Amazing Mexico: a True Paradise

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Mexico is an amazing country to travel in. The capital, Mexico City, is considered one of the top world capitals, ranking fourth in population.

Amazing Mexico

Nearly 20 million people live there. One of the most picturesque corners of the planet is a favorite place for fans of night clubs who prefer an incendiary rhythm of music and for judges of beach rest on the shore of an enticing, caressing sea.

Mexico is also a cradle of ancient civilizations, Maya and the Indian tribe of Aztecs, who disappeared leaving many secrets behind.

Amazing Mexico

This amazing and beautiful country is vibrant with mystery and greatness.

Its amazing beaches, bewitching blueness of the cleanest ocean, and snow-white sands shine like diamonds.

Flora and fauna are rich with variety, a riot of colors and exoticism.

Amazing Mexico. Beautiful panorama all natural Image of Cloud formations and rocky Mountains near the Border of New Mexico and mexico

Having arrived here, it is worth paying attention to the best resorts of Mexico: Cancun, Maya Riviera or Puerto-Morelos, Playa de Carmen and Los Cabos; also to diversify the trip, travel around different corners of this amazing country.

Mexico has rich history, a variety of archaeological monuments, and a diverse mixture of cultures and tastes. It is capable of revitalizing with life energy.

But don’t forget about the one and only, the greatest city in the country – Mexico City. It is the heart and the capital of the country.

Amazing Mexico. Aerial view of Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City was founded in 1325 by Aztec Indians. At first the city was called Tenochtitlan, which in translation from a local dialect meant “the home of cactaceous rock.”

Mexico City is not only about monuments and history. It has bright carnivals, colorful dance festivals, and a set of other holidays that fill the city with cheerful people and festive mood.


Snowy Denmark: Beautiful Winter Kingdom

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Many tourists associate Denmark with Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales, a bronze statue of the Little Mermaid by Edvard Eriksen, the ships in the port of Copenhagen, and improbably colorful cities.



The resorts of Denmark, like German ones, are highly popular in Europe. The reason for that is the special culture and unique atmosphere of the country. If most travelers know practically everything about Germany, Denmark remains partly unknown for the average traveler. Let’s understand where to go and what to try in this beautiful country.

Geographically located in Northern Europe, Denmark occupies more than 1000 islands located primarily in the Baltic Sea, Wadden Sea, North Sea, South Funen Archipelago, and Nakskov Fjord. It is situated between Germany, Norway, and Sweden. The country’s total surface area is 42,394 square kilometers.



Denmark has more than 5.5 million inhabitants, and 80% of them are Lutherans. However, there are a lot of atheists in the country – 20% of the population.

An interesting site is the royal palace Amaliyendborg. It is the capital masterpiece in rococo style consisting of four buildings. In the middle is a square laid out by tile and stone blocks. Not only are there hundreds of tourists, but also the royal family lives here. Unlike Buckingham Palace, guests are invited to the territory of Amalianborga. The building endured an awful fire, but has been skillfully restored.



Besides the palace complex and magnificent grounds, there are park and museum platforms on the territory. It is possible to come here Tuesday through Sunday in all seasons of the year. Operating time is from 11:00 till 16:00; entrance fee – 95 Danish kroner.

For those who like easy rest, Denmark has Lalandiya Aqua Park. It is a whole complex with numerous attractions and skating rinks. There is even a small town that has a lot of motels. Lalandiya is a famous place to visit not only for tourists, but also for numerous locals.

Farmhouse and frosty trees against a blue sky.


The aqua park is famous for its large surface. It is open year round from 10:00 till 19:00. Entrance fee is 220 Danish kroner for adults, 170 – for children.

Denmark is all about fairytales; therefore, it invites guests to “Andersen’s World.” It is a big museum devoted to works of the great children’s writer. Here you will be met by wax Hans Christian, and you will be able to see the setting in which he wrote his well-known creations.

Favorite fairy tale characters and exhibits from the writer’s life and works are presented in the museum. The walls are decorated with numerous pictures and illustrations. In this house, Andersen lives on, and a magic atmosphere still reigns. The museum is open June to May, from 10:00 till 18:00. Entrance fee is 60 Danish kroner.


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Authentic Cuban Cruise Adventure

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The Most Unusual World Hotels

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More and more hotels have now become attractions in themselves: an ice hotel, an underwater hotel, and even a salt hotel! Let’s look at the most unusual hotels in the world:

  1. Ecocamp Patagonia – Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.


This hotel combines luxury and minimal interference with the environment. Each room is a separate tent-dome, and all guests receive comfortable accommodations and necessary amenities. The hotel is built of environmentally friendly materials and uses renewable energy sources.

  1. Kokopelli Cave Bed and Breakfast – Farmington, New Mexico, USA.
Kokos Cave


Rooms in this hotel are carved out of rock. In addition to several bedrooms, there are kitchen and Jacuzzi. The cave maintains a temperature of +20 to +23 °C, and from its windows you can see the La Plata River and a vast desert. The hotel administration feeds the local birds and animals, taking care of not only their guests.

