Epic Journeys 2018

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Published: 04/09/2017

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Crystal Clear Choices

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With Value-rich Savings of up to $1,200 per stateroom or suite!


Discover your ideal luxury journey, with value that is perfectly tailored to you. By ocean or river, with Crystal Clear Choices™ you choose one of three savings options that suits you best – 1) cruise fare savings, 2) air credit or benefit, or 3) shipboard spending credits – on a varied collection of 2017 and 2018 global itineraries.

Travel aboard Crystal Cruises, the World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line™ to see stunning landscapes in Western Europe and the Middle East. Journey “Down Under” to Australia and New Zealand. Explore South Africa, South America, the Mediterranean and more!

Join Crystal River Cruises and indulge in the unparalleled luxuries found aboard the all-suite, butler-serviced Crystal Mozart and the all-balcony, all-suite quadruplet sister ships Crystal Bach, Crystal Mahler, Crystal Debussy and Crystal Ravel. Discover iconic cities and enchanting villages that line the mighty Danube, Rhine, Main and Moselle rivers on our river ships

Choice has always been at the heart of the renowned Crystal Experience™, and our expanded Crystal Clear Choices offer enhances the value of our already generous all-inclusive fares.

Your Crystal Clear Choices:

• Cruise Fare Savings of up to $400 per person
• Air Credit of up to $500 per person;  or avail of limited-time low cost Air add-on of  $249 per person Economy Class Air add-on; or, $999 per person Business Class Air add-on on select voyages
• Shipboard Credit of up to $600 per person

Destination Highlights:

•Crystal Mozart’s Danube River cruises round-trip from Vienna (Oct – Dec 2017, Mar – Apr 2018 and Oct – Nov 2018)
•Crystal Symphony’s Western Europe itineraries and Indian Ocean Collection (Sept – Dec 2017)
•Crystal Serenity’s New England & Canada, Caribbean (Sept – Dec 2017)
•Crystal Symphony’s South Africa and Indian OceanAustralia & New Zealand, Panama Canal and South America (Jan – April 2018)
•Crystal Serenity’s Southeast Asia, Arabian Sea, Western Europe and Mediterranean (Mar – May 2018)

Shipboard Credits can be used toward indulgent spa treatments, Crystal Adventures ashore, onboard shopping purchases or extravagant Vintage Room dinners

Air credit option is valid only for bookings made via Crystal AirSea Program, which offers flight arrangements through more than 180 airports and major hubs in the U.S. and Canada, with frequent flyer options, seat assignments and confirmations and other services available at guests’ fingertips.

Book your all-inclusive Crystal voyage and enjoy the all-inclusive luxuries of each unique Crystal Experience.

Crystal Cruises

Renowned as The World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line, these two elegant ships are celebrated for a superior standard of service: up to eight exquisite dining options, including specialty restaurants featuring world-class Italian specialties and signature dishes from Nobu Matsuhisa;  engaging enrichment at the Creative Learning Institute® and Computer University@Sea®; elegant gaming at the Resorts World at Sea® Casino; lavish production shows and intimate piano bars; and beautifully appointed staterooms and suites, most with private verandah.


YYZ Travel Group, TICO:#04332359. 7851 Dufferin Street, Suite 100. Thornhill, Ontario L4J 3M4.
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Published: 01/09/2017

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Visit a living fairytale: Cappadocia

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Cappadocia is an extraordinary destination – an unimaginably surreal landscape shaped by the forces of nature and human history. Take it all in from a sunrise hot air balloon tour before exploring Göreme Open Air Museum. Rejuvenate with a soak at a traditional hammam. Watch the sun set over an exquisite meal at Lil’a, then retire to an opulent suite at a one-of-a-kind luxury cave hotel. 

  • Explore the rock-cut Byzantine monasteries and Christian churches of the Göreme Open-Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Soar over vast valleys, volcanic peaks, and fairy chimneys in a hot air balloon.
  • Enjoy a magnificent panoramic view from atop Uçhisar Castle.
  • Admire the well-preserved frescoes at Elmalı Kilise, a 12th-century church.
  • Visit an underground city, carved into the soft rock thousands of years ago.
  • Stay at a luxury cave hotel, nestled under the cliffs of Uçhisar Castle.
  • Take a moonlight horseback ride across the dramatic landscape.
  • Soak in the therapeutic Ziga thermal springs.
  • Discover the hidden backcountry trails by foot or mountain bike.
  • Savor exquisite regional cuisine at Lil’a Restaurant (at the Museum Hotel).

