The Best Summer South Resorts

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So, you have decided to take a trip to a South American or Caribbean destination; you’re ready to feel the beauty of a luxury resort, its relaxing ambiance, cool lounges, cozy terraces and trendy area near the pool.

If you have ever had a summer holiday in a South American or Caribbean resort, you know never to try second-rate hotels or inexpensive but questionable resorts. You pay more for luxury services and apartments, of course, but you get everything you need in one place, making your trip impeccable – and assuring that every cent is wisely spent.

But which resort to book? There are plenty of options, and sometimes it can be really hard to choose just one. So, here is a list of southern summer resorts that YYZ Travel advisors have carefully selected:


Río San Juan, Dominican Republic
Neighborhood: Mile long private beach




ROOM STYLE: Contemporary


Adventure Beach Golf

Amanera offers Hispaniola’s most luxurious and incredible stay, which has made this resort extremely popular with many tourists – a “number one” for luxury travelers due to the length of Playa Grande. The glass-and-teak main house highlights nature’s artistry, as do the 25 casitas and two-bedroom, cliff top villas – most of which feature personal pools facing the beach. Take a jungle trek, get a seaside massage or sip Santo Libres at the beach club, then puff on a hand-rolled Domincan puro in the cigar lounge. Rees Jones recently renovated the adjacent golf course, touted as “the Pebble Beach of the Caribbean.”

Virtuoso Amenities for your stay  

For 2017

  • Upgrade at time of arrival, subject to availability
  • Complimentary full American Breakfast for two, daily for duration of the stay
  • A complimentary a la carte lunch for up to two people per room, once during stay, excluding alcohol, taxes and gratuities
  • Early check-in/late check-out, subject to availability
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi



Auto 5 Carretera Rio San Juan

Río San Juan, Samaná 33300

Dominican Republic


Mile long private beach

Nearest Airport

La Union Airport (POP), 32 Miles / 51 Kilometers


Belmond Cap Juluca

British West Indies, Anguilla
Neighborhood: Maundays Bay

Luxury Hotels


Luxury Hotels


Perched on 179 acres in Anguilla’s southwestern region, Cap Juluca is a paradise on Earth with white sand, blue skies and Moorish-style beachfront villas. You can choose one of 70 beachfront guestrooms and suites, with private terraces and all the accessories you can dream of in the living spaces.

Everything here is made in a special designer style: from trendy chaises on the white sand beach to wonderful dining with fruits and pastries, and, of course, excellent all-inclusive services for guests.

Always dreamed of experiencing a luxurious SPA and massage? Try incredible aromatherapy and exotic spa treatments.

With its beachfront location nestled around Maundays Bay, Belmond Cap Juluca is all about high-class service and hospitality. This resort has a reputation for extreme luxury, but it also has numerous promotions such as a complimentary fifth night, diverse dining, and accommodation upgrades.

Virtuoso Amenities for your stay  

For 2017

  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Continental breakfast daily, for up to two in-room guests
  • $100 USD Equivalent Resort or Hotel credit, to be to be utilized during stay (not combinable, not valid on room rate, no cash value if not redeemed in full)
  • Early check-in/late check-out, subject to availability


BodyHoliday Saint Lucia

Castries (St. Lucia), Saint Lucia
Neighborhood: Cariblue Beach

Luxury Hotels


Luxury Hotels


Virtuoso Amenities for your stay

For 2017

  • Upgrade at time of arrival, subject to availability
  • Complimentary Buffet Breakfast for two daily for duration of stay
  • $100 USD equivalent Resort or Hotel credit to be utilized during stay (not combinable, not valid on room rate, no cash value if not redeemed in full)
  • Complimentary 50-minute treatment on departure day or arrival + 30 minutes BodyScience or Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation + 30 minutes Fitness Session (stretch, beach fit, pole fitness, dance, tennis or golf lesson)
  • Early check-in/late check-out, subject to availability
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

Prepare your body, release your mind, and enrich your spirit at BodyHoliday Saint Lucia – a wonderfully luxurious 155-room resort which is widely known as an extremely friendly and up-to-date wellness retreat. Here you will not only enjoy excellent personalized service, but also a magnificent atmosphere of sport entertainment, body and wellness culture, and genuine relaxation. For those who have been dreaming of luxurious body and mind relaxation, this resort is in a class of its own.


