The Best Caribbean Beaches

Explore the smooth sands and unforgettable surf of the Caribbean’s top beaches. It is no secret that the Caribbean has one of the finest beaches in the World. It is hard to choose the best, but we’ve done a delicate research in order to select those that would be suitable for different types of tourists.

The Best Caribbean Beaches. Bathsheba, East coast of Barbados, Caribbean



This place is a true paradise for surfers from the entire World. In fact, it received its name from the foamy waves that make the spot so famous. However, it is also a hot spot for non-surfing visitors. This area is perfect for the nature lovers as it has beautiful landscapes. Here, you can enjoy a busy and entertaining nightlife, visiting popular beach bars, night clubs, and open-airs.

The Best Caribbean Beaches. The famous beach of Varadero in Cuba



Varadero is an absolutely gorgeous area for the beach vacation. It is an exclusive part of Cuba, famous for its many private hotels, stunning white-sand beaches, and the country’s only full golf course.

It is the Caribbean’s largest resort with ever-changing hotel chains, shopping centers, and water activities. Though its trump card is its beach, an uninterrupted 20km stretch of blond sand that is undoubtedly one of the Caribbean’s best resorts.

The Best Caribbean Beaches. Trunk bay on St John island, US Virgin Islands


U.S. Virgin Islands

Cruz Bay is situated in the western part of St. John Island. Originally, it was relatively a small bay surrounded by mangle forest, growing on a muddy soil. Lately, the sand has been brought here with the aim to create an artificial sandy cost. The depth here is increasing gradually; you will not find attractive sea animals or shelves here. So, don’t expect to experience some amazing diving or snorkeling. The bay is made for the lazy unhasting beach recreation. At daytime, visitors can use the beach absolutely free. But still, the deck-chair along with the other beach equipment are available only for the guests of the nearest hotels. The bay is famous for the numerous shops, restaurants, bars, and renting of various equipment.

The Best Caribbean Beaches. Shoal Bay, Anguilla, English West Indies



Shoal Bay is the most popular beach in Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory in the Eastern Caribbean. A small lagoon island, Anguilla, is surrounded by the emerald-turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. It represents a remarkable combination of pristine wilderness of the far Windward Islands, an idyllic atmosphere of the small island nation and conservative British traditions.

On the territory of the Shoal Bay, you can find everything for the perfect holiday: extensive coastline of a mild sand, a great variety of beach bars, restaurants, a comfortable complex of small resorts, and, of course, sea shelves, attracting the amateurs of diving and snorkeling.

The Best Caribbean Beaches. Mauritius beach umbrellas, thatch. Tropical Mauritius island water & beach resort, Turtle Bay - Balaclava


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
The easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, is a main resort zone in the country. The coastline of white sandy beaches contains a great number of big wide resorts. The nightlife of these cities is very bright and lively. Here, you can see great shows in the style of Las Vegas held by the local performers. The other attractions of Punta Cana include aqua parks, shopping malls, and golf course.

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