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Published: 31/08/2017

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Mistakes Couples Make When Booking Their Honeymoon

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Every couple wants to make their honeymoon as awesome as possible – a stupendous, unforgettable experience. It can be difficult, however, to make all the arrangements necessary to have such a great trip.


Photo: depositphotos.com

Experienced YYZ Travel Agents have made a list of things to avoid when planning your perfect getaway:

  1. Don’t leave everything to the last moment

You should book your trip at least six months in advance. It is also important to reserve the most popular hotels and resorts, and to plan excursions to top sights and attractions.

  1. Not knowing exactly what you want

A common mistake that a lot of couples make is that they don’t approach the decision with exact ideas of what they really want to get from their honeymoon.


The ideal plan for a perfect wedding includes a honeymoon destination and activities that will absolutely suit the bride and groom. It should be a joint effort to come up with a holiday that will be comfortable and enjoyable for both newlyweds.


Photo: depositphotos.com

  1. Copying someone else’s honeymoon

If you hear about the wonderful honeymoon your friends had in Europe or the incredible time someone spent at a Caribbean destination – it doesn’t mean that you would also enjoy such a vacation.

It is totally normal for different couples to like different activities. So, before using someone else’s idea of a perfect honeymoon, remember that for you it might not be so awesome. The best way is to consult a travel agent who will advise you on the best destinations and activities – and then make all the arrangements.

  1. Relying on the Internet

Google can give you some good ideas, but don’t rely too heavily on Internet sources because they often have outdated information, or they don’t tell you about certain “hidden gems” at a location.

Sometimes the information is incomplete or even wrong; you never know if the source is exactly reliable or not. So again, the best idea is to consult a travel advisor who knows everything about your honeymoon destination.


Photo: depositphotos.com

  1. Not seeking professional advice

The ideal honeymoon is a perfectly romantic holiday with no problems and nothing but happiness. Any travel agent will tell you that planning a honeymoon is not as easy as it might seem. Isn’t it better to hire a professional who will guarantee that your trip is the best possible, rather than spend the same amount doing everything yourself?


Published: 31/08/2017

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The Cutest Pet Cafes around the Globe

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There is a famous quote: “The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog.” We totally agree with this statement by Bridget Willoughby.

It is always more pleasant and fun to travel with your pet, to explore new countries and continents together; however, it is not always possible. In cases when you don’t take a pet with you on a trip, or if you don’t have any pets but really love animals, you can go to special pet cafes.

Here is a list of the cutest ones:

Harry Hedgehog Cafe
Tokyo, Japan

Harry Hedgehog & Bunny Cafe

Photo: harinezumi-cafe.com/english/

Tokyo is one of the most pet friendly capitals in the world. Here, in the heart of Japanese culture, the level of cuteness is extremely high; this is one of the main features of Japan.

You can see a lot of animal cafes in Tokyo, as they are really popular here. Relatively small but very pleasant, Harry Hedgehog Cafe is located in the hip Roppongi neighborhood. You can take pictures of the adorable animals and even pose with them. But don’t forget to make reservations in advance as the place is extremely popular among city guests and tourists.  

Thank Nature Cafe
Seoul, South Korea

Photo; www.facebook.com/TNcafe/

This café is cute and delightful. It seems completely normal when you look at it from the street, so visitors may get quite a surprise upon entering. Here, in the capital of South Korea, you can have a meal while surrounded by sheep!

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience made possible through “Thank Nature Cafe” in Seoul. Don’t worry – the sheep are calm and amiable; plus, they are used to people and very agreeable with kids.

Meow Parlour
New York City, USA

Photo: meowparlour.com

Nowadays, cats are not just the most popular animals on the Internet. Here in the so-called second capital of the USA, there are a lot of pet-friendly cafes. Most of them have cats on-site, which makes the ambiance of these places so cozy and homelike that you’ll want to come back again and again.

What is interesting: Meow Parlour not only offers food for people, but it also has plenty of different snacks for cats. Moreover, if you come with your children during certain hours, you can enjoy special programs for kids.