  1. Malmaison Oxford Castle – Oxford, United Kingdom.
Malmaison Oxford Castle


This British boutique hotel is located in a former prison building, constructed in the Victorian era. In the ex-prison cells, in addition to a comfortable bed, there is a shower, satellite TV, and adjustable lighting. A beer restaurant and bars are also in the structure.

  1. Seaventures Dive Resort – Sipadan Island, Malaysia.
Seaventures Dive Resort


This hotel is made on an old oil platform. Here you can go diving in the ocean without leaving the hotel: it is enough to descend under water in an elevator.

  1. Icehotel – Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.
Church and chapel of Ice Hotel near Kiruna, Lapland, north Sweden


This is the first ice hotel in the world. Since 1990, it has been constructed annually for the period from December to April. The entire hotel is made of snow and ice blocks taken from the River Turn-Elv. Even interior details are made of ice, except for the beds.

  1. Brussels Welcome Hotel – Brussels, Belgium.


At first it was a luxury restaurant, which then turned into a luxury hotel. It was so popular that one day there were no vacant rooms for clients. Then two additional floors were designed and assembled in the city of Ghent, and harmoniously added right to the historical 19th century building.

  1. Jumbo Stay – Stockholm, Sweden.


This hotel is an old Boeing 747-200, converted into a budget hotel. Here you can sleep, for example, in the cockpit, which is equipped as a suite with a panoramic view of Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.

  1. Palacio de Sal – Uyuni, Bolivia.

The hotel is located on the border of Salar de Uyuni at an altitude of about 3650 meters. Palacio de Sal is built entirely of salt blocks. The most important rule for guests is not to lick the walls and to take care of the interior objects made of salt.

  1. Capsule hotels in Tokyo, Japan.

These are small sleeping cells stacked one above the other. The hotels are built next to railway stations and airports. Accommodations are quite Spartan, but cheap and available.


The capsule hotel in Tokyo, Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule, although not the first, is the largest of this kind of hotel in the world: there are 660 rooms of 1x2x1 meters.

Here, as in many other places in Japan, people with tattoos will not be allowed: in Japan tattoos are still associated with the yakuza.

What to Do in Okinawa

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Okinawa Prefecture is a strange and amazing place even for Japanese.

Forget all your ideas about Japan. In Okinawa, you will see beaches and palm trees instead of stone gardens, small houses with tiled roofs instead of neon skyscrapers. There are also no pale office clerks – only vigorous old people, long-livers in colorful shirts.



Some people say that Okinawa mostly looks like the illegitimate descendant of Thailand and Hawaii –  brought up by Japan.

Initially, the territory of Okinawa was the separate state of Ryukyu. But at the end of the 19th century, this archipelago became part of Japan. After that, Okinawa turned into a sleepy region, and it remains the poorest Japanese prefecture till this day.

But at the same time, it is the warmest one. The archipelago is located on the same latitude as The Bahamas. Sakura blooms here in January, temperatures do not drop below +15 or 20 °C, and its golden sand beaches are considered to be the best in the region.



The locals are very positive old people. They have the highest life expectancy in the world: according to statistics, there are about 20 centenarians per 100,000 people in the United States; in Okinawa, there are more than 60 of them.

These words are carved on a big stone near the village of Ogimi,: “At 70 you are still a child; at 80 – a young man; and when your ancestors call you in your 90s, ask them to wait until you turn 100 – and only then, perhaps you will think about it.”

The concentration of centenarians in Ogimi is especially great. Local residents rarely suffer from strokes, sclerosis, Alzheimer’s syndrome or other common age-related illnesses.

At a hundred years old they are cheerful as they were at 20; many continue to work and to participate actively in the lives of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Shuri Castle Gate


Scientists still do not know the secret of this phenomenon.

The locals have their own maxims:

– To live long, you should work more in the open air!

– It is necessary to eat properly and not to overeat: a cup of rice a day, tofu and some seafood – that’s the recipe for longevity.

– All illnesses are caused by regrets and sadness about the past. We must be able to enjoy life, whatever it is.

The morning view from my apartment balconey


The concept of joy is fundamental in Okinawa. There is even a special word for this: Ikigai. It means – something that makes you wake up every morning with joy.

Tourists mostly go to Okinawa to enjoy the sea. The archipelago is considered to be the best place in Japan for a beach holiday. It is also perfect for diving – the largest coral reef in Japan (about 20 kilometers) lies here, on Okinawa’s shores.

The underwater world is incredibly rich, and the sea is transparent to a depth of 50 meters. Additionally, you can even observe whales, who also love these waters.

There is one important local culinary rule – do not overeat. They even have a saying, “hara hachi bu” – “eat to satisfy 8/10 of your hunger and get up”.

The best time for a beach holiday is from the middle of June to the end of August. January and February are also great: the islands start to bloom with cherry blossoms, and there are a lot of whales in the coastal waters.

Cuban Splendours Guided Tour

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The Best US cities to Celebrate New Year 2018

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New Year’s Day comes every year, and every time we ask ourselves: what is the best way to celebrate this holiday? Some plan an average holiday with family and friends – while others search for something unusual. Those who really like traveling should definitely think about going somewhere to spend New Year’s Eve.