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Published: 03/04/2017

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Reasons to Choose Luxury Travel

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When planning a vacation, budget is one of the most significant questions. People often try to economize on everything from booking cheap motels and hostels to spending less money on attractions and restaurants.

However, there is a constant dilemma: should a traveler economize on a trip or not?

In order to resolve this question, it is important to decide what advantages luxury has over budget travel and how to find a perfect solution for a great holiday.

Luxury travel


There are some reasons why people tend to choose comfort and luxury over budget travel:

  1. Opportunity to Fully Relax

You don’t have to stay in a noisy hotel with other neighbors, sleeping in uncomfortable conditions without a private bathroom in your room. Luxury hotels have it all to help you feel at home, and even better!

You will not only enjoy another country’s sites and attractions, but also its cozy and wonderful hotel rooms. At first glance, living in luxury conditions might seem needless if you are going to be out most of the time.

However, after a long day in a foreign city, a good hotel can be your refuge by providing all necessary conditions and amenities for you to have excellent rest and relaxation – private luxury bathroom with Jacuzzi, mini-bar and television, hotel breakfast and in-room services – and to be able to face the next day fully rejuvenated.

Luxury travel


  1. The Best National Food

While average travelers try to economize on everything including food, it is not always a good choice to do this with local cuisine. To explain: when you buy food on the street or in second-rate restaurants, you should be prepared for the quality to not be at a high level.

Moreover, street food doesn’t always mean a healthy meal. In first-rate restaurants you can try the BEST local cuisine and enjoy a foreign culture’s deliciously nutritious dishes.

Luxury travel lunch


  1. Private Tours

Although it may seem that arranging travel on your own will be cheaper, it is not always the case. A professional travel advisor knows for sure how to get tickets to the best sites at the lowest prices. Moreover, he or she may have a number of special agreements that allow you to pay discounted rates  for multiple attractions.

In addition, when you book a PRIVATE tour, you can make changes wherever you want – if you made a preliminary note about that. You can also get answers to your questions right away and learn everything about a place through the words of a professional guide, who will reveal little-known secrets about the destination.

Luxury travel


  1. First Class Treatment and No Worries

You have to worry about NOTHING. Remember, you have a travel agent who cares about you – that’s what LUXURY means. So, if you want to get a real rest with no worries about plans, schedules, delayed flights and uncovered messages – consult a travel advisor, and get ready to enjoy the best vacations ever in first-class style!


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Published: 12/07/2017

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An interview with Luke Bailes,
Singita Owner and CEO

Luke Bailes, Singita Owner and CEO

Interviewed by Annie Fitzsimmons

Travel can be a powerful catalyst to educate and protect natural and cultural heritage for future generations – which is part of the reason why The United Nations has declared 2017 the Year of Sustainable Tourism. As part of a year-long series, we’re interviewing experts and trendsetters in sustainable tourism. For this installment, we talk with Singita owner and CEO Luke Bailes. Renowned for its sustainable conservation, environmentally conscious operations, and community support, Singita operates 12 lodges and camps in three African countries. Talk about thought leadership: Bailes even has a 100-year plan for the company.

“Singita’s 100-year vision is to protect and preserve large areas of pristine wilderness for future generations,” he says. “With the continent’s precious wilderness areas and most vulnerable species under severe threat, Singita’s total dedication to conservation is important now, more than ever.”

What is the smartest trend in luxury safari travel right now?

We are seeing wealthy people – who focused on other things before – now understanding the challenges that a lack of conservation is posing. There is a heightened awareness of the plight of wilderness and wildlife in Africa. But now, high-net worth individuals are committing large personal resources to be part of the solution and solve these challenges – not just financially, but to raise awareness on a broader level.

Before, travelers wanted to be disconnected from the wild and not too close to nature. But now, they want to feel connected to the earth. They are more aware of threats to the environment, and they want the most authentic experiences. That’s why Singita’s Mara River Tented Camp and Explore are popular: off-the-grid and close to nature.

What are you most nervous about when it comes to tourism in Africa?

Population growth – because of it, pristine wilderness areas are diminishing. Also, the mass slaughter of some animal species such as rhino and elephant.

How do you believe Africa’s exploding population will affect tourism and the continent as a whole?