Crumbs & Whiskers
Los Angeles, USA

Photo: crumbsandwhiskers.com

Here is another friendly cafe in the United States which is well-known for being the first cat cafe in the City of Angels. They serve a lot of brightly decorated desserts and drinks, but most importantly, a percentage of the purchase price of every dish you order is donated to cats in need.

What is interesting: those cats live on the premises of the café, so you help the exact kitties you are holding and playing with. Isn’t that super cute?!

Published: 28/08/2017

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Why a Travel Agent is a Traveler’s Friend

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Why a Travel Agent is a Traveler's Friend

Photo: depositphotos.com

The travel industry is changing rapidly – especially with the Internet easily accessible from practically any point in the world. A lot of travelers have decided to book flights, hotels, and tours by themselves. Some were pleased by being able to do everything independent of travel agencies, and some were not satisfied with arranging travel on their own. Today we are going to cover the most important issues for any traveler to consider when deciding whether to use the services of a travel advisor or to plan their own trip

When you are thinking about a future trip, you imagine it a certain way. You want to get particular emotions, experience specific activities, and have positive feelings and memories when you return home. Imagine that you had followed advice from the Internet or the suggestions of some friends, but your emotions at the end of a trip were not as bright and favorable as you had hoped they would be.

Why a Travel Agent is a Traveler's Friend

Photo: depositphotos.com

Why did it happen? You seemed to gather enough information, prepare wisely and be 100% ready for your trip. The answer is simple: people are different and so are their tastes and preferences. You could never be sure that the hotels, resorts, and activities that your friends suggested would also be good for you.

You may have different aims and goals for your travel; you may like different activities, be fond or not of sightseeing, shopping, museums, or sports. Or you can simply have different values: one person will put accommodations first on their “list of travel issues,” and another one doesn’t care much about the conditions s/he lives in – but adores tours, diverse activities, and nightlife.

How to choose smoothly and find the best variant for your future trip?

Why a Travel Agent is a Traveler's Friend

Photo: depositphotos.com

The answer is simple: ask someone who has traveled to a particular destination dozens of times and knows PRECISELY about various activities, accommodations, transfers, and tours in the chosen destination. It is hard, however, to find such a person –especially one who has recently been to the preferred location and knows the latest trends and news from there.

If you succeed in finding this person – how lucky you are! But if you don’t – you can just ask for advice from a travel agent. They will understand the type of traveler you are and give you the most current, useful, and specific suggestions.

Why a Travel Agent is a Traveler's Friend

Photo: depositphotos.com

He or she will plan your trip in the best possible way. Travel advisors do not just arrange a trip by booking flights, hotels, and tours; they know everything about your travel and almost go with you, constantly asking for feedback and sharing your emotions.

If you want your trip to be ideal – ask a professional Travel Advisor for help. This person will become your friend and make your travel perfect.

Published: 25/08/2017

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29 Don’t-Miss Culinary Escapes

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Taste the World

Discovering the local cuisine scene – its colorful markets, heralded restaurants, and rising culinary stars – adds spice to your travels. Sampling regional food and wine also leads to a deeper understanding of the cultures that make each destination unique.



Whether you’re craving pintxos and Rioja in Spain or truffles in Tuscany, your Virtuoso advisor can customize a gastronomic getaway that includes everything from private cooking classes to a coveted table at a Michelin-starred restaurant.


Savor destination-focused dining in the heart of Europe with 2-for-1 fares
Wine and dine through Europe’s esteemed wine regions
On the menu: ultra-luxury cruising and an award-winning chef
Explore the exotic on the “Cruise Line for Foodies”
Savor the flavors of the Mediterranean, Hawaii, Australia and Indonesia
White sails aloft: Explore Bali and beyond on a mega-yacht
Explore new culinary activities with Holland America Line
Haute cuisine on hosted sailings in Africa, South America & Australia




Mandarin Oriental, Munich
EUR85 food-and-beverage credit in the Bavarian capital

Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi
Book a stay at one of Abu Dhabi’s top dining destinations
Destination Hotels
Bon Appetit in Maine, San Antonio and Southern California
Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills
Be among the first to stay at Beverly Hills’ newest gem
Soneva Fushi
Magical Getaway in the Maldives

