Best Ways to Take the Best Travel Selfies Alone

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If you are traveling alone, or you have your significant other with you, or even some friends, you will definitely take selfies along your way.

As a selfie is basically a photo of you taken by you, you will probably try to catch some interesting landscape or memorable surroundings in the background.

Selfies can be good or bad – or really good; if you follow the rules below – they should definitely be wonderful!

  1. The first rule – take a lot of shots! You will need time, of course, to take a significant number of selfies in one location, but here is the rule: the more selfies you take, the richer the choices will be. Even if you are taking shots with pretty much the same background, we suggest you vary the angles and lighting of the pictures.
  2. Regarding light, consider one simple rule: lighting is everything! Any photographer will tell you that, and it is one of the most important rules of taking a selfie.

3. Smile sincerely – even if you have to pretend that you really mean it. Smiling suits everyone; if you are planning to use your selfie not only for your private gallery but also to share it       with the world on social media, or just your own website, following this rule is a must!

4. Use the right filters; Instagram can offer you plenty of them. Think about those that will be best for your photo. They can really change your face and the photo itself.


Royal Caribbean’s Newest Ship, Spectrum of the Seas

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Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, Spectrum of the Seas, keel laying ceremony took place at the Neptun Werft shipyard in Rostock, Germany today. During the ceremony, newly minted coins were placed under the keel and will stay in place there until the end of the ship’s construction.

Once the ship is near to completion, the coins are retrieved and presented to the ship’s Captain and crew to be placed onboard the ship. According to maritime tradition, the coins are said to bring luck to the ship during its construction process and then to its Captain and crew when she is sailing out at sea.

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Published: 10/11/2017

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The Main Reasons People like Traveling

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Why do people love travel so much? Why is everyone nowadays literally crazy about exploring new lands?

Read our article to clarify the advantages of traveling for an average person.

  1. Get Away from Daily Routine

People do the same things every day, and this makes them bored. Sometimes it is important to change something in your life, even for a short period. Your brain gets fresh information; with new emotions and fresh impressions, the nervous system rehabilitates. When you feel that your daily life is not bearable anymore, try changing the place where you are; feel the difference in surroundings, people, traditions, way of life, and culture.

Traveling will definitely get you out of your comfort zone, and it is well worth it. You’ll find out how different you are when visiting new places. – how resourceful and strong you become when visiting foreign countries and cities and exploring new cultures.



  1. Meet new People

Nowadays traveling is extremely popular. People like to travel, and one of the main reasons is the possibility of meeting foreigners who could become friends. This is a strong reason why many people become travel addicts. When you start meeting people totally different from those who live in your home country and city, you can’t stop. This is a completely different experience, which gives you an opportunity to see how the world is multifarious and bright.

Learn from different cultures and know a lot of new information from those you meet while traveling. They could be your new neighbors; people you meet during your stay in the country, or even your hosts.



  1. Broaden Your Horizons

Another reason why people love traveling is their love for self-development. When you travel abroad, you explore different cultures, lifestyles, and ways of doing business. You can become a part of this life and make some useful contacts.

You can learn a lot from those who live in another country: we suggest that you live abroad for some time. In this case, you will see different ways to communicate, conduct business, and do everyday things.



  1. Know Yourself Better

Do you think you know everything about yourself? You cannot say for sure if you live in the same conditions and surroundings all your life. When you arrive in a foreign country and experience a different lifestyle, you discover your most unexpected characteristics and features.

At the same time, when you come back home, you have an opportunity to look at your life from a different angle. Remember that traveling is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself.



  1. Enjoy your life

The colors of life seem pale while living an everyday routine. Traveling helps you to enjoy every single moment on your trip and feel the brightness of life. Going new places and exploring unknown lands helps you to better appreciate your lifestyle, the people around you, and yourself. When you come back, you will perceive everything that you have differently.



Tips for Ideal Road Trip

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Happy Couple Driving on Country Road in Classic Vintage Sports Car


You will remember a successful journey by car for all your life. While traveling by car you can see not only the big tourist cities, but also small cozy villages, enjoy the unexplored places and beautiful nature sights.

The car gives freedom of choosing your own way to travel and road to take. Moreover, travel by car saves your budget significantly. It gives you so many incredible emptions and unexpected views that no other way of traveling can provide.