The world’s resources are under increasing pressure – degradation of habitat which has a negative impact on many species – as populations increase. The situation in Africa is dire due to this population pressure and is placing wildlife and land at risk. We have recognized the need to elevate our conservation message – it is more relevant now than ever before. Tourism plays an important role in creating awareness.

What destination in Africa is on your radar?

Definitely the circuit between the gorillas in Rwanda and the Serengeti and the ability to experience that in one trip.

Singita’s conservation efforts are vast and admirable – including projects and commitments in Kruger, Sabi Sand, the Serengeti, and Pamushana. What are the three most effective things Singita does to ensure the future of the African landscape?

  • Manage and protect the ecosystems and wildlife under our care – it is what travelers come to see.
  • Minimize the impact of our tourism on the ecosystems where we operate.
  • Provide economic opportunities and support to the communities around our reserves so that they benefit from, and support, the wildlife-based, land-use that we promote.
Singita Pamushana Lodge.

You have 12 properties across South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania. What attracts you to each region?

We have 12 unique lodges that offer something for everyone, across five different ecosystems in Africa. The wide open plains of the Serengeti allow for beautiful viewing of large herds of game, while the lush bushveld of the Sabi Sand and Kruger National Park create adventure around every corner with surprise viewings of elephants and cats. One of the most dramatic settings is Singita Pamushana:  the majestic baobabs, mopane forests and sandstone outcrops take my breath away every time.


Adapted from:
YYZ Travel Group, TICO:#04332359. 7851 Dufferin Street, Suite 100. Thornhill, Ontario L4J 3M4.
Published: 11/07/2017

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Best Jobs for Those Who Like to Travel

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Flight Attendant

When it comes to traveling, one of the most obvious choices is to become a flight attendant. Just imagine: you don’t have to book tickets, hotel rooms and tours, you don’t have to plan your travel. Your entire work will include traveling, and the most of the time you will spend up in the sky, flying from one destination to another. Isn’t it romantic?

A perfect job for those who is dreaming to travel around the world and working at the same time. If you are not afraid of constant time zone changings, tough schedule and just flying on a plane, this job is definitely for you!

Despite crazy hours and a crazy lifestyle, which could be the hardest part of your job. However, it is a perfect choice for all travel lovers. Bonus: discounted flights for you and your family.

Au pair


If you are good in communicating with children and you are fond of traveling, this job is for you. The main requirements include good command of English, though the second language will be a plus.

If you feel that you obtain all these qualities, au pair might be a perfect choice for you. Au pairs live in the place of their host family and they should take care of children. This is a great experience for those who dream to live in a foreign country. What you have to do: child care services, such as babysitting and assistance with schoolwork. It is a perfect chance to immerse yourself into other culture and experience all benefits of living abroad. You will also have a chance to explore a foreign mentality and home-made cuisine.

Cruise line worker

This cruise experience is like no other! Cruise ship is a separate city, where you can not only have fun and be able to become a part of a cruise team, but also to travel the world! Just imagine: beautiful ship, crossing the oceans with multinational people on board, and also free food and accommodations. You can choose from a wide range of offered jobs: restaurant server, a shop clerk or a performer in the cruise’s entertainment center. There you can find diverse people, different experience and visit to numerous ports.  

You will have a wonderful opportunity to join the great crew, see wonderful shows and concerts and have an impeccable experience.


Wedding photographer


Every couple dreams of making their honeymoon as wonderful as it is possible. There is no way to leave great memories about this romantic period without a professional photographer. Most of them live in the most popular wedding destinations, and receive orders to make wedding photoshoots from time to time. The others travel from one place to another depending on a place where they have a job offers. Anyway, this profession gives you a wonderful opportunity to travel around the world or to live in your dream place. 

 Diving instructor

With the whole world beneath the ocean’s surface, the profession of a diver is for those who is searching for something new and something wonderful. You will have a chance to not only explore the beautiful sea life, but also to travel to the seashores and places with the most wonderful underwater sceneries and opportunities for divers.

Fiji Tour Guide for First-Time Travelers

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The archipelago of Fiji is located near the equator in the Pacific Ocean. It is a truly unbelievable paradise with searing hot sun, palm-fringed beaches, and colorful coral reeves. Luxury resorts extend along a white-sand coastline looking amazingly beautiful, each with its own unique ambiance and tropical joy.

