New Year in Havana: Chasing the Winter Sun

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The New Year approaches inexorably. If you still don’t know where best to celebrate the holiday, think about celebrating New Years in Cuba. Crystal white beaches are undoubtedly pleasant, and blue waters seem more inspiring than snowdrifts outside the window.

Just imagine warm waves of the Caribbean gently caressing your body, and bright sunlight warming you on a beautiful beach. You will feel nothing but relaxation and joy when celebrating your New Year holidays like that. Add grandiose festivals, lively parties, and friendly locals – and you get a dream New Year Holiday!

New Year in Havana: Classic old car on streets of Havana, Cuba

New Year in Havana

If you have decided to celebrate New Year’s in Cuba, you should visit the most beautiful city of the New World – Havana. Here you can visit old monuments of architecture of the colonial period. Enjoy a colorful show made on New Year’s Eve in Havana at the main city Square – which will definitely not leave you uninspired. During the New Year celebration, huge tables with improbable amounts of food and drink are laid on the square.

January 1 is not only New Year’s holiday but also commemorates a very important event for all Cubans – Day of Liberation. The warm Caribbean Sea, a general atmosphere of fun, Cuban rum, and Havana cigars are a great combination for festive mood and a  magical night!

New Year in Havana: Vintage american oldtimer car parked on a beach in Cuba

New Year in Cuba will surely be remembered for its beauty, and unforgettable impressions will remain in memory for the rest of your life.

How to celebrate New Year in Cuba?

According to tradition, New Year in Cuba is not celebrated with a Christmas tree, but with a coniferous tree called an araucaria, or a room fir-tree. This low tree reminds one of a fir-tree with very rigid branches and prickly needles.

Before the day New Years is celebrated – Cubans fill jugs, buckets, and bowls with water. When midnight comes, all the water is poured out of windows. So they see off the old year, wishing to start the next one being clear like water.

New Year in Havana: fireworks over Havana, Cuba

While celebrating the Cuban New Year, it is necessary to remember as the clock clicks down to eat 12 grapes, making a wish on each one. Only in that case will you be accompanied by joy, success, and prosperity in the New Year. By the way, on New Year’s Eve clocks in Cuba strike not 12 blows as in other countries, but only 11. Cubans consider that the twelfth blow already falls on the New Year, and this holiday should be a rest for everyone, including the clocks.   

Here they are, careful and kind Cubans. Before the holiday, Cuban children write letters, but not to Santa or Father Frost. They compose wishes for kind wizards – Baltasar, Melchor and Gaspar. In their letters Cuban children describe their most desired wishes. If you are interested in Cuban tours for New Year’s, you are advised to go to well-known Havana – the capital of the country, or to a popular resort with snow-white beaches and azure coast like Varadero, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, and Cayo Largo’s exotic islands.

Amazing Mexico: a True Paradise

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Mexico is an amazing country to travel in. The capital, Mexico City, is considered one of the top world capitals, ranking fourth in population.

Amazing Mexico

Nearly 20 million people live there. One of the most picturesque corners of the planet is a favorite place for fans of night clubs who prefer an incendiary rhythm of music and for judges of beach rest on the shore of an enticing, caressing sea.

Mexico is also a cradle of ancient civilizations, Maya and the Indian tribe of Aztecs, who disappeared leaving many secrets behind.

Amazing Mexico

This amazing and beautiful country is vibrant with mystery and greatness.

Its amazing beaches, bewitching blueness of the cleanest ocean, and snow-white sands shine like diamonds.

Flora and fauna are rich with variety, a riot of colors and exoticism.

Amazing Mexico. Beautiful panorama all natural Image of Cloud formations and rocky Mountains near the Border of New Mexico and mexico

Having arrived here, it is worth paying attention to the best resorts of Mexico: Cancun, Maya Riviera or Puerto-Morelos, Playa de Carmen and Los Cabos; also to diversify the trip, travel around different corners of this amazing country.

Mexico has rich history, a variety of archaeological monuments, and a diverse mixture of cultures and tastes. It is capable of revitalizing with life energy.

But don’t forget about the one and only, the greatest city in the country – Mexico City. It is the heart and the capital of the country.

Amazing Mexico. Aerial view of Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City was founded in 1325 by Aztec Indians. At first the city was called Tenochtitlan, which in translation from a local dialect meant “the home of cactaceous rock.”