Use Interactive Maps and Apps

Every road begins with a good plan. If you going to hit the road in any country of the world – start with exploring maps. Plan your stops, the best places to visit and the most exciting panoramas to take photo of. Use maps to make your route, to identify the best way to get to a certain point.  Adjust the route to your tastes and desires. Identify the approximate duration of your trip and start a journey

Rear View Of Friends On Road Trip Driving In Convertible Car


Choose a right car

A car that you want to take depends on the roads you going to explore and type of a trip you are willing to take. Think whether the four-wheel drive and high clearance is necessary to you, whether you want to take the cabriolet or perhaps something else. Reserve the car in advance, choose an unlimited run (if you don’t know how long will be a trip) don’t forget to buy an insurance!

If the travel is long, of few months or more, perhaps, it is worth thinking of purchase of the used car which can be sold at the end. Surely check the conditions carefully before receiving and signing of the contract.

Rear View Of Friends On Road Trip Driving In Convertible Car


Prepare a Playlist for your Trip

There few things are so closely connected as music and the long road. You cannot even imagine how good music in your car can make your trip unexpectedly wonderful and even change the whole travel mood. Record your favorite songs on your smartphone playlist (and don’t forget an USB cable).

Also it is worth checking local radio. It is an excellent opportunity to listen to music which you will never hear in your home country. Music has to be very invigorating, and make a long driving comfortable.

Bearded man playing guitar outdoors near retro car

Take food and camping with you

Do you know when you are going to eat next time? Do you know how long will the road take and how tired you will be? May be you will be tired and exhausted in the middle of the road? The best idea for this situation is to take all necessary with you. Camping and food are ideal choice for those who is planning a long journey.

Cute little retro car with suitcases and bicycle on top goes by wonderful countryside road at sunset


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Published: 30/10/2017

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The Beauty of New Zealand: How to Explore this Land

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New Zealand has many of the world’s most incredible natural treasures that will leave you in awe. From majestic volcanoes to wonderful natural parks and crazy panoramas, New Zealand will earn a special place in your heart.

This experience will be truly different as you will have an amazing opportunity to explore the beauty of Rotorua, widely known for its geothermal activity and Maori culture; it will open for you the incredible Blue Penguin Colony, a bird sanctuary, and Oamaru, the main town in Waitaki District.

Landscape with road and snowy mountains, Southern Alps, New Zealand


Explore gorgeous views of New Zealand while taking a road trip across the country’s most beautiful routes. With the wind in your hair and the best views around you, enjoy the experience of discovering the country’s most amazing sites. After the road trip, relax in turquoise-blue waters of geothermal pools cloaked in an alluring mist. Enjoy sparkling glaciers, incredible pools, and otherworldly national parks.

New Zealand will definitely feel different from any other country you have ever visited. Travel will be extremely interesting for nature lovers, hikers, and those who enjoy quietly relaxing in a pleasant setting.

New Zealand


And nature is not the only beautiful thing here – foodies will be happy to find award-winning restaurants with exceptional dishes and high-quality wines.

This peaceful and accepting, uncrowded green country is the ultimate escape for those who are searching for unity with nature and a quiet place to escape from it all.

New Zealand is also a perfect destination for those who are interested in surfing, diving, and exploring sea life.

New Zealand


Amazing New Zealand will seem even more exciting after exploring wonderful Maori culture and the most significant historic sites. If you have time and opportunity to visit not only the most popular lively places of New Zealand, find a chance to see a few of the many historical attractions such as Maori Bone and Greenstone Pendant Designs, Mount Maunganui, The Pinnacles trail (Kauaeranga Kauri Trail), Auckland Museum, and the Hamilton & Waikato region.

Best Books to Read on Trip

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If you travel a lot, you already know a good book is a perfect thing on a trip.

Reasons for reading a book can be different: a long flight or train ride, an overnight stay at the airport, or nasty weather. A good book can not only help you to pass the time, but can also immerse you into another world!

1. Peter Mail, “A year in Provence.”

Peter Mail and his wife did what most of us only dream of: they bought an old farmhouse in Provence and started a new life there. The first year of their life in the new place was full of unexpected discoveries and hilarious adventures. They try to learn the local language, go to goats’ tracks, and to complete their makeover in a year.