New York City

The Best US cities to Celebrate New Year. New York.

In the entire world there are not many places that can beat New York in terms of the brightness and showiness of New Year’s events. New York is the city that never sleeps, and for New Years it becomes an endless festival that lasts for days.

The most exciting and tremendous New Year’s parties will be held in The Empire Hotel, The Plaza, Gansevoort Park Avenue, and New York Marriott Marquis. The first one on this list will provide visitors with amazing views from a rooftop bar. You will be able to see the bright New Year’s lights of Broadway, Lincoln Center, and all the Upper West Side.

Los Angeles

The Best US cities to Celebrate New Year. Los Angeles.

What are the most popular New Year’s movies that you usually watch during winter holidays? Right, “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Home Alone.”

YYZ Travel advisors offer visiting the city where these movies were made. This is a place where you can meet celebrities anywhere, and it seems like the sun never sets over the ocean.

 Los Angeles is the capital of filmmaking, and just a charming city.

One of the most exciting places to spend the night in LA is at Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows, where you will enjoy a holiday dinner with a lot of champagne!

Also, the Hilton Hotel is preparing a range of New Year events with popular music performances,  DJs, and a grand night of dancing.

The Best US cities to Celebrate New Year. Downtown Los Angeles.

Downtown Los Angeles skyline at twilight CA.

 Join a HOLLYWOOD BLOCK PARTY where there are four clubs with live music and a grand cocktail cart: Premiere Supper Club, Rusty Mullet, Las Palmas, and L’Scorpion.  

You can choose only one club, or go through all four of them – it’s up to you.

 If you’re coming to Los Angeles with all the family and kids, you will have a lot of things to do: for example, you can do glorious New Year shopping, stroll along the beautifully decorated streets of the city, and visit Grand Park.

 Miami: New Year palms

The Best US cities to Celebrate New Year. Miami.

What can be more exciting than to celebrate the New Year surrounded by palms instead of fir trees? Especially if every day you see an ocean view, fashionable dance floors, and tremendous service – you are in Miami.

 The most exciting New Year events will be held in the hotels:

  • Faena Hotel Miami Beach
  • The Setai
  • Acqualina Resort & Spa on the Beach
  • The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort
  • The Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour, Miami
  • The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach
  • 1 Hotel South Beach
  • The Miami Beach EDITION
  • W South Beach

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Top Places to Enjoy in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a special place where it is possible to be engaged in a bunch of entertaining pursuits –  including shopping, sampling Cantonese cuisine at local restaurants, and vivid nightlife. Many visitors, however, miss some of the most exciting activities they could experience here.

While you’re exploring noticeable things like soaring skyscrapers, superb cuisine, enterprising business ventures, and glowing night life – this former British colony also offers a number of amazing attractions to be aware of.

Hong Kong


See below our list of the best things to visit in Hong Kong:


Perhaps Hong Kong isn’t the first vacation spot that occurs to you when you think of paradise beaches in a far-away country. However, the city has a number of marvelous coastline beaches, big and small, scattered across the territory’s numerous islands. If you have time, plan to spend a day at Sai Kung on the Gulf of Big Waves (Ty Long Wang).

 Sai Kung, Hong Kong


It is possible to rent a tent here and spend a pleasant night on the beach, and not so many tourists have discovered this lovely place.


The best recommendation for people who have come to Hong Kong only for a short period is to “hike the dragon’s back.”

Hong Kong hike


This walk along a ridge with the ocean and beaches on one side and the city on the other will take about an hour and a half, and you will be able to admire tremendous views and landscapes.

Being part of the Hong Kong trail, Dragon’s Back has great scenery and wonderful hiking trails. Don’t miss the chance to explore one of the most beautiful hiking spots in Asia!


The most significant place which needs to be visited in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak, a marvelous place which attracts thousands of tourists.


The popularity of this peak is not surprising as it is the best spot to take tremendous pictures of this crowded, multicultural, busy city that looks stunning from this point.

Here you can also take pictures of the well-known skyscrapers of Hong Kong.


Tian Tan Buddha is widely known as the Big Buddha. It is situated at the top of a mountain on the island of Lantau, where Hong Kong airport is located. Big Buddha sits serenely, looking down on crowds of meditating tourists.

Tian Tan Buddha (Hong Kong, Lantau Island)


After visiting Buddha, we suggest that you go down to Nong Ping on the funicular – from which it is possible to admire fascinating 360 views of the island as you descend the mountain.


Stanley is a seaside city with fresh sea breezes and stunning views. It stretches along two different bays on a small peninsula and is a perfect place to purchase souvenirs.

Rocky sea shore and small sandy beach of Stanley Bay in Hong Kong. Beautiful scenic landscape with water, mountains, rocks and buildings


Shops, restaurants and bars are located on the western bay, where tourist events are also held. At the same time in east bay, a set of water sports is offered.

This pleasant short trip by bus from downtown is an excellent way to spend a quiet day on the seashore.

Transat Don Pablo Collection

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