Mexico City is not only about monuments and history. It has bright carnivals, colorful dance festivals, and a set of other holidays that fill the city with cheerful people and festive mood.


Special For Social and Wedding Groups

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Reasons to Go on a Cruise Trip

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  1. You will see many places, and unpack a suitcase only once

On a cruise you unpack only once, and then your floating hotel brings you from one city to the other, from one land to another. You don’t need to worry about train or ferry schedules, and you don’t have to drag a heavy suitcase along paved streets. Every morning you wake up in a new place.

Not able to decide between Saint Lucia and Barbados, or between Italy and Spain? There is no need to make a choice! Decide on a direction and visit all the cities you want to see.

 Reasons to Go on a Cruise Trip

  1. Cruising is a wonderful family experience

Cruises are an exciting adventure for people of all ages, from kids to teenagers, from grandmothers and grandfathers to grandsons. If you want to go on leave that will be pleasant for your 5-10 year-old child as well as the teenager, but in which there will also be entertainment for you – know that cruise liners organize leisure activities for all generations.

Reasons to Go on a Cruise Trip. Family experience.

  1. You can choose the ship that suits you best

For one person, a cruise vessel could be a huge ocean liner with a rock climbing wall and a movie theater under an open sky, while another prefers a small cozy ship and a third dreams of swimming on a sailing vessel. All of them will be able to pick a cruise that takes their wishes into account.

You can choose entertainment paradises like Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean with thousands of passengers onboard. If you want to travel in style and elegance, choose Seabourn Odyssey; if you are drawn towards minimalism, shop Paul Gaugin Cruises.

Reasons to Go on a Cruise Trip. Entertainment paradises.

  1. The ships are floating cities

If you worry that you will be thrown in the middle of the ocean – relax. Cruise liners are rather similar to big cities; they are equipped with all possible hi tech equipment such as Wi-Fi, cellular communications, and satellite television. While cruising on a ship, you can stay in touch with the entire world.

In the shops onboard you will be able to buy all the accessories you forgot to put in your suitcase.

Reasons to Go on a Cruise Trip. Entertainment paradises.

If you need the help of a doctor, modern medical centers are at your service. You will even be able to wash clothes in the ship’s laundries so you won’t need to take too many things with you.

Onboard a cruise liner you will certainly find fitness centers, restaurants, movie theaters, spas, pools, stage shows and discos. You should also not be afraid of emergency situations since there are numerous safety and security devices on board.

Reasons to Go on a Cruise Trip. Entertainment paradises.

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Why Take a Cruise to Alaska

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Hands down the best way to see Alaska is on a cruise.

Travelers can experience the awe of the Inside Passage, with its jaw-dropping scenery and diverse wildlife as well as land based thrills on a variety of curated cruisetours.

Royal Caribbean is taking Alaska cruises to the next level by offering some of their best ships, including Radiance of the Seas and Ovation of the Seas.

Explore Alaska by Land and Sea

Cruise to Alaska. Heading towards Lion's Head along the Glenn Highway during the fall in Alaska

Big, Bold, absolutely breathtaking. No journey stays with you, mind and soul, like an expedition through Alaska.

So why go the distance and leave without seeing the best of it? From the coastline to the heart of the frontier, a Royal Caribbean Alaska Cruisetour land and sea package delivers all the must-see sights by ship, train, and multi-night land tour.

Cruise to Alaska. The sun peeps through a partly cloudy sky to light the Alaska Range

Choose from 9 Alaska Cruisetour packages, which combine a 7-night sailing aboard Radiance of the Seas with an additional three to six night land tour adventure that can be taken before or after your cruise.

Cruise to Alaska. Snow-capped mountains of the Alaska Range stand behind black spruce trees (Picea mariana) intermixed with alder (Alnus sp.) in the sub-alpine region of Denali National Park.

Royal Caribbean takes care of all the planning, transportation on our deluxe motorcoaches and luxurious glass domed traincars, as well as lodging on fully escorted, multi-night land tours that spend at least one night in Denali National Park and have at least one leg on the Wilderness Express®, Royal Caribbean’s plush, glass-domed train cars that offer panoramic views of the grand Alaskan frontier.


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Snowy Denmark: Beautiful Winter Kingdom

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Many tourists associate Denmark with Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales, a bronze statue of the Little Mermaid by Edvard Eriksen, the ships in the port of Copenhagen, and improbably colorful cities.