Here is a quote from this book:

“Gradually, I was turning into a very happy vegetable, and the connection with real life was carried out through random telephone conversations with people who were killing their lives in distant offices. All they had to do was to warn me that the sun is killing my brain and causes skin cancer. I did not argue – maybe they were right. One thing I knew for sure: in spite of foul brains, new wrinkles and the danger of getting cancer, I never felt better in my life. “

2. Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Time goes on, and still, readers are delighted with the amazing story of the three English gentlemen who decided to travel the River Thames with a fox terrier named Montmorency.

read and travel


The book describes a lot of comical situations and funny misunderstandings that the heroes have to work out without losing their sense of personal dignity. This story will surprise you even today as an original tale with wonderful English humor.

3. Stephen King, Under the Dome

The final version of the novel was written in 2009. Big trouble comes to a small town. Suddenly, it is covered by an invisible mysterious dome, and now no one can get out or in. It completely changes the life of local people, and the police try to fix the situation. But nothing can be done: airplanes and cars crash when they try to get in; even rockets and corrosive acids have no effect on the dome.

read and travel


Moreover, it is dangerous just to approach it. The sheriff tried to get closer, and his cardiac pacemaker died. All the attempts to help people under the dome lead to an opposite result – almost all of them died. What happened to those who managed to survive under it?

4. Joanne K. Rowling, “The Casual Vacancy”

After this very book, Joan Rowling got rid of the “child writer” label. “The Casual Vacancy” has nothing to do with the world of magic wands, potions classes, and Quidditch. It tells us about a small British town. After the death of a respected citizen, a place on the municipal council is vacated, and many residents would like to occupy it.

read and travel


And here the action starts. On the Internet, someone starts uncovering some things that the city’s families prefer to hide. The struggles and perspectives of every social strata of this small town are here: well-off bourgeois and indigents. Among the characters are businessmen, doctors, and lawyers, as well as marginal elements like drug dealers and prostitutes. Wherever you start reading this book, it will be tough to tear yourself away from it.

The Best Destinations for Your Next Birthday Party

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Browsing exceptional places, hotels, resorts, and events around the world will make you wish that birthdays happened more than once a year.

Birthday is the right time and the perfect occasion to get your heart out and quench your thirst, to travel to places scattered around the world.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

A trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, can be a wonderful gift. Enjoy 250-year Old San Juan with its ancient cobblestone streets and restaurants. To see old town from the water, just take a boat; it is the best way to view the waterfront of this city.


Walk along the gorgeous sandy beach of Ocean Park Beach or dive into the clear blue sea. Visit the University of Puerto Rico’s Botanical Garden, where there are thousands of rare plants and fragrant flowers. San Juan is beautiful not only above the water, but also under it; go diving to explore its scenery. It is impossible to see and enjoy everything that San Juan has to offer at the same time!

Shotover River rafting, New Zealand

If you like speed and wonderful landscapes, you definitely need to go boating through the amazing canyons of New Zealand. This can be done at Shotover Jet; it’s the only company that has permission to work here. It uses specially built boats to ensure complete safety and thrill.


A helmsman guides the boat through the canyons. Sometimes it stops so you can enjoy the beauty and appreciate the landscape. The company will give you full safety equipment. Of course, you can take photos or videos with your camera!

Safari West, California

If you want to celebrate your birthday in an unusual way, then Safari West in Napa, California, will not disappoint you. Thousands of wild animals and birds live in this 400-acre reserve area. Instead of a hotel there are cottages, and you can observe the wildlife right from your window.


The rooms will not disappoint you; they are not just tents, but solid buildings with all the amenities. There are small and large cottages to accommodate couples, whole families, and groups. The entire interior is decorated with African artifacts and decor. You can watch the wild animals not only from your hotel room, but also from the car tour – which is included.

Escape Haven, Bali

If you want to get away from all your daily routines, visit a special tropical vacation for women. All day long you will practice yoga, surf, and relax in the sun. This holiday will allow you to completely relax and get in shape.


These luxury resorts spoil you from head to toe. The relaxing tour lasts for a week and also includes cooking lessons, spa treatments, fitness activities, and detoxification procedures. You will live in luxury villas and houses that offer all the modern amenities.

Along The Great Ocean Road, Australia

There is another type of recreation not associated with beaches. Many of us dream of driving an endless road along the sea. Australia can offer you this!

The Great Ocean Road goes all around the coast of Australia and encourages you to experience the magical delight of driving.

A wonderful combination of ocean breezes, soft whispering waves, light music (in your car), endless blue seas, and wonderful landscapes can really heal your mind and soul. You will feel reborn after this road trip!

