparing for festivals. There are so many amazing places in Berlin! But only in summer can you visit the International Beer Festival and numerous outdoor activities that are not available in other seasons. Hang out at street cafes and restaurants, lounge in the parks and quaint alleyways, and generally enjoy the warm friendly atmosphere of the German capital.

Bruges, Belgium

The Best Destinations for your Summer 2017 Trip to Europe. Bruges, Belgium


Best for: the whole family

Bruges is one of the most exciting destinations in Europe. Its mysterious streets along with cozy ambiance, attractive squares, and lovely cafes make everyone fall in love with this amazing city. There is a stereotype that the best seasons to come to Bruges are spring and autumn. Whether it is true or not, you can check for yourself. However, our travel agents suggest you visit in July and August, and for good reason: the temperature is extremely comfortable (21C) and the city looks like a fairytale.

Corfu, Greece

The Best Destinations for your Summer 2017 Trip to Europe. Corfu Island, Greece, Europe


Best for: Honeymoon travelers

Greece is an incredible place for diverse travel. Whether you are searching for an opportunity to do all kinds of surfing, including wind and kite, or you would like to enjoy the beautiful streets of Corfu Island, its wonderful atmosphere, warm summer weather and romantic seaside. One of the best destinations for honeymooning couples, this Greek island is a truly magical, romantic and ideal place for your perfect summer trip.


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