This collection of volcanic islands spreads 1,600 kilometers and is rightly considered a remote and exotic escape. With a marvelous coastline, pristine beaches of white sands and turquoise waters – as well as a fascinating culture – Fiji Islands are one the most wonderful destinations to enjoy your next vacation.   

There are two large islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, and around 900 smaller islands and inlets. The tiny islands are not so popular and crowded; so, if you are looking for secluded beaches with an unblemished coastline, we suggest you visit them. On the flip side, if you want to enjoy spirited activities, national music, a lot of locals and splendid atmosphere, we suggest you stay on the bigger islands, which remain the most popular areas.

Most resorts in Fiji Islands are luxury – and expensive. However, there are plenty of guest houses that are quite cheap. Whether you are searching for budget flights and accommodations, or you would like to have a luxury package, Fiji is a perfect destination for an unbelievable vacation. Indeed, according to numerous researchers, Fiji is one of the best choices in the Pacific!

If you come to Fiji, you are definitely looking for beach recreation, which is reasonable since Fiji has some of the greatest beaches in the world. The best ones are located in the western part of the archipelago on the island groups of Mamanuka and Yasava. Mamanuka is the driest place in the archipelago; the high season there is year round due to the exceptional weather conditions.  So, you can come here any time of the year and be sure to be met by sunny weather with no rain or storms.

The biggest island of Fiji, Vitya Leva, doesn’t have so many good beach areas, but the island is popular among budget travelers as the costs are not as high there. If you have decided on Vitya Leva for your vacation, we recommend that you visit Coral coast which is located in the south. This is the most developed section of the island and the best for beach recreation. Vanua Levu (the territory from the gulf Savusavu to Bouck’s gulf) also has wonderful beach zones of Laven on the islands of Taveuni and Vatuele – and tiny isolated islands where there are few tourists so an atmosphere of solitude reigns.

Published: 29/05/2017

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Best Travel Devices to Help you Fall Asleep

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  1. Sleeper Scarf

The Sleeper Scarf is a very fashionable accessory with an inflatable neck pillow built in. It combines the main features of a trendy accessory and comfortable cloth. The secret of this cloth is the hidden pocket with the inflatable pillow in it. Even if this device may seem strange and even uncomfortable, it helps to survive long flights and feel warm.

  1. Convertible Travel Blanket

Well, we have already mentioned a pillow. So, how about a travel blanket? It is especially convenient for those who love not only comfort, but also warmth. It is extremely soft and gentle and will be irreplaceable for hikers and travelers who go on long trips. Moreover, you can easily toss it in your bag or use it as a pillow. It is big enough to cover you from head to toe, but it becomes compact for easy packing in your travel bag. One thing is for sure: with this blanket you will never feel cold and uncomfortable at night.

  1. Satechi Portable Humidifier

Did you know that dry air in a hotel room or in a different climate can cause sinus pain? Of course, you would have difficulty falling asleep, and the reason is not simply jet lag, although that may also affect you. To help you get shut-eye you can take a Satechi Portable Humidifier with you. It’s an extremely useful device that provides a soothing environment by making the air more humid. All you need is to place this modifier into the opening of the container with the filter put into water. After plugging the humidifier into a USB port, enjoy its work and more pleasant air.

  1. Mobile Apps

There are plenty of apps in your Android Market or Apple Store. They are all different, but the main benefit is that they are made for a good sleep. Use it every day, and your app will even help you to choose a perfect bedtime.

  1. Sleep Phones

A perfect combination of earphones and eye mask, but made for ears. It will block street noise or an irritating snoring partner. They are also called “pajamas for your ears” for the smooth material they were made from. So, you don’t need to be afraid that they will fall down or make any inconvenience for you while you sleep. Moreover, they can be doubled may be added by an eye mask in case you need it.

  1. Portable Aromatherapy Diffuser

Of course, smells are not an essential part of your sleep. However, they help you to relax and fall asleep faster. You can also make your room like a real spa – full of relaxing aromas and wonderful atmosphere

Where to Travel Each Month of the Year? Part 2

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AUGUST – The Bahamas


It is not a secret that the best period to visit The Bahamas, the so-called high season, starts in May and finishes in October. This period is perfect considering weather conditions, hotel and flight deals, and water temperatures.

While June and July are the most popular months for crowds of tourists assailing the group of islands, August is not so overcrowded, but the temperatures are milder and the weather is not as good.