The resorts of Denmark, like German ones, are highly popular in Europe. The reason for that is the special culture and unique atmosphere of the country. If most travelers know practically everything about Germany, Denmark remains partly unknown for the average traveler. Let’s understand where to go and what to try in this beautiful country.

Geographically located in Northern Europe, Denmark occupies more than 1000 islands located primarily in the Baltic Sea, Wadden Sea, North Sea, South Funen Archipelago, and Nakskov Fjord. It is situated between Germany, Norway, and Sweden. The country’s total surface area is 42,394 square kilometers.



Denmark has more than 5.5 million inhabitants, and 80% of them are Lutherans. However, there are a lot of atheists in the country – 20% of the population.

An interesting site is the royal palace Amaliyendborg. It is the capital masterpiece in rococo style consisting of four buildings. In the middle is a square laid out by tile and stone blocks. Not only are there hundreds of tourists, but also the royal family lives here. Unlike Buckingham Palace, guests are invited to the territory of Amalianborga. The building endured an awful fire, but has been skillfully restored.



Besides the palace complex and magnificent grounds, there are park and museum platforms on the territory. It is possible to come here Tuesday through Sunday in all seasons of the year. Operating time is from 11:00 till 16:00; entrance fee – 95 Danish kroner.

For those who like easy rest, Denmark has Lalandiya Aqua Park. It is a whole complex with numerous attractions and skating rinks. There is even a small town that has a lot of motels. Lalandiya is a famous place to visit not only for tourists, but also for numerous locals.

Farmhouse and frosty trees against a blue sky.


The aqua park is famous for its large surface. It is open year round from 10:00 till 19:00. Entrance fee is 220 Danish kroner for adults, 170 – for children.

Denmark is all about fairytales; therefore, it invites guests to “Andersen’s World.” It is a big museum devoted to works of the great children’s writer. Here you will be met by wax Hans Christian, and you will be able to see the setting in which he wrote his well-known creations.

Favorite fairy tale characters and exhibits from the writer’s life and works are presented in the museum. The walls are decorated with numerous pictures and illustrations. In this house, Andersen lives on, and a magic atmosphere still reigns. The museum is open June to May, from 10:00 till 18:00. Entrance fee is 60 Danish kroner.


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Roatan – A Diving Mecca

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Authentic Cuban Cruise Adventure

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Guadeloupe – Pearl of the Caribbean

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French Guadeloupe is a great place for active recreation and for exploration of a Caribbean island.

Let’s look at its most interesting points!

  1. The La Soufriere volcano.


La Soufriere is only 1,467 meters high, but climbing it is a real adventure (lazy tourists can get almost to the top by bus). On the way up, the climate changes completely, and so do the surrounding flora and fauna. A popular hiking route runs along a small lake on the slope of the volcano, hidden by lush vegetation (Grand Etang). On the way back, be sure to pay attention to the hot springs at the foot of the mountain.

  1. Pigeon Island and the Cousteau Reserve.
Pigeon island, St. Lucia from the British fort. This island is st. Lucia's national park


This small stony island is not remarkable for picturesque views, and almost no one lands on it. It is famous for the sea reserve of Cousteau, located around the island below the water’s surface. The inventor of the aqualung was so fascinated by the local underwater beauty that he founded a reserve park here. It is perfectly suitable for beginning divers: the depth is low, the sea is calm, and the shore is very close.

  1. Saint Anne Beach.
Tropical beach of Sainte Anne - Caribbean Sea - Guadeloupe tropical island


St. Anne is the most popular Guadeloupe beach. It is the best place both for surfers and fans of lazy beach relaxation. Here you can lie on white sand without going far from civilization. Also, you can take surfing lessons, or take a ferry to the wild beaches of the nearest islands – Desireado, Marie-Galante, and Le Sant.

  1. Botanical Garden in Deshaies.
Guadeloupe, Deshaies,


The Botanical Garden was founded about 10 years ago on territory of the former estate of the French comedian Kolyusha. The garden is relatively small but very diverse: the collection of orchids, baobabs, and a dozen different types of palm trees is especially noteworthy. You can also feed the giant carp in the pond here, and admire the flamingos and parrots in the park.