The Best Countries for Bike Lovers

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The bicycle is transport of the future. A bike is ecological: it does not need fuel, does not pollute the air, and does not cause traffic jams. Also, riding a bike is good for your health. When you ride, you improve your musculature as well as your respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and increase your endurance. Many countries now see the benefits of bicycles and try to develop their cycling infrastructures. We will tell you about the best countries for bike lovers!

Netherlands, Amsterdam

bike travel


Amsterdam can be called the bicycle capital of Europe. There are more than 400 kilometers of bicycle paths equipped with individual signs and traffic lights. There are a significant number of parking lots and bicycle rental stations in the city. Today, half of all urban movements in the capital of the Netherlands are carried out using a bike. In this country, you can rent something very unusual: a water bike and a bicycle for eight people.

Denmark, Copenhagen

bike travel


Thirty-five percent of the total city population goes to work on bicycles. This is a separate transport category that has equal rights with cars. The tradition of using bicycles started in the early 1900s and lasted through the entire twentieth century.

In Copenhagen, there are 300 kilometers of bike paths and 1,000 municipal bicycles, which are free for citizens. Each street in Copenhagen has its own bike path. Anyone can rent a bike for free; you just need to pay a deposit, which will be returned to you when you give the bicycle back. In some parts of the city, a bicycle is the only permitted vehicle.

Tokyo, Japan

bike travel


Tokyo is an enormous metropolis with a developed transportation network, including for bicycles. It’s much faster to commute by bike – there are no traffic jams. Do not be surprised if you see a business person in an expensive suit, carrying a briefcase and riding a bicycle. It is quite usual for Tokyo.

All bicycles are registered and have unique numbers, just like cars. The owner’s name is written on the frame.

Top Places to Visit in Brazil

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Famous for Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and the incredible Iguazu Falls, Brazil is one of the world’s most exciting travel destinations. As South America’s largest country, Brazil covers most of the continent’s northeastern area. From the Amazon rainforest in the north to tropical beaches along the Atlantic coast, to the Pantanal wetlands and vibrant metropolises of the southeast, there are plenty of interesting places to visit in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


This fascinating city beckons with its white beaches, crystal clear water, and beautiful nature. One of the best places is the sandy beach of Copacabana, which stretches more than 4 kilometers. There is a wonderful atmosphere here that combines family beach vacation with entertainment such as volleyball tournaments and beauty contests.

The weather is always nice, regardless of the season, due to Rio’s geographic location and unique climate. Separate two-piece swimsuits made their debut in Copacabana, and now they are the calling card of this beach – which, unfortunately, makes them rather expensive to purchase.

The area of ​​Copacabana before 1920 was separated from the rest of the city by a mountain. It was a pristine jungle with wild parrots and palm trees. At the beginning of the century, a tunnel was cut into the rock to develop the future beach. By 1950, the tourist business reached its peak, and ​​Copacabana has since become one of the most prestigious and expensive places in the city.


Iguacu (Iguazu) water falls on a border of Brazil and Argentina


One of the three greatest waterfalls in the world, whose name means “great water” in the Guarani language, is located on the border of Brazil and Argentina.

In the 16th century, the Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca discovered these waterfalls while wandering through the jungle in search of the legendary treasures of Eldorado. According to his travel notes, these huge streams of water did not make a strong impression on him. Maybe he was a calm and unemotional person; we don’t know for sure now – but one thing is clear: Cabeza de Vaca was probably the only person in history who reacted so indifferently to these waterfalls.

The Iguazu Cascade, divided into separate streams by islets, tends to descend at such a speed that it captures the spirit. To observe the falling waters, you can hike across wooden bridges entangled with spider webs. Of course, it is worthwhile to stock up on waterproof raincoats. Whatever you choose to do, a thrill is guaranteed!  

The most famous waterfall is called “Devil’s Throat.” Crowds of tourists from all over the world gather on suspension bridges every day to look into the heart of the underworld.

The Statue of Christ the Redeemer

The Statue of Christ the Redeemer


This amazing world landmark has for more than 80 years been considered a cultural icon of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. In 2007, it was added to the list “New7Wonders of the World.” The height of the statue is 38 meters, the range of Christ’s arms is 30 meters, and the sculpture weighs more than 1,145 tons. From the statue’s pedestal there is a panoramic view of the city and bay with picturesque Sugar Loaf Mountain, the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, and the huge bowl of Maracana Stadium.