The average temperature is around 26°C (79°F), while the water temperature is about 30°C (86°F). Brilliant? Oh yes! Especially for those who love bright national events: Emancipation Day and the Cat Island Regatta.

The latter takes place in Southern Bahamas, when Cat Island becomes extremely vivid and bright. Here you can enjoy performances of music bands, take part in quadrille dancing, learn ancient national contests and games, and try wonderful dishes of local cuisine.

Interesting facts about Bahamas:

  • On July 10, 1973, The Bahamas became independent from the United Kingdom.
  • The Bahamas is located on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle.
  • The highest mountain in The Bahamas is Mount Alvernia on Cat Island.





The most romantic European capital is wonderful in any season. However, the best time to visit Paris is April through October when the weather is parfait (perfect) and there is almost no rain.

However, as you may know, during high summer season Paris is extremely over crowded as it is one of the most popular world destinations.

Honeymooners, lovers, families, people learning French and millions of others who are passionate about this city come here in high season. All hotels, restaurants, concerts are booked in advance.

Moreover, June and July are the periods of “Les Soldes”, six-week shopping sales in the fashion capital.



In order to avoid over-booked everything, we suggest you come to Paris in September, which is a calmer and milder month in every sense of the word.  This month is also perfect for visiting beautiful Paris Gardens in its blossoming period.

The weather is dry and sunny, with a rare shower. The average temperature is around 19°C (66°F) which is a wonderful weather to explore the French capital and enjoy its beauty.

Interesting facts about Paris:

  • Paris was originally a Roman City named “Lutetia.”
  • Paris has 6,100 rues (streets)
  • The French capital is so fond of coffee that you can get an espresso for €1 in 181 spots


OCTOBER – Mauritius


The average temperature in October in Mauritius remains at around 23°C (73°F). October is generally very mild and warm, with rare rains and high humidity. The sea temperature stays the same almost year round at about 24°C (75°F), which is only 4°C (7°F) cooler in February.

While summer in Mauritius starts in November  bringing high temperatures, the month of October represents the shoulder season, with lower temperatures than in summer but warm enough to feel comfortable and enjoy beach recreation.


paddling w/ a view #paradise

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Interesting facts about Mauritius:

  • As Mark Twain wrote: “From one citizen you gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.”
  • Mauritius does not maintain a standing army.
  • Mauritius’ cuisine is a combination of Creole, French, Chinese and Indian influences.




The weather in Cancun is warm year-round. However, November is a perfect time to visit as it cools down from the summer heat and becomes less scorching.

Moreover, it is when hurricane season draws to an end. However, the official high season starts from the end of November, when the temperatures get higher and the climate becoming more humid.

Sometimes an occasional Norte, or even cold front, can bring a chilly wind to the area. However, a cold rain quickly changes with tropical weather.



Interesting facts about Cancun:

  • Cancun used to be called Ekab, literally “black earth”
  • More than a third of Mexico’s tourism revenue is generated from Cancun


DECEMBER – Havana, Cuba


The average temperature in Havana in December is around 23 °C (75°F). Cuba’s capital city Havana holds such great events as Havana Jazz Festiva (music festival), Parrandas de Remedios (with street parades and rumba percussion), Charangas de Bejucal (street party fest).

Everyone who is searching for the perfect Cuban atmosphere, wonderful beaches, a lot of music, bright costumes, verdant nature and ideal weather, should come in December.



Interesting facts about Havana:

  • In 1848, Havana became the third city in the world to receive gas lighting.
  • There are no credit card machines in Havana and no ATMs.


Published: 25/05/2017

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Where to Travel Each Month of the Year? Part 1.

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JANUARY – Yucatan

Winter is Yucatan’s high season, and the most exciting adventures you will experience are from the 20th of December when the season begins. Throughout January you can enjoy the most pleasant weather, the clearest turquois water, the most beautiful nature, the brightest landscapes, the most inimitable beauty of undersea world and the highest level of service. Yucatán expects tourists to visit the peninsula in the winter months, so the service is of the highest level during that season.

We advise you to reserve well in advance if you plan to be in Cancún around the holidays in order to book the best hotel rooms and the best resorts.

January is a perfect month in Yucatán as the temperatures are ideal, around 25-30C (77-86F) while the water temperature is around 20C (68F), which is perfect for swimming.