A trio of trips that will whet your appetite for Italy

Welcome to the Land of Friendly: three vacations in Fiji

Los Cabos
Stretch out on a luxury yacht or hang ten on a surfboard

International Expeditions
Authentic experiences in Cuba and the Amazon

Buenos Aires
Explore Buenos Aires, the “city that never sleeps”

New Zealand
Savor New Zealand’s “Paddock to Plate” cuisine

Welcome to Barbados, the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean”

Catch the Aloha spirit on Hawaii’s idyllic isles

USA Luxury Shopping Consortium
Enjoy special privileges and amenities at America’s luxe shopping centers

Atout France
Drink up: wine-centered holidays in France

Visit Catalonia
Feast your way through the European Region of Gastronomy

Discover Croatia, a feast for the eyes and palate

Check out the Greek cuisine scene

Discover the pleasures of sunny, friendly Portugal

Welcome to the land of beer, chocolate and multiple Michelin stars

Find your bliss in this sophisticated Swiss city




YYZ Travel Group, TICO:#04332359. 7851 Dufferin Street, Suite 100. Thornhill, Ontario L4J 3M4.

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Published: 23/08/2017

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Travel Tips while Visiting Chile

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Geographically, Chile is one of the narrowest countries in the world, stretching no more than 150 miles at its widest point. It is also safe, friendly, and interesting; any traveler can find a number of exciting places to visit from beautiful snow-capped volcanoes to delightful wineries, and the famed Maoi sculptures of Easter Island.

Here are our main suggestions, which we advise you to read before going to this South American country:

  • Visit Chile’s Capital
Santiago, Chile

Photo: depositphotos.com

Chile is one of the most innovative and advanced countries. If you come here, you should plan to visit its fabulous capital Santiago for a few days. This is a highly innovative and attractive city, very cosmopolitan and energetic, with amazing urban landscapes, historical museums and busy nightlife.

Enjoy the beauty of unique architecture and the grandeur of the capital’s big fashion malls located in the central area of the city called “Centro”. Here you can feel the bustling vibes and lively commercial life, witness its varied cosmopolitan population, and understand how expansive this metropolis is.

After a few hours in the “Centro”, take a calm relaxing stroll along the pedestrian pathways of Hillside Park. You can enjoy an afternoon picnic in one of the greenest and most natural areas of Chile’s urban capital.

Santiago, Chile

Photo: depositphotos.com

Enjoy your evening while taking pictures of the innovative buildings and try local foods at sidewalk eateries. For those who want to enjoy the energetic nightlife of Santiago, we suggest visiting one of the many bars and clubs of the famous Barrios Brasil, Lastarria and Bellavista. For those who are amused by calmer high-class evenings, the city can offer you many luxury restaurants and hotels located east in wealthy neighborhoods like Providencia and Las Condes.

  • Cross the country from the North to the South

Photo: depositphotos.com

The territory of Chile extends from the tropics down to Antarctica, and the climate, traditions, cuisine, and way of life vary depending on location: many issues in the north of the country differ from the ones you can experience in the south. Those differences make Chile even more attractive to tourists from various corners of the world.

Start from the high-tech hub of Santiago, and continue on to discover Patagonia National Park where you can hike along glaciated landscapes. After coming to Puerto Montt, hike a volcano and enjoy biking, fishing, and rafting while having a Lake District adventure. Move on to southern Torres del Paine, Easter Island, and Chiloé Island to learn more about the culture, history and cuisine of the country.

  • Try some seafood at the local fish markets

Photo: depositphotos.com

Though there are a huge number of restaurants, cafes, and even street shops offering seafood meals, we suggest that you not refuse buying seafood at a fish market. There is no doubt that it would be the tastiest seafood you can possibly try in Chile.

The most popular traditional seafood dishes in Chile are zos (large sea urchins), caldillo de congrio (a soup made of pink cusk-eel, tomatoes, potatoes, herbs and spices), cochayuyo (seaweed), and sopa de mariscos (seafood soup).

  • Take a ride in a micro or colectivo

Photo: depositphotos.com

“Micros” are the buses that take you from one Chilean city to another. “Colectivos” are a special, very interesting kind of taxi that takes four passengers and drives them along a specific route. It is a very comfortable means of transportation considering that the fare is low and the route is close to main attractions.