  1. National Park of Guadeloupe.
Guadeloupe, Caribbean Islands, France


This park occupies about 10% of the country’s whole territory. It is located on Basse-Terre island. You can go through it in a couple of hours by car, but it is better to walk on one of the many hiking trails. In one day, you can move from rainforest to coastal forest and end up in a mangrove path. When you reach waterfalls in the Buyant area, do not forget to look around; there is a great chance you’ll see Guadalupe raccoons, mongooses, and goats.

  1. Petite Terre Islands
Iguane gris - Petite Terre - Guadeloupe


The uninhabited islands of Ptit-Ter is a reserve. The pristine underwater world attracts divers from around the globe. From November to April you can also see dolphin and whale migrations here. And be sure to walk out to the old lighthouse, trying not to step on the numerous iguanas there.  

  1. Pointe-à-Pitre
Sunrise at Pointe à Pitre harbor - Guadeloupe Caribbean island


The largest city on the archipelago is the landing point for most tourists. Notably, it was founded in 1654 as a slave market. The best things in this town are fine restaurants and food markets that any gourmet can admire. Pointe-a-Pitre is full of French colonial-style houses, a fishing-town atmosphere, and fine climate.

Here in Guadalupe, French traditions and the Creole spirit are mixed in a fanciful way. The local cuisine is a feast of spices, seafood, and exotic fruits. For good reason, Jacques-Yves Cousteau claimed Guadalupe to be one of the best places in the world.

The Most Unusual World Hotels

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More and more hotels have now become attractions in themselves: an ice hotel, an underwater hotel, and even a salt hotel! Let’s look at the most unusual hotels in the world:

  1. Ecocamp Patagonia – Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.


This hotel combines luxury and minimal interference with the environment. Each room is a separate tent-dome, and all guests receive comfortable accommodations and necessary amenities. The hotel is built of environmentally friendly materials and uses renewable energy sources.

  1. Kokopelli Cave Bed and Breakfast – Farmington, New Mexico, USA.
Kokos Cave


Rooms in this hotel are carved out of rock. In addition to several bedrooms, there are kitchen and Jacuzzi. The cave maintains a temperature of +20 to +23 °C, and from its windows you can see the La Plata River and a vast desert. The hotel administration feeds the local birds and animals, taking care of not only their guests.

  1. Malmaison Oxford Castle – Oxford, United Kingdom.
Malmaison Oxford Castle


This British boutique hotel is located in a former prison building, constructed in the Victorian era. In the ex-prison cells, in addition to a comfortable bed, there is a shower, satellite TV, and adjustable lighting. A beer restaurant and bars are also in the structure.

  1. Seaventures Dive Resort – Sipadan Island, Malaysia.
Seaventures Dive Resort


This hotel is made on an old oil platform. Here you can go diving in the ocean without leaving the hotel: it is enough to descend under water in an elevator.

  1. Icehotel – Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.
Church and chapel of Ice Hotel near Kiruna, Lapland, north Sweden


This is the first ice hotel in the world. Since 1990, it has been constructed annually for the period from December to April. The entire hotel is made of snow and ice blocks taken from the River Turn-Elv. Even interior details are made of ice, except for the beds.

  1. Brussels Welcome Hotel – Brussels, Belgium.


At first it was a luxury restaurant, which then turned into a luxury hotel. It was so popular that one day there were no vacant rooms for clients. Then two additional floors were designed and assembled in the city of Ghent, and harmoniously added right to the historical 19th century building.

  1. Jumbo Stay – Stockholm, Sweden.


This hotel is an old Boeing 747-200, converted into a budget hotel. Here you can sleep, for example, in the cockpit, which is equipped as a suite with a panoramic view of Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.

  1. Palacio de Sal – Uyuni, Bolivia.

The hotel is located on the border of Salar de Uyuni at an altitude of about 3650 meters. Palacio de Sal is built entirely of salt blocks. The most important rule for guests is not to lick the walls and to take care of the interior objects made of salt.

  1. Capsule hotels in Tokyo, Japan.

These are small sleeping cells stacked one above the other. The hotels are built next to railway stations and airports. Accommodations are quite Spartan, but cheap and available.


The capsule hotel in Tokyo, Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule, although not the first, is the largest of this kind of hotel in the world: there are 660 rooms of 1x2x1 meters.

Here, as in many other places in Japan, people with tattoos will not be allowed: in Japan tattoos are still associated with the yakuza.