The original sketch of the monument was designed by the artist Carlos Osvald. He suggested the idea that from afar the statue should resemble a large cross. Therefore, the position of Jesus with arms opened wide was chosen. The final design of the statue was done by the Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa.

The opening and lighting of this monument took place on October 12, 1931; later in 1965 the Statue of Christ the Redeemer was consecrated by Pope Paul VI. The statue has been repaired and modernized repeatedly, and in 2003 it was equipped with escalators.

Flamengo Park

Flamengo Park in Rio de Janeiro


The giant Flamengo Park (also called Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes Park) in Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest in the world. Created in the mid-sixties by decree of Governor Carlos Lacerda, Flamengo Park covers an area of ​​1.2 million square meters.

The park’s amazing landscapes and colorful gardens are striking; it holds over three thousand different species of trees. The park contains many pedestrian and bicycle paths that make it a favorite holiday destination for locals.

Flamengo Park has its own sights as well – the Museum of Modern Art and the Carmen Miranda Museum. There is also a monument erected in memory of the victims of World War II.

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

Lencois Maranhenses National Park, Brazil.


It is one of those places that you will never forget. Due to the unique natural conditions in Lençóis Park, the snow-white sand dunes (whose heights reach up to 40 meters) are adjacent to emerald-blue lagoons. The area of ​​the park is spread over one and a half thousand square kilometers.

The park of Lençóis is inconstant as its sand dunes are always shifting. The landscapes you see will very soon change and turn into new, even more picturesque ones. The best time to visit the park is from June to October when the rainy season comes and the formation of azure lakes reaches its peak. Then the desert comes to life, lakes are filled with fish, and exotic birds fly by. If you are lucky, you can spot wild hares or even some  moose.


Published: 10/10/2017

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Ten Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

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There are still relatively few people who decide to travel independently, that is, without using an agent to make arrangements. According to various estimates, it is 10-13% of the total volume of travelers. Obviously, independent tourism has spread due to the development of the Internet and electronic technologies, which do not even require your personal presence when buying airline tickets.

Beautiаul natural landscape


Despite the fact that the market for independent travel is growing, hotels and ticket booking systems are generally still much more oriented to and adapted for organized tourism.

The independent tourist is a person who arranges entire trips on his own – booking hotels and flights, buying tickets, arranging transfers, and taking care of medical insurance. Actually, people decide to travel independently not simply from the desire to save money.

Mostly, they prefer to travel to countries that are not popular in the mass tourism market, or to places where package deals just do not exist.

Young beautiful female traveler standing on the street and looking at the map


Interest in “indie” travel has increased because many people think it is safer and cheaper. However, that is not always true. The most important thing a tourist who travels on his own should understand is that he alone is responsible for the entire trip.

There are numerous benefits to having a specialized agency organize your travel:

1. Advantageous prices for a mass of beach resorts (e.g., Egypt, Turkey, and Greece): charters fly, and tour operators buy up hotel rooms in bulk at big discounts half a year before the season.

An individual’s round-trip tickets can cost as much as the price of a whole package from a tour operator – including hotel, transfers, and other amenities. With food and entertainment, you can end up paying twice as much, or more, for the same services.

2. There could be the chance of catching cheap “hot” tickets a few days before departure.

Passports to world travel


3. It is usually cost efficient to buy tickets in advance on regular flights, especially for peak travel times like summer and New Year’s holidays.

4. Health insurance is often included in the tour price.

5. You will spend a minimum of your time planning the trip. Everything will be arranged by your travel agent. It is their job.

6. You will not have to worry about the process of getting visas and all other documents.

7. Any questions while on the trip will be settled by the tour operator or its representative.

8. If you do not speak English – it is not a problem. There will be a guide who speaks your native language. In hotels and restaurants, you will not have to speak bad English.

9. Excursions will take place at an arranged time and at a comfortable pace. During your trip, you will have nothing to worry about.

10. Responsibility for a tour will lie solely on your travel agent. In a case of a force majeure situation, the travel agency will provide hotel rooms at their expense, organize alternative means of transportation, and ensure that other services you need are offered.

travel agent


Travel agents assume overall responsibility for your comfort and safety on a trip. So, if you don’t want a headache in place of an amazing vacation, it is better to call your travel agent!