Published: 14/08/2017

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Spectrum of the Seas Steel Cutting at Meyer Werft

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MIAMI, August 15, 2017 – Excitement was in the air today at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, as Royal Caribbean International marked the official start of construction by cutting the first piece of steel for its new Quantum Ultra ship. The next engineering marvel in the innovative cruise line’s lineup will officially be named Spectrum of the Seas.

Set to debut in 2019, Spectrum will be the next evolution of the cruise line’s groundbreaking and high-tech Quantum class of ships placing the ship in a new class of her own.

The revolutionary Quantum Ultra ship will specifically be designed for guests in China and the Asia-Pacific region, and will feature cutting-edge and unprecedented experiences and amenities.

“Today is a very special day in the development of our new Quantum Ultra ship, Spectrum of the Seas. We are now one step closer to delighting our guests in Asia Pacific with this remarkable ship,” said Michael Bayley, President and CEO, Royal Caribbean International.

Spectrum will be another giant leap forward in vessel design and guest experiences that will provide travelers with ample opportunities to create unforgettable memories.” 

Royal Caribbean International is an award-winning global cruise brand with a 48-year legacy of innovation and introducing industry “firsts” never before seen at sea. The cruise line features an expansive and unmatched array of features and amenities only found on Royal Caribbean including, jaw-dropping, Broadway-style entertainment and industry-acclaimed programming that appeals to families and adventurous vacationers alike.

On board, guests are catered to with the cruise line’s world-renowned friendly and engaging service by every staff and crew member. Royal Caribbean has been voted “Best Cruise Line Overall” for 14 consecutive years in the Travel Weekly Readers Choice Awards.

The cruise line sails 24 of the world’s most innovative cruise ships to the most popular destinations in Bermuda and the Caribbean, Europe, Canada and New England, Alaska, South America, Asia, and Australia and New Zealand.

Media can stay up-to-date by following @RoyalCaribPR on Twitter, and visiting RoyalCaribbeanPressCenter.com. For additional information or to make reservations, vacationers should call their travel agent; visit RoyalCaribbean.com; or call (800) ROYAL-CARIBBEAN. 


Essential Things You Should Always Pack

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Most travelers plan their trips carefully. One issue is not to forget the most essential things for your  travel; you don’t want to create problems by forgetting something really important. Our clients often ask us about the most necessary things to bring with them on a trip.

Here is a list of those essentials:

First Aid Kit

Photo: deposiphotos.com

This is essential, especially for adventure travelers. Even if you’re just planning to do a little shopping and sightseeing, it doesn’t mean you won’t need a first-aid kit. Accidents can happen anywhere.  Especially if you travel to a different climate, your body may feel stressed and weak as it struggles to acclimatize. Always bring medications you require in your travel kit, especially if you are allergic to something. Health is a primary issue everyone should think about in their lives, and there is no exemption when you go on a trip.

Copies of Your Travel Documents

Collection of Travel Documents - Passport, International Driving Permit, International Vaccination Certificate and Airline Boarding Passes.

An important thing for any traveler is identification documents. Today, if you have lost your passport in a foreign country, you can face a lot of troubles and difficulties. A lot depends, of course, on the country and its laws, but keep in mind that there are always positive and negative aspects of going abroad. You may need several copies of documents for bureaucratic purposes, or in case you misplace the original.

Wet Wipes

Essential things for travelers

From refreshing your hands to wiping dirty surfaces – wet wipes come in handy when traveling, especially with kids. There are different types of wet wipes that you can use: facial, for hands, hypo allergic, for the whole body, for sensitive skin, antimicrobial, and many more. They are useful and compact so it shouldn’t be a problem to take some in your travel kit.

Chargers for electronic devices

different types of chargers for phones and tablets on white background

Photo: deposiphotos.com

There are numerous apps that you can be useful on your cellphone, tablet or notebook. There are lists of extremely useful apps to use for travel. Think about taking several chargers with you to be sure that your devices will keep working for long periods of time.


Essential things for travelers

Photo: deposiphotos.com

Try to take some currency of the countries you plan to visit in case there are problems with card payments, ATM withdrawals, or currency exchanges. Be prepared for unexpected circumstances and to buy something you need urgently.

Published: 16/08/2017

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