Exploring Mayan ruins 🔎🗿 #xichenitza #yukatan #cancunmexico #rivieramaya #xmasholidays

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Interesting facts about Yucatán:

  • Yucatán has one of the new Seven Wonders of the World: the iconic pyramid Chichén Itzá is located here
  • Yucatán has the longest pier in the world, over 8 km


FEBRUARY – Colombia

Colombia is special. It has only two seasons: dry and rainy. Traveling to Colombia in February means that you will have a chance to enjoy the beautiful warm and sunny dry season in most of the country.

Besides glorious warm weather, in February there is also the Carnaval de Barranquilla in Atlantico that is always widely celebrated in the country. Being one of the largest events in the world, Carnaval de Barranquilla dates back to the 19th century. Due to its importance to locals, all regular activities are completely canceled,  and the entire country participates in this carnival event.

Interesting facts about Colombia:

  • It’s the only country in South America that has a coastline on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea
  • Colombia has one of the highest capital cities in the world.
  • It is OK for Colombian children to drink coffee

MARCH – Galapagos Islands

Tortoises and turtles definitely look like they're from a different time. Feeding them must be surreal. [📷 @mourabu ]

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The Islands of Galapagos are visited all year round; however, March is the best time to discover this beloved tourist getaway. Why March? Because the average temperature is about 24C (75F), and water temperatures are around 25C (77F) – offering perfect weather conditions for an exciting holiday. This season is also excellent for diving and snorkeling as underwater visibility is the best of the year. However, you should put on sunblock with SPF 30 or higher not to get sunburnt.

Interesting facts:

  • The oldest island in the Galapagos, Espanola, is be 3.5 million years old.
  • Due to its location on the Equator, the Galapagos Islands have an equal 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night throughout the year.


APRIL – Fiji

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April is a fantastic month for visiting Fiji. First, it is the most budget-friendly month to go. Pleasant temperatures do not have the chill that comes in September and June. You will also experience wonderful sunshine without the fear of getting burnt or having sunstroke. The hottest temperatures here are in the months of July and October. It is not recommended to visit the island in these months since the extremely high temperatures are scorching.

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Interesting facts:

  • Fiji is made up of 333 islands, with 223 of them being uninhabited.
  • Fijians raise their eyebrows as a non-verbal way to say “yes”.


MAY- Hawaii

May is the cheapest month for traveling to Hawaii. If winter is the high season for Hawaii, summer is the low one. So May is somewhere in the middle between the two. What does it mean?

It means that the Big Island is not over occupied with tourists in these months, but the weather is still wonderful, about 27C (81F) on average, and about 24C (75F) in Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital city on the island of Oahu. The sea temperature is about 26C (79F) – perfect for beach recreation.

Classic mornings on the stairway to Heaven

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Interesting facts about Hawaii:

  • Hawaii’s nickname is the “Aloha State.” Aloha is used both as “hello” and “goodbye” – and to express the overall hospitable spirit of the Islands.
  • Surfing, or “Heenalu” in Hawaiian language, was basically invented by the Polynesians when they came here a thousand years ago.


JUNE – Australia

From the crystal water to sparkling sands and gentle seaside, unparalleled cuisine, unbelievable nightlife and gorgeous beaches, verdant forests and beautiful nature – Australia is a favorite destination for Canadians. Average temperatures are about 21C (70F), and the sea temperature is around 19C (66F). All these conditions make Australia one of the most desirable places to visit.

Interesting facts about Australia:

  • Australia is as wide as the distance between London and Moscow
  • Melbourne has the world’s largest Greek populationoutside of Athens


JULY –Peru

Beautiful sunset overlooking Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca! 🌅

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Peru is a wonderful destination for those who love mild climate, gorgeous landscapes and amazing scenery. So, if you are fond of hiking, this destination is just perfect for you! If you dream of exploring the Andes Mountains, July is the best time to go: it’s dry season so the climate is perfect for hiking.

Who would you like to visit Lima with? 📸 @antovilavi #lima #peru #thecityofkings #travel #visitperu #intoperu

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Interesting facts about Peru:

  • Peru is the third-largest country in South America
  • Mashed potatoes, French fries and chips – all of these snacks owe their origin to Peru.
  • 60% of the country is covered by rainforest.